Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: Characteristics, Facts & Habits

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix

   Height: 9-16 inches
 Weight:         15-20 pounds
   Size:   Large
  Cost:     $1,000-$1,500        
Coat Colors:     Black, Blue, Cream, Red, Seal, Lilac, Chocolate (Nearly all colors)             
Temperament:    Friendly, easygoing, tender
  Lifespan:    12-15 years

A Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is a large and loving cat. They love their owners and are quite intelligent. Some can easily learn tricks and walk on leashes. There is no surety that they will be good at hunting.

A Maine Coon Ragdoll is a blend of Maine Coon and Ragdoll, and you can’t predict how they will look. Maine coon and Ragdoll are quite similar, so their mix exhibits similar traits. There will be a slight difference between a mixed-breed kitten and a purebred.

Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is a great choice for families. Some might be super active, some want to cuddle all the time, and some may be too busy to cuddle. It is like getting a surprise with different cat behavior.

If you love pets, a Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is perfect for your family. A Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is also nice with dogs and children. The three main reasons why people love them are their fluffiness and their long hair, their ability to easily learn tricks, and their appearance and beautiful eyes.

Read the article till the end to learn everything about Maine Coon Ragdoll mix.

What Is Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix?

A Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix is often called “Ragcoon.” It is a mix of Ragdoll and Maine Coon cats. These big, loving cats have a lot of hair around their neck. They have wonderful personality.

The Maine Coon originated when European sailors brought their cats to America, and over time Maine Coon mixed with Ragdoll in America. They are mixed by the local breeders in California.

Their parents are similar, but the kitten can be unpredictable. You can’t say if they are more like Ragdoll or like Maine Coon.

Breeds History

Ragdoll cat Vs Maine Coon

Maine Coon Ragdoll mix vary in size and personality. Maine Coon Ragdoll cat is similar to its parents. There are a lot of similarities between Maine Coon and Ragdoll, but physical features are different to some extent.

If you want to learn about the Maine Coon Ragdoll mix, check each parent breed. Maine Coon is the largest cat globally. They are very friendly and have a strong body with a rectangular body shape.

Maine Coon’s History

The Maine Coon got its name from the state of Maine. People have liked the Maine Coon since the 19th century. There are a lot of stories about the origin of Maine Coon. Some folks think that they are connected to Norwegian Forest Cats that were brought by the early American settlers.

Maine Coon almost disappeared in the 1950s, but people really worked hard to bring it back. The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) declared the Maine Coon as the Champion breed in 1976. At that time, there were enough Maine Coon around.

These days other mixes are earning popularity, like Maine Coon American Shorthair mix and the Maine Coon Bengal mix.

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Ragdoll’s History

In the 1960s, in Riverside, California, a lady named Ann Baker created the Ragdoll. She mixed some cats like Burmeses and Birmans with white Angora-type cats. This blend resulted in a cat with a Siamese-like color pattern.

The nature of this mixed kitten is gentle and calm. They become very relaxed when carried, and that’s why Baker named them Ragdolls.

Ragdoll became very famous, and now there are many mixed breeds like the Ragdoll British Shorthair mix and the Ragdoll Siamese mix.

Three Lesser-Known Facts About the Mix of Maine Coon and Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Maine Coon Mix

1.    This Breed Is Highly Intelligent

The Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is very easy to teach. Most kittens already know how to use a litter box if they are from a good breeder. They can easily learn tricks like walking on a leash, similar to how you train dogs.

2.    This Breed Might Not Act Like a Ragdoll

Ragdolls gained their name because they go limp when you pick them up. This breed is a Ragdoll Maine Coon mix. Some may or may not act like a Ragdoll. They will go limp to some extent, but some mix might not do it for you to notice.

3.    This Mix Is Commonly Known as Ragcoon

Sometimes, this mix is referred to as Ragcoon, and if you are having difficulty finding litter, use this name too.

Physical Traits

The length of this cat is about 16 inches tall and weighs around 20 pounds. This big cat is lovable because their parents’ size is the same. Their faces look exactly like Maine Coon. These cats are likely to have really pretty colored eyes, which are inherited from Ragdoll’s parents.

The mix of these two breeds creates an adorable and charming kitten. Both parents are similar, but Ragcoon might be unpredictable. You can’t predict if your kitten is more like a Maine Coon or more like a Ragdoll.

The Nature and Intelligence of Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix

A Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is a big and active cat. They are not afraid of any pet, so they are nice to other cats and dogs. These kittens are warm and social and feel a bit shy around new people.

How these Ragcoons behave around strangers depends more on how they were introduced to people when they were young than on their own personalities. They are not so attached to their owners that they can’t be alone, but they frequently follow them.

They are not aggressive, and due to their big size, they are unlikely to get scared. These cats are very energetic and relaxed, but it depends on the traits they receive. Some Ragcoon cats sleep a lot, while some require plenty of sleep and exercise. Some enjoy sitting in your lap, while others may not be interested in sitting.

Kittens from the same litter can be different, but the biggest difference is their loving nature and how active they are. So be ready for a surprise.


Ragcoon cat

A Maine Coon Ragdoll is an ideal mix. You will see their features coming from both of their parents, like eyes, fluffy fur, and face, making them amazing cats. Their appearance might be different.

Their size will be large and lovable no matter what because their parents are big. The Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is famous for its loving and calm personality. They love sitting on their lap and welcome you when you come home.

They are great for families and are not aggressive like some other cats. You shouldn’t worry about the kids if they want to carry them and play with them because they behave well with them.

They love being held like babies. These Maine Coon Ragdoll mix learn really fast, and they nap a lot. They adjust very well to changes.

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Coat Colors and Variations

The Maine Coon Ragdoll mix has various coat colors, including black, white, gray, or brown. Pretty similar to the normal cat’s color. You can predict how your cat will look by looking at their parents.

Commonly, they get them from their parents, but their colors can vary. Their dense fur coats, which are part of their genes, help them stay shielded from the weather. The topcoat allows them to remain free of unwanted water droplets, and the inner layer keeps them warm.

With big and shaggy fur, regular grooming is necessary to avoid matting. Neglect can lead to tangled fur, so for a happily shaggy Maine Coon Ragdoll mix cat, keep a brush on hand and try to brush them twice a week.

During stable seasons, they won’t shed too much but will be ready for a fur explosion during transitional seasons as they are preparing themselves for the weather to come.

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Nutritional Needs and Requirements

Most of the Ragdoll Maine Coon mix doesn’t require any special food. Some are prone to some health issues that require a particular diet. For most of the Ragcoon, you can give them good-quality food.

Most of the time, cats don’t drink enough water, so give them some wet food. This will keep them hydrated and avoid cat problems. It is normal to give them wet food a few times a week, but if you want, you can give them more.

Keep in mind to reduce the amount of dry food you give them on days they get wet food so they don’t consume too many calories. These Maine Coon Ragdoll mixes tend to eat more compared to other cats.

But it is important to give them a suggested amount of food to keep them at a healthy weight. Don’t let them eat plenty of food because it can lead them to get obese. Cats need a lot of protein, so give them food that contains protein. They eat meat, not grains and veggies.


Cats have different exercise requirements. Some cats love to sit, but others need exercise to stay healthy. If your cat is showing destructive behavior or is active at night, they may require more exercise.

Shortage of exercise can lead to obesity. It can lead to serious health problems for cats. It is because these cats, like Maine Coon Ragdoll mix, are very large, and more weight can place even more stress on their joints, causing arthritis and hip dysplasia.

You need to increase the amount of exercise your cat receives when obese. To keep them active, train your cats to walk on a leash. Start these exercises at a very early age, and they will help your cat as it grows.

Playtime is also a good option. Buy your cat plenty of toys, and through jumping and climbing, they will get the amount of exercise they require. Cat trees are also a very good option; they will provide your cat with plenty of space to run and jump.


A Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is very intelligent and quick to learn. They quickly understand and focus on what you say. Most of these cats easily learn how to use litter boxes when they are still young.

Both Maine Coon and Ragdoll are sharp, so their blend will likely be too. You don’t have to provide them with particular things to keep them busy. If they have a lot of things to play and climb, they are happy.

They love utilizing their brains while playing with toys and climbing trees. A Maine Coon Ragoll mix can learn tricks like sitting, lying down, standing, etc. Training a cat is like training a dog.

Treat your cats with positive behavior instead of punishing them. If you punish them, they may not want to engage in training. Training sessions twice a day are sufficient for Ragcoons. During training sessions, teach them how to walk on a leash if they are not yet familiar with it.

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How To Groom a Ragcoon?


Maine Coon Ragdoll mix have long hair coats. Brush them twice a week to avoid tangles. Brushing also produces natural oils and keeps the coat healthy. They shed at definite times of the year. Try to brush daily if you think brushing once a week isn’t sufficient.

Almost all the cats clean themselves, so bathing daily isn’t important unless something sticks to the fur. Brushing their fur consistently keeps their fur clean. Cut their fur around the areas like paws and ears to prevent unease.

Start grooming your cat at an early age and give them treats. Some cats love attention, while some need short grooming sessions during playtime.

The Lifespan of Ragdoll Maine Coon Mix

The lifespan of Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is around 12 to 15 years, but this is only when you take good care of them and provide them with good food. A Ragcoon cat can live between 12 to 15 years.

But they can live a happy and healthy life with the healthy food, supplements that they require, and lots of love. It will help them stay active and healthy, and they can stay with you for a long time.

Health Problems Ragdoll and Maine Coon Can Face

When you have Ragdoll and Maine Coon cats, it is fundamental to know about the health issues your cat can face. Let’s look at each cat’s concern to understand what could happen.

1.  Maine Coon’s Health Problems

There are four health problems Maine Coon faces. It includes:

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: It is a heart condition where the heart’s muscle walls thicken. The heart faces difficulty in pumping blood. Some symptoms include chest pain and irregular heartbeats.


  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy: It is a condition in which progressive loss of motor neurons happens and causes weakness.


  • Polycystic Kidney Disease: It is a genetic disease. In this condition, cysts form in the kidney. It can lead to kidney failure.


  • Hip Dysplasia: It is a condition when the hip joint doesn’t fit properly. It can lead to unease.

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2.  Ragdoll’s Health Problems

Here are some health problems Ragdoll faces. It includes

  • Urinary Tract Problems: Ragdoll might be prone to this disease. Difficulty in urinating is a symptom of this disease.


  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP): FIP is a viral disease that affects cats, causing swelling and fluid accumulation, leading to severe health issues.


  • Vision & Joint Issues (Feline Mucopolysaccharidosis): It involves a genetic disorder that affects both eyesight and joints due to the body storing substances in an abnormal way

3.  Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix Health Problems

A Maine Coon Ragdoll mix inherits different traits from its parents, which may lead to different health problems. To better understand what health problems your kitten can face, watch if they resemble more with Ragdoll or Maine Coon. Talk to your vet for advice on how to care for them based on their lifestyle and diet.

Cost of Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix

The cost of the Maine Coon Ragdoll mix varies around anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Since there are not many breeders targeting Maine Coon Ragdoll mixes, you might check those Maine Coon and Ragdoll breeders to see if they have mixed breed kittens available.

Some websites assist people in finding their ideal cat. For a reliable breeder, you can check The International Cat Association (TICA). It is advisable to visit the place where cats are grown. This way, you can get a healthy kitten.

Are these Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix Suitable for Families?

Maine coon Ragdoll mix is perfect for families. They really love humans and are nice to kids. They are larger and good with kids and families, but it is important to pay attention to things. Some Ragdoll Maine Coon like to sit, while others love to play games.

Many fall somewhere in the middle. These Ragcoons are not even afraid of active toddlers. It is important to validate that the kids are not hurting the cat. These cats may stay away from children if they have had negative experiences.

Is This Breed Compatible with Other Pets

This cat breed gets along well with other pets, especially dogs. They are really bold and not scared of dogs. This is particularly true when they are introduced to dogs from a very young age, helping them quickly understand that dogs are not something to be afraid of.

Some cats may also become fearful and violent towards dogs if they have a negative experience in the future. If any cat has a bad encounter with dogs, they might prevent dogs in the future.

This Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is very nice with other cats also. They are friendly with other cats, and some cats even express affection. They are well-suited for homes with many cats. They can also live a happy life as the only cat.

Where Can I Locate a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix?

If you seek a magnificent cat, you are on the right path. Start checking the shelter and rescue centre or adoption agencies to confirm you can provide a stable home for a cat. If you want a particular breed and you can’t locate it locally, you might consider looking online.

If you have decided to get one, make sure you are communicating with a trusty breeder. Check your kitten’s health by asking for a certificate and visit your vet personally. If you want to find the cat you are looking for, a quick online search can help you. Check the credibility of the breeder before spending your money.

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Male Vs. Female

Male Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is larger than the female. But there is a minor difference between males and females. They are pretty much similar. The difference comes from the gene they get from their parents, not because they are girls or boys.


Maine Coon Ragdoll mix is not different from other mixed breed cats. There might be a slight change in their behavior. Some cats enjoy sleeping a lot, while others might be active. If you want a cat that is different from other cats, Ragdoll Maine Coon mix is for you.

They bring smiles to any house with their charming personality, big size, and faces that look like tigers. They will give you respect that you wouldn’t expect from any other pets. Give them lots of treats during training sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ragdoll and Maine Coon share similarities?

Maine Coon and Ragdoll are one of the largest cats, but they differ significantly. Both have long hair, but their fur is different. The fur of Maine Coon is thicker than Ragdoll because Ragdolls don’t have an undercoat.

Which two breeds mix to form Ragdoll?

Ragdoll might have come from mixing Birman, Burmese, and Persian cats, but the first Ragdoll is a white cat known as Josephine. This is the reason Ragdoll is called the daughter of Josephine.

Which Ragdoll is uncommon?

Cream-colored ragdolls are not common because their color is unique, and it takes a special mix of genes to achieve this color.

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