Cat Cafe Coming to Glastonbury

Cat Cafe Coming to Glastonbury

A new cafe for cats (and their adoptions) will open in Glastonbury later this year. It’ll be in the same place where a barbershop used to be, which has relocated.

A cat cafe is coming to Glastonbury, and it will be named Marcie’s Angels Cat Cafe.

Beth Drazak, who’s been a financial adviser for the past 24 years, is behind this idea. She has loved cats since adopted Marcie in 1995. They spent 11 years together.

Now, she is turning her passion into a cafe “I visited a New Haven cat cafe last year. After that I couldn’t shake off the idea ever since”. Drazak told Patch during a phone interview.

This week, they were busy changing a place at 3039 Main Street. It is in a shopping area near PetSmart vacated by a barber shop, which relocated nearby. The cafe is on the Glastonbury side of the plaza, right where Glastonbury meets East Hartford.

Drazak is aiming for a mid-to-late-summer opening. The space is 1,500 square feet and will have two sections, a cafe on one end and a lounge where people can hang out with around eight to ten cats available for adoption.

In other words, if you buy a coffee and a snack, and hang out with the cats. The main goal is to get them adopted. It will cost $15 for a 50-minute session to play with cats. East Hartford-based Protectors of Animals, where Drazak volunteers will manage adoptions.

Drazak ensures the cats are healthy and disciplined before they are adopted. The aim to have the cafe revenue will help run the business and the main goal is to find homes for the cats.

Apart from regular customers, the cafe will also hold special events. Drazak has already been approached by organizers, a cat yoga instructor and, a Girl Scout troop for a field trip.

Marcie’s Angels Cat Cafe’s mission is to offer a safe and clean place for people and cats to enjoy each other’s company. They want to offer a safe environment for cats that need their forever homes.

The cafe’s name is designed to give tribute to Drazak’s beloved cat, Marcie, and the special memory they share.

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