Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat Mix: A Fine Combination

Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix

The Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix is a big, furry, self-confident cat that comes from two exceptional purebred cat families. They normally like their own families more than random strangers. These lovely kittens require a lot of brushing to keep their hair delightful, or it can get dirty. But their lovely personalities more than built up for the additional maintenance.

Controversy Of Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat Mix

The Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix is a very rare crossbreed and has a bit of controversy nearby it. Some people believe they may even have the same distant ancestor that made their way to North America on explorer ships. These two breeds seemed alike and shared a lot of similar behavioral traits.

Where do They Originate From?

The origin of the Maine Coon has given rise to numerous folk tales. The most likely theory says that Maine Coon cats are descendants of short-haired national cats that interbred with long-haired breeds brought over to the United States from England by a sea captain named Charles Coon.

The Norwegian Forest Cat may share the same history, with one hypothesis linking with the same sea captain. This could describe the Norwegian Forest Cat’s likeness to and feasible relation with the Maine Coon.

Origination Of these two mixed Breeds

It is also thought that the ancestors of the Norwegian Forest Cat were cats escorted to Norway by the infamous Vikings in the year 1000 AD.

While much of the early history of both the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat is conjectural, we do know one, as well as the other of these breeds, have their roots in colder climates. This is why they both have big, silky fur.

As a result, your Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix may enjoy cold weather, and they might even have like for water!

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Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat Size

Did you know that the normal weight of an average adult domesticated cat is approximately eight pounds? What honestly distinguishes the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Maine Coon from the typical domesticated cat is their size and weight.

Exceptionally, the Maine Coon can reach a weight of over twenty pounds at its largest, while the Norwegian Forest Cat can weigh over eighteen pounds!

Although these two breeds do not always reach massive sizes, both the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat have the prospective to be very big, especially the males. For this reason, if you have a Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix, you must get ready for your cat to weigh anywhere from eight to above twenty pounds.

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Appearance and Traits

Both the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat come in a wide extent of colors and patterns in their coat. One of their most noticeable characteristics is their big and dense coat, which adds to their evident size.

Appearance of Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix

The Maine Coon is explained as having a cheerful appearance, characterized by round eyes, a square-shaped face, and high cheekbones. On the other hand, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a bit more serious, glancing with his almond-shaped eyes, triangular face, and flatter nose.

Keep in mind that when considering the Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix, their appearance may fall with one breed’s features, the others, or even somewhere in between.

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Coat & Colors

Because Maine Coon cats and Norwegian Forest Cats have a wide range of potential colors and patterns, the color of your blended kitten will be determined by the Norwegian Forest Cat side of the family. Norwegian Forest Cat comes in a variety of colors. The breed standard states they might be white, black, red, blue, cream, shaded silver, chinchilla silver, chinchilla golden, shaded golden, shell cameo, shaded cameo, shell tortoiseshell, shaded tortoiseshell, blue smoke, black smoke, cream smoke, cameo smoke, smoke tortoiseshell, blue-cream smoke. They can also have different coat patterns, including tabbies, calico, solid, bicolor, and tortoiseshell, to suit anyone’s preferences.

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Personality and Behavior

Both the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest cat are cherished for their friendly, outgoing temperament. But they have a bit of difference in a few things.

The Maine Coon, for instance, is likely to be more outgoing and loving. They enjoy attention and are very intelligent, even learning and enjoying ventures such as walking on a leash and fetching.

On the other hand, the Norwegian Forest Cat can be more independent and might have a streak of idleness, especially with an owner who is not around as much.

The Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix responds to love and attention and will provide you with a similar amount of love you provide him. This means he does very well with respectful kids and can normally get along with other dogs and cats in the household.

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Health Problems and Lifespan

Fortunately, both Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat are normally healthy breeds with few inherited illnesses. Still, there are a few more typical health concerns to be aware of.

The Norwegian Forest Cats normally have a lifespan of 14 to 16 years. They might have a maximum risk of the following diseases.

Maine Coon commonly has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They can be predisposed to the following diseases.

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Spinal muscular atrophy
  • Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

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Grooming and Basic Care

To make sure the well-being of your Maine Coon Norwegian Forest cat mix, it’s necessary to address their big, thick coat. Regular grooming, occurring at least twice a week, is important to manage loose hair successfully.

Grooming of Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix

Keep in mind that your Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix might inherit fur characteristics from either of his parents, so modify your grooming routine appropriately. Additionally, ensure to provide prime cat food. Fresh water should be available every day, and engaging in playtime is crucial to continue your mixed Maine Coon fitness and overall pleasure.

Searching For a Kitten

When it comes to mixed-breed kittens, the exploration procedure can be a bit more challenging compared to finding a pure breed. These kittens are less ordinary, and you won’t discover them listed on any official breeder registers. This uniqueness may need some tolerance on your part. Still, the silver lining is that mixed-breed kittens commonly come at a cheaper price point than their pedigree counterparts.

It’s necessary to remember that reputable breeders will have screened their kittens already to make sure they are physically fit before they move to their constant home.

Training and Exercise

The Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix has a lot of energy, but the Norwegian Forest Cat breed becomes lazy when they become older, so it might affect the Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix. But it’s essential to spend 30 to 40 minutes with them.

Training of Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix

As every cat needs some exercise, in the same manner, this mixed Maine Coon with Norwegian Forest Cat also needs exercise. Also, ensure to have some toys they can get to when you are not at home so your cats can entertain themselves.

They enjoy hauling in places where they can climb up. In addition, if you keep your cat indoors, make sure to give them things to have fun with and places to explore, such as a climbing post or an exceptional area just for them. When an indoor cat becomes bored, and they’re not entertained, they might start doing bad things like scratching furniture or peeing where they shouldn’t.

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Usual Training for Cats

  • Use the scratching post or cat tree only for scratching.
  • Play games and learn tricks.
  • Only bite toys, not people.
  • Stay quiet when riding in the car.
  • Eliminate only in the litter box.
  • When playing with people, keep your claws retracted.
  • Get used to being groomed.
  • Familiarity with being bathed.
  • Understand basic commands such as stay, sit, roll, over, high-five, jump, time to eat, play a game, come here, etc.


Whether your kitten is purebred or a cross, your kitten will bring you years of love. To show love back, ensure to take her to the vet regularly, give her proper nutrition, and create a healthy and attentive environment. If your Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix takes after one side more, she might spend just as much time on the couch next to you as climbing to the top of the refrigerator. Ensure to provide places for her to climb. You’ll be required to monitor his weight to keep him fit and healthy.

Have fun playing with your cat; it’s fine for exercise and strengthening your bond. This slow-maturing longhaired mix is expected to live into the mid-teens. Since your kitten is a mix, it adds a little mystery about how he’ll grow and what his adult personality will be. Your mix won’t be fully grown until he’s three or four years old, so feed him carefully. Talk to your vet about his diet at each life stage. If you desire a large, gentle kitten to grace the space by your side on the sofa, a Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix is a perfect choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my cat a Norwegian Forest Cat mix?

To tell, see at their fur. Norwegian Forest cats have big, dense fur that varies with the seasons, getting dense in winter.

Are Norwegian Forest Cat rare?

Throughout the war, Norwegian Forest cats nearly disappeared because they were dispensed with regular cats. However, the Norwegian Forest Cat Club rescued them by creating an exceptional breeding program and bringing them back.

Are Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine Coon related?

The ancestors of the Maine Coon reached with the Vikings about the 11th century, creating them of similar origins or descendants of the Norwegian.

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