Maine Coon Size Chart: How Big Will Your Maine Coon Grow

Maine Coon Size Chart

If you are the owner of a Maine Coon, you will surely notice that your cat would be more significant than a typical cat. In the United States, Maine Coon is one of the most loveable cats and is also increasing in popularity with each passing year.

If you are looking for a Maine Coon size chart, ensure to read to find out about the average Maine Moon size compared to normal cats.

Maine Coon Size Chart

Keep in mind that these figures can vary substantially and depend on your cat’s genetics, health, and the food they consume.

Average Maine Coon Cat Sizes Male Female
Length (cm) 48 to 81 48 to 76
Length (inches) 19 to 40 18 to 30
Weight (pounds) 15 to 22 10 to 15
Weight (kg) 5 to 9 4 to 6
Height (cm) 25 to 41 20 to 35
Height (inches) 10 to 16 8 to 14

These median Maine Coon size can help you estimate how large your kitten might grow. But don’t forget, a cat’s final size depends on:

  1. Genetics (what it gets from its mother and father)
  2. Health (how physically fit it was)
  3. Size of its mom and dad (how large its mother and father)
  4. Diet (what it eats)

Maine Coon Vs. Normal Cat

Maine Coon Vs. Normal Cat

Maine Coon cats are more significant than most cats, including large breeds like Norwegian Forest cats, Ragdolls, and Siberian cats. Maine Coon rank as the second largest domestic cat because Savannah holds the first position in terms of size.

Many pet parents are impressed by how large Maine Coon cats can grow and dream their own Maine Coon kitten grows into one of the giant Maine Coon cats that have become popular seen online. Although we can’t predict the Maine Coon size, it’s very likely that your Maine Coon will be larger than the typical cat’s size. You should make sure your Maine Coon grows significantly by providing the proper diet.

Here’s a comparison of Maine Coon cat size with normal cats.

Dimensions Male Maine Coons Female Maine Coons Normal Cats
Weighs 15 to 22 pounds 10 to 15 pounds 8 to 12 pounds
Height 25 to 41 cm 20 to 35 cm 23 to 25 cm
Length 48 to 81 cm 48 to 75 cm 38 to 50 cm
Tail Length 30 to 45 cm 30 to 45 cm 23 to 25 cm

Maine Coon Size chart

Male Vs. Female Maine Coon Size

Maine Coon Size

In height, the average size of Maine Coon is 10-16 inches tall and up to an impressive 40 inches in length, with males often being more significant than females. If we are comparing male and female Maine Coon weight. Then on a median, the male Maine Coon weighs around 18-22 pounds, while the female Maine Coon grows to 12-15 pounds. Their bodies can differ in length, usually ranging from 19 to 40 inches. A Maine Coon’s size is influenced by the cat’s genetics, nutrition, and overall health.

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Maine Coon Vs. Big Cats

Here’s a Maine Coon Size chart as a comparison with large cats. Also, keep in mind that these numbers change a lot and depend on your cat’s genetics, nutrition, and health.

Breed Maine Coon Ragdoll Siberian Cat
Weighs 4.5 to 9 kg 3.6 to 9 kg 3.5 to 7 kg
Height 25 to 41 cm 23 to 28 cm 23 to 28 cm
Length 48 to 81 cm 43 to 53 cm 43 to 63.5 cm
Tail Length 30 to 45 cm 25 to 40 cm 20 to 35 cm

How Big Can a Maine Coon Get

Maine Coon Size

Maine Coon is among the United States’ oldest natural cat breeds, thought to have originated in Maine. This breed gained a lot of popularity for its impressive size, measuring between 48 to 80 cm in length and weighing up to 4.5 to 9 kg. Even with their slower growth stages, these big-boned and muscular cats ultimately grow more significantly than most other cat breeds.

Only the large cat breeds, including Norwegian Forest Cat or Ragdoll, come close to matching the Maine Coon Dimension!

Maine Coon cats show a gradual growth figure, ongoing to grow until they reach 3 to 5 years old. It may be a story for their bigger-than-median-stature.

Fully grown Maine Coon cats thus cannot be considered until they reach their 5th year. Simple Cats, by contrast, are likely to mature around the age of 2 physically. If you are curious about how big your Maine Coon cat will get, the Maine Coon size chart provides the median size for both male and female cats.

Maine Coon Growth Chart

Maine Coon Growth Chart

Also, keep in mind that these figures of Maine Coon weight by age rotate a lot and depend on your cat’s genetics, diet, and health.

Maine Coon Cat age Male Female
Newborn 90 to 170 g 90 to 150 g
1 week 190 to 290 g 160 to 260 g
1 month 620 to 820 g 550 to 740 g
6 months 3.4 to 5.5 kg 3.1 to 4 kg
1 year 5.5 to 8 kg 3.5 to 5.2 kg
4 to 5 years 6 to 9 kg 4 to 6 kg

Most Giant Recorded Maine Coon Cat

Stewie, which is the name of one Maine Coon cat, secured a position in the 2010 Guinness World Records as ‘the longest cat of his breed.’

His length, from the tip of a cat’s nose to the end of its tail, crossed an astonishing 48.5 inches (123.19 cm). According to the records, his tail measured a whopping 16 inches. Stewie also weighed a hefty 33 pounds (15 kg).

His owner says that they did not follow any particular diet plans, nor did unique breeding techniques influence his development size. He literally kept growing on his own accord.

What Affects a Maine Coon’s Size?

What Affects a Maine Coon’s Size

Some feature that influences your Maine Coon’s growth are not in your control, as follows:

  • Big Parents, Big Kitty: If your Maine Coon’s parents are both large cats, there’s a maximum possibility your kitty will enlarge up to be big too!


  • Gender: Male Maine Coons are mostly larger, denser, and have more muscles than female Maine Coons.


  • Purebred cats are more Giant: Mixed Maine Coons are mostly smaller than Maine Coons that are not mixed.

So basically, whether it’s a pure Maine Coon cat or a mixed breed, and whether it’s a male or female, how large your kitty will grow depends a lot on its parents.

Can You Influence Your Maine Coon’s Growth?

  • Have Fun a Lot: Maine Coons have plenty of energy and love to have fun. Ensure they have lots of time to get enough exercise and play, either in a guarded outdoor space like a garden or with toys inside.


  • Sleep is Necessary: These large kitties require a lot of sleep to regain their energy. The median rest of a Maine Coon cat is up to around 16 hours a day.


  • Healthy Food: For Maine Coon’s growth, the diet is super necessary. Good-quality meats play a vital role in Maine coon growth, so make sure to give them food that’s made mainly of meat. It assists them in growing regularly, maintaining a heavy Maine Coon mass, and staying out of health issues.

Myths Of Maine Coon Size

Myths of Maine Coon Size

In North America, Maine Coon is the oldest natural breed and the formal state cat of the Maine. Despite its fame, the origins of this precious cat breed remain a mystery. Numerous cat specialist question if the origins of the Maine Coon cat hold the clue to why this breed is so giant.

Below are three folk story that swear to clarify where the Maine Coons originates:

  • Raccoon and National Cat

For a long time, people trust that Maine Coons originates from the mating between a semi-wild national cat and a raccoon, but at present, we know this is impossible.

This plan gained fame because Maine Coon Cats have some characteristics similar to raccoons, including their love for the water, their brown tabby coloring, and their hunting abilities. The Maine Coon cat’s fluffy tails were also observed, evidence of this unusual mix!

Maine Coon Cats come in a range of more than 75 different colors, but in the past, only brown tabbies were given the title ‘Maine Coon Cats’, whereas other colors were called “Maine Shags”. Even to this day, chocolate lilac colors are not observed for pedigree status.

  • Marie Antoinette 

The previous Queen of France, the second myth to gain fame over time, relates to Marie Antoinette. It speaks she attempted to escape the French Revolution, but unhappily, she was grabbed and executed in 1972.

Before her death, it is still a belief that Marie Antoinette had filled six of her idolized pet Turkish Angora cats onto Commander Samuel Clough’s boat.

These precious cats arrived carefully in Wiscasset, Maine. It is thought these cats mixed with local-haired cats, producing the Maine Coon breed we have these days with its thick hair.

Nevertheless, this story doesn’t clarify why Maine Coon’s grows to be so big, considering that the Turkish Angora cat breed is minor than these days Maine Coon. But it’s important to know that this history is more similar to a fairy tale and not backed by solid proof.

  • Ship Cats

Throughout history, cats were frequently kept overseas ships to help the population of mice.

The common postulate suggests that long-haired ship cats from overseas may have interbred with existing short-haired national cats.

The long-haired cats are likely Angora types, or Norwegian Forest Cats, brought to America (the land of liberty) by the pirate.

The Average Lifespan of Maine Coons

The sad reality is that our precious pets frequently have smaller lifespans, and they don’t live as long as us.

On average, Maine Coons have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. Only rarely do some Maine Coon cats reach the age of more than 15 years. Their lifespan is affected by various factors given below:

  • Exercise level
  • Lifestyle
  • Overall health
  • The food they eat
  • Genetic makeup

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Amount of Food You Need to Feed Your Maine Coons

The quantity of food your Maine Coon cat should eat depends upon their exercise and life stage.

  • Kittens (3 weeks to 10 months): Once your Maine coon kitten transition from nursing, you can begin introducing wet food. Since their stomach is small, it’s important to feed your kitten small portions, more often, meals (usually two to six times a day).


  • Young Adults (10 to 15 months): At this age of Maine Coon kitten, you can begin reducing the feeding frequency to two times a day.


  • Mature Adults (15 months to 4 years): If you’ve been using kitten products, shift to adult food slowly to prevent bad reactions and stomach upset.


  • Adulthood: Adult Maine Coon cats usually need about 50 to 70 calories per kg of body weight every day.


  • Older cats: Once your Maine Coon cat comes to their senior years, typically nine years old, consult with your veterinarian to determine whether you should reduce their calories intake due to reduced exercise.

In the above, there is also a Maine Coon size chart you should read.

Final Thoughts

We have researched the answer to the question of Maine Coon Size and Maine Coon size chart in this article.

Our research indicates that the average Maine Coon cat weighs between 4.5 to 9 kg and is 18 to 40 inches in length, but in this article, we also research that male Maine Coon Cats are often healthy and taller than female Maine Coon cats.

In this article, we also research that the biggest Maine coon of the world record is 48.5 inches in length and 15 kg in weight.

Your kitty Maine Coon growth depends a lot on its parents, even if it’s a pure breed Maine Coon or a mixed breed, And whether it’s a male or female.

The high Maine Coon mass and its height make them awesome and bold.

This big cat breed is one of the gentle and friendly breeds that makes a glorious addition to your home. They are very intelligent, loyal, playful, and extremely sociable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is an adult Maine Coon cat?

The size of an average Maine Coon comes in 10-16 inches big and up to an awesome 40 inches in length. The Maine Coon mass is between 5.5 to 9 kg, and has a muscular build, broad chest, and solid legs.

 What is the biggest cat breed?

Maine Coon is the biggest cat breed. The Guinness World Record holder for the biggest cat was a Maine Coon known as ‘Barivel’. Therefore, if you are looking for a large cat breed, you’ll notice everything you want with a Maine Coon cat.

What is the lifetime of Maine Coon cats?

On average, Maine Coon, which is good in physical fitness (and stays indoors), can have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years .

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