20 Biggest and Largest Maine Coon Cats in the World

largest Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon, is renowned as one of the largest domestic cats in the world. Continue reading to discover which cat is recorded as the biggest Maine Coon cat in the world. A gray-striped Maine Coon, Stewie, is recorded as the largest Maine Coon cat in the world.

The full name of Stewie was Mymains Stewart Gilligan, and her size was 48.5 inches. Unfortunately, Stewie passed away in 2013 because of cancer. After the death of Stewie, the title of the largest Maine Coon cat was given to Barivel, who is 47.2 inches long and still living.

The royal look of the Maine Coon has earned them a place in the Guinness World Records for several decades. Maine Coon has also earned recognition as the “World’s Largest Domesticated Cat Breed” and has the “Cat with The Longest Whiskers.”

The Maine Coon cats are popular for being very large and gentle. They are among the largest domestic cat breeds in the world, along with Siberians and Ragdolls. Certain Maine Coon cats have been recognized as the largest domestic cat ever. But size can be evaluated in some different ways, and that means there are a few contenders that could be considered the largest Maine Coon.

Continue reading to find out which cat grasps the record for being the biggest and largest Maine Coon cat in the world.

Why Are Maine Coon Cats So Big?

why Maine Coon cats are so big

If you haven’t run into a Maine Coon before, you might be shocked by looking at her size. The weight of the female Maine Coon is about 12 pounds, while males are a bit heavy. A male Maine Coon typically weighs 15-18 pounds. Measuring from tail to nose, they are about 3 feet long.

Why are they larger than the typical domestic cat? Maine Coon takes more time to grow compared to the other cat breeds, and this is the reason why they are so big. During this long period, their muscles and bones develop larger.

The environment they come from plays an important role in their size. Maine Coon comes from a region that is quite cold for most of the year. The larger mass of their body helps them preserve more body heat.

The main reason why Maine Coon are so big is that they were purposely bred in this manner. The largest Maine Coon cats are intentionally bred together because their amazing and distinct size is remarkable.

Big size is a fundamental aspect of the Maine Coon breed standard, so breeders try to make giant Maine Coon cats. The average size of the Maine Coon is very large, but most of the Maine Coon are even bigger! Now you know a little about Maine Coon. We will share information about some of the largest Maine Coon cats in the world.

Introductory Information About Maine Coon Cats

The unique feature of the Maine Coon helps them to remain alive in this environment. The unique traits of the Maine Coon appropriately fitted for the environment in which it lives. The dense fur is a shield that protects them from harsh, cold environments and water.

Their strong paws help them in walking. They can walk on snow without being submerged. It is thought that Maine Coon cats originate from the Norwegian Forest Cat, which is also big and similar in appearance.

Theories suggested that they came to America with Vikings led by Captain Coon. Some explanations suggest that they are the outcome of interbreeding between cats and raccoons. Some suggest that they were brought to America by Marie Antoinette as a unique breed.

The large Maine Coon cats don’t come from breeding but rather result from environmental conditions. Since the mid-19th century, Maine Coon has been a part of American people’s lives. They were well known for their skill in catching mice in cold weather before they gained identification for their beauty. Maine Coon won the first major cat show of the modern age.

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The Usual Size Of The Maine Coon

The size of the average domestic cat is about 18-20 inches, excluding its tail. Typical Maine Coon size lies between 19-32 inches, without including its tail. They are 10-16 inches taller.

The bigger the Maine Coon, the heavier it will be. The weight of the house cat is around 10 pounds.

Biggest and Largest Maine Coons In The World

The large Maine Coon size makes her renowned. They have a magnificent appearance and live about 10-15 years. The stories of their origin are very interesting, with some tales linking them to Marie Antoinette’s cats and others to the tales of Vikings.

These are the official state cats of Maine, and they love spending time with their owners. Maine Coon possesses a strong body. Depending on whether you are observing an American or European Maine Coon, their look varies. Some cats have square-shaped muzzles, while some have a natural look.

Maine coon have a thick and dense fur around their chest and neck. Maine Coon has a very strong personality with their big bodies, long tails, and big ears. Despite facing some health problems like Kidney failure, Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, and Polycystic kidney disease, Maine Coon can live a healthy life with proper care.

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We should note that in the past, Guinness World Records emphasized the weight of the cats, and now they give the title of the biggest Maine Coon cat according to their length and height. In the last few years, criteria changed, and now honor is awarded on the cat’s size and height.

Biggest Maine Coon Cat Ever: Stewie

Biggest Maine Coon Cat Ever Stewie
Stewie is the largest Maine Coon cat. The biggest Maine Coon ever was named Mymains Stewart Gilligan, and he possesses one of the longest names of a Maine Coon. Stewie held the record for the biggest Maine Coon cat in the world in 2010, measuring a shocking 48.5 inches.

Unfortunately, Stewie passed away at the age of 8, but he still holds the record as the largest Maine Coon cat ever recorded. He stayed with his owner, Robin Hendrickson, in Reno, Nevada. Stewie died on February 4th,2013, because of cancer.

After the death of Stewie, the title of largest Maine Coon cat moved to Barivel, who is still holding this record. Stewie was famous for his friendly nature. Stewie was also a registered therapy animal despite his big size. He regularly visited a local senior center.

Biggest Living Maine Coon Cat: Barivel

Image Credit: Chinzia Tinnirello and Edgar Skandurr

In the town of Vigevano, Italy, lives a cat named Barivel and he has a special title. After Stewie’s passing, he claimed the title of the largest Maine Coon cat on May 22, 2018, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Barivel is 3 feet and 11 inches long, the only inch less than a hockey net.

Edgar Scandurra and Cinzia Tinnirello are the happy owners of Maine Coon. They often take Barivel for a walk in the neighborhood, proudly showing his fame. His name doesn’t suit his shy and serious personality because his name means “clown.” He also lived a pampered life. In public, he sat in a buggy, which his parents pushed.

The Longest Tail Of a Maine Coon Cat Ever: Cygnus

Cygnus Maine Coon
Image Credit: Lauren and Will Powers.

One of the largest Maine Coon cats was Cygnus in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He earned the Guinness World Record for having the longest tail on a domestic cat. He also grasps the record as the longest domestic cat, measuring 17.58 inches (44.66 cm). In an incident of a house fire on November 12, 2017, Cygnus and his brother Arcturus died.

They are very close to each other and friendly. Their owners tried their best to rescue them from the fire, but sadly, they both didn’t survive. Cygnus was easily identified because he had a special silver marking.

Cygnus’ brother wasn’t a Maine Coon but a Savannah cat. He gained fame for living with Cygnus. Arcturus was also recorded as the World’s tallest domestic cat at 19.05 inches.

Previous Largest Maine Coon Cat Globally: Ludo

Ludo Maine Coon
Image Credit: Kelsey Gill

Ludo from Wakefield, UK, and named the title of the largest Maine Coon cat in the World. But it stays only for a short time. The length of the ludo was measured at 118.33 cm when he was recognized as the longest domestic cat by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The weight of the ludo at that time was measured 34 pounds. The common weight of the male Maine Coon is between 15-25 Ibs, and no doubt ludo is a giant Maine Coon cat. After the entry of Barivel, the title of the biggest Maine Coon cat living was given to Barivel. The short period of fame for ludo finished after a year.

Ludo was just a bit smaller than Barivel as he measured 3 feet and 10.59 inches. Ludo was quite loving and enjoyed socializing. Ludo also enjoys cuddling as he lives with three other Maine Coon cats.

Candidate For The Title Of The Largest Maine Coon Cat: Omar

Omar Maine Coon
Image Credit: Stephy Hirst. Read about orange Maine Coon in detail.

Omar was the contender for the title of the largest Maine Coon alive, but unfortunately, he didn’t make it. He had done a lot of effort to hold the title of the largest Maine Coon cat. The judges of the Guinness World Records haven’t estimated the size of the Omar.

Omar is a really big fat cat, measuring 4 feet and 11 inches in length. He was thought to be the largest Maine Coon cat in Australia, and he lives in Melbourne. When Guinness World Records was aware of the existence of Omar, there were some chances that he might surpass the Barivel and become the holder of the title of the largest Maine Coon cat in the World.

Whether or not he becomes the largest Maine Coon cat, Omar has an Instagram account with more than 1 lac 60 thousand followers. He is still quite popular and well-known among people.

The Largest Maine Coon Cat In New York: Samson

Samson Maine Coon
Image Credit: Jonathan Zurbel

In New York, USA, the largest Maine Coon present is Samson. The length of the Samson was measured as 4 feet and 28 pounds weight. The health issue which is common in Maine coons, Hip Dysplasia, was found in Samson in September 2020, although he lived a great life. Samson died at a very early age of 10. He is also known as Catstradamus.

Moonwalk Magnum

The pretty Maine Coon cat, Moonwalk Magnum, with gray and white fur. He is quite bulky, and his weight is around 28 pounds. In Europe, he is the largest Maine Coon cat and lives in Chaille-les-Marais, France. He measures 4 feet in length.

View Maine Coon colors & patterns.


Lotus Maine Coon
Image Credit: Lindstein

Maine Coon cat with three different fur colors, including beige, apricot, and white, is Lotus. Lotus lives in Sweden; the weight of the Lotus is about 22 pounds, which seems bigger because of his bigger characteristics. Lotus has 3 lac 27 thousand followers on his Instagram account.

The huge number of followers shows the amount of love he is receiving from all the cat lovers from all over the World. (These followers were checked in Nov 2023.) His Instagram account name is lotus_the_mainecoon, in case you want to follow him.

Sean Coonery

Sean Coonery is a gorgeous Maine Coon cat with several followers on YouTube. His chatty behavior can be seen through his videos on YouTube, and we can also watch his big size and large body. All the Maine Coon cats are quite big, but the females are shorter as compared to the males. The length of both the male and female are 40 inches.

Only male Maine Coons are able to grow larger than the usual size, and females don’t surpass the average size. You can watch Sean Coonery on YouTube, and you can also enjoy his videos. The credit goes to @irixguy for the video of Sean Coonery.


One of the largest Maine Coon cats out there is Hélios, with silver and black fur, loved by everyone. Hélios lives in the southern part of France in Chatterie de Cimiez. His big size can be clearly seen in the YouTube videos; despite his looks, he is quite attractive.

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Kefir Maine Coon

In January 2022 when the pet parents of Kefir shared his pictures on social media, he became popular. Due to his bulky size, his picture went viral and he got a lot of fame. Many people started comparing him with a dog. He was just 2 years old when he became popular.

Just one year and 10 months old, Kefir’s weight is 28 Ibs. He passes the average size of the male Maine Coons, which is between 15-25 Ibs. Many Maine Coon achieve their maximum size between the ages of 3-5, so it is shocking to see kefir this much bigger at this age. One can imagine how much bigger Kefir may get.


A cat named Livana lives on a Finnish ship called S/Y Morningstar. Usually, most of the cats don’t like water. The captain of the ship is livana and can be seen in his pet’s parent TikTok videos. He shows his big claws in these videos.


The two Maine Coon brothers, Bruno and Leonidas, Bruno, are more significant than Leonidas. We can watch both of them on their Instagram account. In their videos, we can see them playing and looking so cute.


A Maine Coon named Rubble lived in Devon, UK, holding a record by reaching the age of 31, and then he died in 2020. He was a tiny kitten in 1989, but with the passing years, he became a strong and dense cat, showing his actual Maine Coon characteristics.


Gastone was known by his nickname “Rebel Without a Cause.” He is a cat with tufted-ears. You can see him in pictures relaxing on his cat tree or occupying the entire room while sleeping.


A large Bavarian Maine Coon cat who is popular on the internet is Roger. People like him because of his enormous size. He has fluffy, beard-like fur, which makes him look like a wizard instead of a cat.

Manolitto and Ike

Manolitto and Ike are from different parents, but they are brothers. It is shocking how much they look alike. They resemble a lot, like their gray tabby fur and green eyes. They are both big and loving.


Sebastian has a limited number of followers on social media, but you can see his growth through his Instagram pictures. Sebastian is learning to be a therapy cat. His pictures are proof that even a tiny kitten can turn into the largest Maine Coon.


Uberto has a unique face with tall ear tufts that make him look like a unique Maine Coon. His appearance made him a special cat, and he is not a typical Maine Coon. That’s why he gained a huge following on social media.


Riley is the largest Maine Coon, who became famous in its early days through internet memes. A picture in which his weight is 24 pounds, and his owner held him proudly.

Which Maine Coon Cats Grasps The Record For Being The Heaviest

The big size of the Maine Coon makes them popular, leading many to question the weight of the largest Maine Coon cat. Although we know a lot about the biggest Maine Coon, we are still not aware of the weight of the largest cat.

After the death of Stewie, the title of the giant Maine Coon cat went to the ludo. He measured 46.6 inches long and weighed about 34 pounds. After a year, Barivel took his title. Now we can say that Ludo holds the record for being the largest Maine Coon cat.

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Length Of The Longest Cat

How special it is to have a cat with two record-holding achievements. Lauren was the owner of two cats, Cygnus and Arcturus. Cygnus and Arcturus are not simple cats, but they are in a Guinness World Record for having big size. Cygnus held this record in 2018 for having the longest tail, measuring 44.66 cm (17.58 inches)

The long body of Cygnus is natural. With a long tail, there are a lot of disadvantages, like owners having to do extra care while closing doors because the tail can get stuck into the door and cats get hurt. The long tail can be injured by dipping into anything hot.

Record-Breaking Cat Whiskers:

A Maine Coon named Missi lives in Finland and holds the record for the longest whiskers cat ever. Her whiskers measure around 7.5 inches (19 cm). We can say that whiskers are so important for the cat. Why? Cat whiskers work like antennas or ultra-responsive detectors. They send signals to the brain of the cat, helping the cat to respond and understand what’s happening around her.

It is essential not to trim a cat’s whiskers because it’s like taking away its power. Your cat might not respond properly if you cut the whiskers because your cat will not receive the right signals. So, it’s best to let your cat keep its whiskers long.

Breeders Of Large Maine Coon Cat

Are you looking for a big-size Maine Coon cat? Well, there is no assurance that you will find a cat that will grow extra long. If you still want to have a Maine Coon there are following some breeders that sell bigger Maine Coon cats.

If you are living in America, the following are the breeders that sell Maine Coon in the USA:


In the UK, some breeders sell large Maine Coon cats; in case you live in Europe:


Keep in mind that it is not clear how successful they are at breeding the longest Maine Coon cat.

Litter Box for Maine Coon

If you have brought home a Maine Coon cat, it’s important to get a big litter box that suits your giant Maine Coon. When buying a litter box, here are the following things you should consider:

  • Cleaning: Cleaning is the most important thing. Always clean your Maine Coon litter box. When choosing a litter box, go for options that are easy to clean.


  • Size: Maine Coon cats can grow very large, so you must buy a big size litter box. The length should range from 19 to 40 inches.


  • Hooded Litter Box: A litter box with a hood is beneficial for keeping the unpleasant odor away. Hooded litter boxes not only look good but also prevent messes.

What is the average lifespan of a Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are very strong cats with only a few health issues. If you are thinking of getting one, you must be suspicious about the lifespan of the big Maine Coon. The Average lifespan of the Maine Coon lies between 12-15 years, similar to other cats. Some Maine Coon even lived 27 years. Giving them healthy food and taking care of them helps them live longer and happier lives.

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Maine Coon cats are popular for their big size. People often think about the size of the Maine Coon. Stewie was the largest Maine Coon cat ever, holding the record for the biggest domestic cat ever. Stewie measured 48.5 inches long. After the passing of Stewie, ludo became the largest Maine Coon cat. After Ludo, Barivel holds the record and is the current record holder for the biggest domestic cat alive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the peak size of the Maine Coon cat?

The biggest Maine Coon cat Stewie measures 48.5 inches from tail to nose. Maine Coon was about 3 feet long. Their size is what makes Maine Coon different from other cats.

What is the average lifespan of the Maine Coon?

Indoor cats usually live around 12-15 years if you take care of their food and health. Most cats live 10 to 15 years. The lifespan of the Maine Coon is pretty good.

Is the Maine Coon, an intelligent cat?

Maine Coon is a very intelligent cat. They are very smart and love playing with people, and you can teach them some tricks.

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