12 Maine Coon Behavior Problems and Their Solutions

Let’s discuss about the Maine Coon’s behavior:

We all will agree on the fact that Maine Coon cats are exceptional cats. Maine Coon cats, like any other cat, appear with behavior issues, and trying to deal with these Maine Coon behavior problems is not an easy task. Especially for those people who have recently adopted a cat.

As a lot of issues can arise, you will need some time to understand and learn from your mistakes and also need to train your cat. Adopting a cat would be challenging, but it can be even bigger trouble if the cat disturbs you all the time.

Behavioral Problems

We will discuss the following main Maine Coon behavior problems that Maine Coon may encounter and how to deal with them.

Maine coon Behavior Problems
Orange Maine Coon                 

Maine Coon Loves To Scratch Furniture

Scratching furniture is a favorite thing for Maine Coon cats to do. Unluckily, it’s a natural behavior that cats do for several reasons, and you will not prevent them from doing this. What you can do is consider getting scratching posts.

Maine Coon Loves To Scratch Furniture

Your Maine Coon cat will scratch them instead of damaging your valuable furniture. Select a scratching post that matches your home decor, so you don’t need to replace them often.

Noisy Behavior Of Maine Coon

Maine Coons are very loud. They can be very vocal when they aren’t in a good mood or when they need something, and this is not something you’ll enjoy. Patience is the only solution.

Go to the veterinarian when your cat suddenly starts making noises. Sometimes, they are trying to convey something like they are feeling thirsty or hungry, but mostly, they want your attention.

Noisy Behavior Of Maine Coon

When you feel like they are doing this for your attention, don’t give it just because they are doing unnecessary things because this will only encourage them. Try to avoid the noise and calm yourself.

Avoiding Litter Box

One of the main Maine Coon behavior problems is that she doesn’t use the litter box. The Maine Coon is a very hygienic cat. She likes sanitation. Clean the litter box regularly.  Maine Coon mostly don’t use a litter box when it’s not clean. When you see your cat is avoiding or not using a litter box, it shows some illness. Try to visit your veterinarian.

Separation Anxiety

Younger cats can develop a condition called “separation anxiety.” It will not stop if it is not treated well. When your cat is unable to stay away from you, even for a shorter period, it is clearly expressing that she is uncomfortable due to separation anxiety.

In order to eliminate this issue, buy her some toys and some kind of playing stuff so she can play with them when you are not with her. If it’s not working, the only solution is to play with her in your spare time.

Violent Behavior

Are Maine Coon Cats Aggressive? Maine Coon behavior problems also include violent behavior. Violent behavior is not common in Maine Coon, but it can happen sometimes. When she becomes aggressive, she can bite you, and her bite force reaches up to 50 to 75 pounds per square inch (PSI).

It can cause infection, which can be deadly and dangerous. If you are not aware of this issue, it is because of your actions, not your cat’s behavior. You might wonder why your cat is behaving badly. Cats bite for so many reasons.

Violent Behavior Of Maine Coon
Calico Maine Coon

Some cats bite their owners to show their love, but if it is serious, then there is something else happening. Many people think that if a cat bites, it means they are mean, but cats don’t hurt people intentionally.

The biting habit starts from kittenhood when owners use their hands to play with them because it doesn’t hurt them to be bitten by a small kitten. Owners should teach their kittens to play with toys, not with their hands, because later it will cause them damage. Some Maine Coons demonstrate playful aggression with their owners.

Playful Aggression

While playing with a cat, there is a high chance that it will accidentally bite or scratch you while having fun. As we know, it is an accident, and you should communicate with your Maine Coon that this behavior is not acceptable. These scratches will cause more pain over time, so it is good to stop your cat early.

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Are Maine Coon Cats Territorial

Maine Coon cats can be quite territorial. To solve this problem effectively, it’s important to address it early in kittenhood. Territorial behavior can arise mostly because of the presence of other cats. In order to prevent this, start bringing them into contact with other cats. Maine Coons will become less territorial when they are more socialized.

Super Active During The Night

One of the biggest Maine Coon behavior problems is that she stays active all night. Cats are not night animals. They are super active during the day, but this doesn’t mean they won’t be energetic at night.

When she is active during the night, it is because she sat all day that’s why she is not feeling tired. When your Maine Coon tries to seek your attention or wants to play with you at night. It is better to avoid her unless it’s important.

Maine Coon Super Active at night

It will teach her that it is not the correct time to play. Also, try taking her for a walk before bedtime.

Inappropriate Elimination

If your Maine Coon cat isn’t using a litter box despite having one, it becomes an issue. It would be best if you took her to the veterinarian. Maine Coon is not like those pets who relieve themselves anywhere.

You sometimes wonder how to discipline a Maine Coon cat? Maine Coon usually doesn’t do this type of inappropriate behavior, but dealing with her calmly can solve all their problems. Also, schedule your appointment with the veterinarian so you can figure out what is the reason for the behavior change.

Unstoppable Vocalizing

When your Maine Coon is making excessive noise, you need to respond to her to fulfill her needs. Most of the time, excessive noise might be a signal of some kind of pain and discomfort. Please don’t lose hope until you find the reason for her displeasure.

Sometimes, cats get into the habit of meowing whenever they want something. It might be a sign of attention or food. Try to understand what your Maine Coon is trying to say; otherwise, she will continue this and disturb you.

Maine Coon May Exhibit Aggressiveness Towards Other Cats

Maine Coon aggressiveness towards other cats

Some Maine coon can be mean to other cats. When your cat shows violent behavior, the only thing you can do is handle the situation. Try to comfort your cat when another cat is around. When your Maine Coon is young, allow her to spend more time with other cats. It reduces the chances of her behaving like this in the future. For more information on whether Maine Coon Cats are good with dogs, you can read further here.

Maine Coon Can Be Ruinous

Maine Coon behavior problems include that she can be damaging. When Maine Coon gets bored, she can be damaging. Some owners thought that scratching things might solve the issue, but Maine Coon focuses on your favorite furniture and destroys them. She wants to generate problems.

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How To Handle Maine Coon’s Such Behavior?

Solutions Of Maine Coon Behavior Problems

How to handle Maine Coon behavior problems. When we are dealing with a cat-like Maine Coon always remember this. The more you put effort, the more favorable the outcome will become. Don’t expect you will get an immediate result.

Slowly, your cat will come to understand which behavior won’t be tolerable. Maine Coon is a very smart creature. She knows how to manipulate their owners to get anything, but you need to handle her smartly.

Following are some tricks to handle Maine Coon:

Investigate The Reason For Such Behavior

You need to discover the source of such Maine Coon behavior problems. Do it yourself. If you cannot do it, contact your veterinarian. Cats usually don’t create problems. Discussing things with your veterinarian reveals all the problems. Hopefully, you will receive all the answers to your problem.

By Spending Some Quality Moments Together

Sometimes cats behave like this just because they are craving your attention. Maine Coon really likes to be loved by everyone. She needs attention by doing all the things she is doing. If you are not spending time with her, there will be a high chance that she will develop aggression.

Take Her For a Walk

Cats are wild animals. For ages, they have been living freely surrounded by trees. We can’t stop them from going outside. Tying them inside the house can cause severe problems. Cats may be prone to sadness and stress from always staying inside.

Always take her for a walk so she will not face all these Maine Coon behavior problems. She will notice a change in her surroundings. By doing this, she will feel happiness.

Reward Her For Doing Something Good

Show her positive behavior when she is behaving well. It helps her to realize that you are seeing her and appreciating her good behavior. You can give her a treat as a reward. You can also show your affection by giving her good food.

Give Clicker Training a Try

Are you familiar with Clicker training? Clicker training is a way for training animals.  We use the click to let them know that they have done something good. The click is another method of saying “well done.” It is a practical method that will help your cat to understand what they did right.

Through clicker training, they understand exactly what makes you happy. It will definitely take some time, but be consistent, and you will achieve success. Always remind yourself that patience will lead you to success. This method will reduce some of the Maine Coon behavior problems.

Get Your Maine Coon Cat Spayed or Neutered

By spaying or neutering your cat, you can prevent the birth of undesired animals. Spayed or neutered cats live long-lasting. All of the above behavior that your cat is showing shows that she is in the mating cycle.

Maine Coon behavior problems are thought to arise because they might feel bad due to not having babies. Cats show aggressive behavior when she is in mating season. The reason for this violent behavior is she feels insecure because they are unable to produce.

Stop Punishing Your Cat

Don’t punish your cat when you don’t like what she is doing. Show her positive behavior instead of showing aggression. Cuddle with her. They will love it. If your cat is doing something you don’t like or being mean to you, don’t be mean back. You’re a mature person, and you can control it easily.

Express Your Disappointment To Your Cat

Show your cat that you’re disappointed when they do something that upsets you. How? Cats can understand your disappointment by observing your body language. Don’t use a loud voice, and speak to her politely to let her know that you don’t like her behavior.

Use Spray Bottles As a Weapon

Maine Coon cats really don’t like taking shower. They try to avoid showers. You can easily take the edge off her weakness. If you want them to stop doing something wrong, just spray some water on them. Slowly, they will understand you are doing this because you do not like her behavior.

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Final Thoughts

Now, you know everything about Maine coon cat behavior problems. It will help you to understand your cat more. All the owners of the Maine Coon faced these problems, so you are not alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Describe some weaknesses of Maine coon cat?

The disease Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a disease in which muscles of the heart experience abnormally thickening that leads to ineffective heartbeats.

Write down the 5 challenging behaviors of Maine Coon?

  • Violence
  • Damaging things
  • Noisy
  • Self-damaging behaviour
  • House soiling

Are Maine Coon cats really like children?

Maine Coon cats are family-loving cats. They adore children as they are loving and gentle. Maine Coon cats are the perfect pet for those who live with families.

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