Discover The Beautiful Maine Coon Colors and Patterns

Maine Coon Colors

Maine Coon colors and patterns are available in a wide selection. A massive part of what makes Maine Coons one of the most desirable cat breeds is their obvious looks and beautiful fur coloring.

Breed Name Maine Coon
Lifespan 12 to 15 years
Coat Range Big
Colors Cream/ tan/ beige, black/ ebony, blue/ grey, brown/ sable/ chocolate, white, orange/ red
Appearance Gorgeous
Size Big

Below is a brief detail of Maine Coon colors and patterns:

Maine Coon cats are available in a comprehensive selection of colors and patterns. According to The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), there are more than 75 different color combinations. It provides cat parents a various selection, ranging from smoke to parti-color.

Maine Coons, which are the largest domesticated cat breed from Maine, will leave you amazed with the countless possible colors!

Continue reading to find out different Maine Coon variants, the colors that are popular the most and least, and whether to guess what color a kittens will be before they are born. We will also share the best diet to keep your cat’s coat shiny and retain them healthy.

Maine Coon Colors and Patterns

The International Cat Association (TICA) states that the most common Maine Coon colors are red (orange), brown, or silver tabbies, with or without white.

The states that there are two fine tabby patterns for cats known as classic and mackerel. also suggests that the most ordinary patterns for Maine Coons are classic and mackerel.

Experts have divided the 75 different color combinations of Maine Coons into eight groups. They did this to make it easier to describe the Maine Coon colors. These are given below:

  1. Solid
  2. Tabbies
  3. Tabbies with White
  4. Tortoiseshell
  5. Smoke
  6. Shaded
  7. Bi-color
  8. Parti-color

Below is a detailed explanation of different Maine Coon colors:


Solid Maine Coons have fur that is just one single color from the base to the tips across their entire body. There are no patterns, spots, or strips smashing up their color. You can comfortably spot solid Maine Coon cats because they have a striking-looks and arrives in these solid colors:

  • Black
  • Cream
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) states that if a Maine Coon cat is black, its hair should be a solid, very dark black upper to lower. They should also have a black nose, plus black or brown paw pads. The rules for Maine Coons state that black ones shouldn’t have any tinge of rust on tips or smoke undercoat.

Black Maine Coon

As per The Cat Fanciers Association, the cream Maine Coon cat doesn’t have any marking. Its hair is one even coloring of soft cream, and it has nose leather and pink paw pads.

Cream Maine Coon

The solid red Maine Coon boasts a stunning, vibrant red hue throughout its fur, as well as its lips and chin, making a superb match with its fur coat. They have a very extensive and rich coloring, free from:

  • Ticking
  • Shading
  • Markings

The red Maine Coon is frequently confused with being mentioned as a ‘Ginger’ or ‘Orange’ Maine Coon cat.

Orange Maine Coon
Orange Maine Coon

Solid white Maine Coon cats have very spotless and bright white fur, with nose and pink pay pads. What’s special is that a few of them can have blue eyes.

White Maine Coon

The solid blue Maine Coon cats have a striking and somewhat exotic appearance. The coat is a specific coloring of grey with a clue of elegant blue throughout their whole body, as well as their nose leather and paw pads.

Blue Maine Coon


The most ordinary pattern in Maine Coon cats is called “tabby.” Tabby Maine Coon cats were first found in Maine, USA, and they are the ancestors of at present Maine Coon cats. Their patterns are numerous and distinct, like spots, stripes, and swirls.

Classic tabby patterns characteristics:

  • Dense, big, prominent markings
  • Patches or bullseye-like patterns on their sides
  • An “M” shape on the foreheads
  • Whirls on their cheeks
  • Lines on the end of their heads that extend into lovely patterns along their shoulder
  • Circular markings on their neck and chest

Ticked tabby patterns characteristics:

  • Tiny markings all over the bodies
  • Special tabby markings over legs and faces
  • When you look at them from above, you won’t see any patterns

Mackerel tabby patterns characteristics:

  • Uninterrupted round patterns around their necks
  • An “M” shape on their forehead
  • Clear, straight lines down both sides of their bodies

Tabbies With White

The tabbies with white Maine Coon coloring are the duplicate of the tabby coloring debate above, except these cats have white paws and chests.

There are some examples of ‘tabbies with white’ are given below:

  • Red Tabby and White
  • Silver Tabby and White
  • Brown tabby and White

The white Maine Coon and brown tabby can have a ticked, mackerel, and classic pattern. It has the duplicate shade identified for brown tabby, “with or without on the face.”

The Cat Fanciers Association says that this Maine coon color variation “should have white on belly, bib, and all four paws.”


Torties are mostly black, but they usually have red or cream marks. Since the black and red colors come from a girl cat’s genes, there are mostly females of this kind than males.

By mixing tabbies and torties, you got torbies cats. The finest way to differentiate them is by looking at their paws because they have clear red coloring on them.


Smoke Maine Coons come in one solid color like white, black, blue, cream, or red, but they differ from solid Maine Coon cats since their shade fades on their underneath and sometimes on their chest.

Many of them even have a silvery-colored underneath that is visible when you pet them. Their hair should have silver roots. As these Maine Coon cats get older, the lighter color undercoat becomes more visible.

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) gives the following examples of smoke Maine Coon colors.

  • Cameo Smoke
  • Black Smoke
  • Blue Smoke
  • Cream Smoke
  • Tortie Smoke


Shaded Maine Coons have a light coating of colors undercoat and a darker coating on top, such as a mantle. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) lists numerous dissimilar varieties of shaded Maine Coon in the ‘Shaded and Smoke Color Class.” Some of them are:

  • Shaded Cameo
  • Shaded Silver
  • Shaded Blue Silver
  • Shaded Tortoiseshell
  • Shaded Tortoiseshell and White


Bi-color Maine Coon cats have a mix of one color and white in their fur.  Their pattern is comfortably visible because this pattern goes high up their legs and every so often reaches their faces and bellies.


Maine Coon cats in the parti-color group have two fur colors, similar to red and black. You can frequently see white on many parts of these cats, Such as

  • Chest
  • Tummy
  • Limbs
  • Head

The Cat Fanciers Association says that the ‘Parti-color Maine Coon class’ comprise Maine Coon colors like:

  • Blue-Cream
  • Tortoiseshell

Rarest and Ordinary Maine Coon Colors

Gold and silver are the rarest Maine Coon colors. Maine Coons can have a unique gene that creates their fur appearance even more gorgeous. Even though all Maine Coon cats are beautiful, a few people like the ones with this gene:

  • Calico
  • Cream
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Cinnamon

The most ordinary cats are tabbies. Their real color depends on the coloring of their markings and stripes. Average Maine Coon colors are given below:

  • Brown Tabby
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • White

An Ideal Diet For Maine Coon Shiny Coat

Diet For Maine Coon Shiny Coat

Your cat’s diet is critical for keeping their coat physically fit and gorgeous, in inclusion to grooming.

Maine Coon cats are natural meat-eater, so their food must have fish or meat, as well as chicken, liver, or turkey. Cats used to seize birds, mice, and rabbits in the wild for their protein; therefore, it’s a good plan to imitate this diet with human-grade meat.

It’s necessary to keep away from plant-based proteins from ingredients such as peas, grains, carrots, or corn, as cats can’t digest them in depth. Vegetarian or Vegan foods won’t appeal to cats and might flavor bland to them. Several human foods can be unfavorable to cats and must be kept away from them.

In case you select dry or wet food or a combination, ensure it has the right blend of nutrients, as shown below:

  • Animal protein should be given to cats 50% or more
  • Animal fat should be given to cats up to 20 %
  • Carbs should be given to cats less than 3%

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Grooming Method of Different Colors Maine Coon Cat

Grooming Of Different Maine Coon Colors

Grooming your Maine Coon cats is essential, regardless of their color. Their coat is extensive and thick. Therefore, it requires the demand of often brushing. If you don’t groom them, their shiny coat will become tangled.

Here’s what you require to do to groom your Maine Coon cats:

Brushing: You must brush your cat’s coat two to three times without fail.

Bathing: Don’t bathe your feline more than once a month. Use a cat shampoo and conditioner because human products can hurt your cat’s skin.

Trimming: Cutting their hair should be tricky. Therefore, it’s a fine idea to take your cat to a grooming salon.

Clipping Nails: If your Maine Coon cat mostly stays indoors, their claws will get too big. Ensure to clip them regularly or take them to a kitty beauty salon shop.


If you’ve been wondering about the Maine Coon colors, you will be happy to know that these gorgeous cats come in about 75 different color and pattern combinations.

In the world of Maine Coons, there’s a broad array of colors to pick from. In case you prefer tabby cats, red cats, calico cats, black cats, or even, you will undoubtedly love the friendly and charming personalities of this giant cat.

These big cats originate in North America, and the most ordinary color you’ll find in the Maine Coon cat breed is brown, red, or silver tabbies, with or without white specifying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Maine Coons typically have white coats on their bellies?

The face and legs should have a subtle coloring. Chin, ear hair, stomach, and chest may be white to be very lightly tipped with coloring. White is the principal color on the underparts of the cat.

What makes a Maine Coon apart from other cats?

The Maine Coon Cat is renowned for its big size, friendly and loving nature. The Maine Coon cat is a strong, long-haired cat breed native to North America, especially Maine. These cats are natural and have large, tufted ears and thick coats that help them stay hot in cold northern winters.

Is a Maine Coon cat a Persian cat?

Persians have a totally different flat face, mini ears, shorter legs, and a massive coat. Maine Coons also have long fur, but not as ample as Persians. They seemed extremely different in the face and body.

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