Maine Coon Ears: Comprehensive Guide

Maine Coon Ears

The Maine Coon ears are similar to those of wild Lynx Cats, featuring tufts of fur at their ends. Maine Coon ear tufts are designed for optimal warmth in the extreme winters, these cats have ears covered in dense tufts of fur. You can use both “Ear Tips” and “Ear Tufts” to talk about the furry parts at the ends of their ears.

Maine Coon ear tips are furry, which are actually the hair that is present at the ends of their ears, often called lynx tipping. The size of these cat ear tufts varies among different cats. They may be of any color, or even of multiple colors. The length of the ear tufts depends on genetics, diet, and how well the cat is groomed.

Ear Tips, Ear Tufts, Ear Fluff, Lynx Tips, and Ear Tassels all these terms are related to the hair at the tip of the ear. People have different thoughts on why cats have these ear tufts. Some think it helps them to blend in with their surroundings, while others believe it might make them more appealing to potential mates. Some even suggest that it could save the cat from predators by making it scarier.

All cats have fur in their ears, but Maine Coons, with their longer and more prominent ear hairs, give them a look that resembles wild cats even more.

What Do Maine Coon Ears Look Like? 

Maine Coon ears are big and lovely, with special features that make them different from other breeds. Maine Coon ears are shaped uniquely like triangles with rounded tips, even from afar it can easily be noticed. These ears are positioned high on their heads and slightly tilt inward. There are long hairs present inside the ears that act as protection, keeping dirt and debris out.

Maine Coon cats have a distinctive feature that is their special ear called lynx tips or ear tufts. These ears or tufts are in different shapes and sizes depending on the cat. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these tufts are essential for helping cats to hear vibrations in the air and this is helpful when they’re hunting for food.

Their amazing ears are just one of the factors that contribute to the affection and love all around the world for this breed. If you want a friendly, amiable, and charming furry companion, the Maine Coon is an excellent selection.

How Do Maine Coon Ears Differ from Normal Ears?

Maine Coons are a special breed of cat with unique physical traits, and their ears are one of those traits. Other regular cats have straight and pointed ears but unlike regular cats, Maine Coons have more substantial and broader ears that protrude from the sides of their heads.

Maine coon ears are not only bigger, but along with this, their ends are usually round, and their ears are fluffy patches of fur inside, near the bottom. This extra fur might assist their ears in picking up higher-pitched sounds or handling louder surroundings.

Most cats have excellent hearing, but Maine Coons take it to the next level! The shape of their ears can also tell you something about their personality.

Cats with ear tufts that stand straight up are usually curious and active, while those cats with broader and rounder ears are often more calm. So Maine Coon might be a perfect choice if you want a calm and easygoing pet.

What Is the Size of Maine Coon Cat Ears?

What Is the Size of Maine Coon Cat Ears

Maine Coon cats have big ears that stand upright on their heads. Maine coon ears are covered with short, silky fur and have a special bunch of hair at the tip, which makes them look wild. The size of a Maine Coon’s ears harmonizes with the size of their head. Cats with bigger heads commonly have more noticeable ear tufts. Maine coon ear tufts can grow up to 10 centimeters (4 inches) long. Many people who love cats find Maine Coon ears very cute because of their unique appearance.

Do All Maine Coon Cats Have Ear Tufts?

When we talk about Maine Coon ear tufts, we mean the long strands of hair that grow from a cat’s inner ear. Mating of cats with tufted ears is advised by Breeders. These tufts of hair can grow quite long, extending beyond the cat’s outer ear. Maine coon ear tufts length can be up to 4 inches.

Even though the tufted-eared cat may seem aesthetic, tufted ears make it more beautiful. These tufts have an essential job in safeguarding the delicate inner ear organs of cats. Maine coon ear tufts serve as a barrier that is responsible for stopping dirt and debris from getting into the cat’s sensitive inner ear.

Additionally, it’s believed that Maine coon ear tufts help in filtering and channeling the sound waves into your Maine Coon’s ears.

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Are Maine Coon Kittens Born with Ear Tufts? 

Maine Coon kittens are famous for their cute appearance, especially their fluffy fur and special ear tufts. But many people wonder if they’re born with those tufts or if they grow them later.

The answer is that Maine Coon kittens, like other cats, are born without fur on their ears. But don’t worry! As they grow up, those tufts will start to show up. So if your kitten doesn’t have them yet, don’t be concerned. They’ll appear soon!

To help your Maine Coon keep their special look, you can trim and groom their fur as they get older. This will make sure their tufts look nice and tidy. So, even though Maine Coon kitten ears are not tufty when they’re born, they’ll definitely get them eventually!

Just be patient, show them love, and keep grooming them. Before you know it, your kitten will have those adorable tufts that make them so unique. Enjoy those fluffy little ears while they’re still growing!

What Age Does Maine Coons Get Ear Tufts?

Tessel ear Maine Coons are adored worldwide, and their distinctive feature is their tufted ears which contribute greatly to their charm. But, when exactly do these ear tufts begin to show up on Maine Coons?

In many Maine coon after a few weeks of their birth, they develop ear tufts. But it may require 2 years to develop their complete coats. This unique Maine Coon ear tufts not only look charming but also serve a practical purpose by keeping their ears warm in cold climates. This uncommon characteristic is among the many reasons why Maine Coons are being loved globally!

If you’re lucky to have a Maine Coon cat with tufted ears, keep an eye on those ear tufts and enjoy witnessing them develop into fully-grown cats! They will continue to be uniquely charming and remain distinctive.

What Color Are Maine Coon Ear Tufts?

What Color Are Maine Coon Ear Tufts

I am not able to find any separate investigation specifying the color of purebred Maine Coon ear tufts. The only stated inclination is that they should be ‘well-tufted’. There are approximately 75 diverse Maine Coon color variations. I observed from various Maine Coon photos online, it seems that the ear tufts can have a variety of colors, often matching the cat’s main fur color.

Usually, white and off-white ear tufts seem to be the most widespread. You’ll notice that their ear tufts are mostly white or off-white. Nonetheless, many Maine Coons ear tufts have colors that harmonize with their main fur coat.

Why People Frequently Confuse Maine Coon Ear Tufts with Lynx Tips

The different technical terms related to different parts of Maine coon ear create confusion for many people and it’s quite normal. To distinguish between Maine Coon ear tufts and Maine Coon lynx tips there are three key phrases that a typical owner needs. Check out the table below for a clear explanation of the main differences in Maine Coon ear terms:

Word Used Definition
Lynx Tips Most Maine Coons have lynx tips on their ears. These grow outward from the tapered pointed tip of a Maine Coon’s ear. Depending upon each cat’s unique genetics, Lynx tips can vary greatly in size, length, and volume. Cats that do not have lynx tips even at the age of 2 years, are not likely to develop them.
Ear Tufts Many Maine Coon ears have wispy hair growing from their inner ears. The cat’s sensitive inner ear is protected by ear tufts from elements like snow, rain, and wind. Maine Coon ear tufts helped to warm the Maine Coon and stopped entering debris from their ears. Furthermore, these tufts aid in filtering sound into the cat’s ears.
Ear Furnishings Another term that means the same thing as “ear tufts”. Both phrases describe the same thing. Refer to “ear tufts” above for more information.

Do Maine Coons Always Have Lynx Tips?

While many owners anticipate their Maine Coon kitten ears to eventually develop distinct lynx tips, it’s not guaranteed. These distinguishing Maine coon ear tips may never grow in some Maine Coon. Therefore, your cats that do not have lynx tips even at the age of 2 years, are not likely to develop them. Owners should dismiss the notion they will ever grow. A significant time duration of 2 years is mentioned because it is believed that Main coon ear tips’ growth ceases once their full coat has completely grown in.


Not all Maine Coon cats are tufted ear cats. This trait is typically expected in purebred Maine Coons. Purebred are cats with ear tufts, but mixed breeds may or may not develop them. Genetics play a crucial role in determining whether a Maine Coon cat will have ear tufts. Breeders cannot guarantee that mixed Maine Coon kittens’ ears will grow impressive tufty ears. Therefore, buyers of mixed Maine Coons might be disappointed if their cat doesn’t develop regal-looking ear tufts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do Maine Coons get their mane?

Maine Coon cats get their full fur coat when they’re about two years old. At this age, they should have their full furry mane.

How can I tell if my cat is a Maine Coon?

Maine Coons have very thick, shaggy fur all over their bodies, especially around their necks and tails. They resemble a majestic lion, with prominent fur on their necks and chests, forming a magnificent frontal ruff. Their coat are heavy but silky.

Are all Maine Coon cats big?

Despite their long bodies, not all Maine Coon cats are large. Generally, male Maine Coons are larger than females. Male Maine Coons can weigh up to 25 pounds and female Maine Coons up to 18 pounds. A healthy weight for Maine Coons usually falls between 10-20 pounds, depending on gender.

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