Partially Blind Cat Went Missing on a Flight, and the Family Still Doesn’t Have Answers

Partially Blind Cat Went Missing on Flight, and the Family Still Doesn't Have Answers

When the kopp family landed in Athens and was prepared to board their next flight to Munich, Germany, they were astonished to find out that their cat, Rodri, had gone missing during the journey.

An Aegean Airlines pointed out the cat carrier where Rodri had traveled in. They noticed a huge portion of plastic on the carrier’s top had broken off, creating a big hole enough for a cat to escape through. As a result, the carrier was empty.

Rodri’s Flight Mishap: Searching for Answers

Mary Gomes Kopp and her husband, Alyssa’s stepfather, saved Rodri, a partially blind street cat, from the Greek island of Crete, where they have a home. They care for about 60 stray cats and Rodri was found in a heap of garbage.

According to CNN, Kopp explained, “We caught her and took her to the veterinarian, who did a wonderful job closing her missing eye, but he said that her other eye was already turning white. He suggested that when she was older and was ready to be spayed, it would be better to fly her to Germany to a veterinary hospital rather than just a regular vet. He said they could do better in Germany.”

Mary was flying Rodri to Germany where Alyssa Kopp could look after her after her surgery.

A Heartbreaking Mystery Of Rodri’s Disappearance

At Chania airport, a representative from Aegean Airlines checked the paperwork and said it was okay for the family’s three cats to get on the plane. They had paid $390 for the three cats.

But when they were presented with the broken carrier with Rodri missing, neither Chania nor Athens airport accepted responsibility.

CNN reported that Gomes Kopp, Rodri owner, made four trips to Athens after receiving tip-offs of possible sightings, but initially, she was only allowed to search public areas.

Aegean Airlines has covered three of her eight flights to look for Rodri. Even though she got to go into an area where they load planes once after more sightings at Chania, she hasn’t been allowed back since.

The family’s attempts to find Rodri have come to a standstill, with airport staff removing posters and Chania workers returning a humane cat trap.

Aegean Airlines hasn’t replied to the family in over a month. It is heart-wrenching to imagine what the family is going through and to have no information for so long.

They deserve to find out what happened to Roddri. It makes you reconsider traveling with a pet.

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