Savannah Maine Coon Mix: The Ultimate Guide

Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Are you meeting a Savannah Maine Coon mix for the first time? Perhaps you’re thinking about adopting one from your faithful shelter, but you are not sure whether you and the cat are a fine match.

If you’re looking for a distinctive and affectionate cat with a striking appearance, the Savannah Maine Coon mix could be the right choice. These cats have gorgeous spotted coats and long fur, which numerous people love right away.

The Savannah cat is the result of breeding a wild cat with a domestic cat, giving them untamed cat-like spots. Meanwhile, the Maine Coon is a usual cat breed that wasn’t a product of specific breeding.

It’s necessary to remember that every cat has a distinctive personality, and you can’t forecast their personality solely based on their breed. But knowing a bit about the breed can give you a plan of what to expect.

Cats can live up to twenty years, so once you adopt a pet, it’s like you become buddies for life, similar to marriage.

Mixing these two cats is completely rare, and as a result, Savannah Maine coon mix can be costly. Now, let’s take a look at what the Savannah Maine Coon mix is like so you can determine if it’s a good match for you.

Savannah Cats

Savannah cats are a rare blend of a domestic cat and an untamed serval. This breed started in 1986 when the first feline of this breed was born, and they named it “Savannah.” Savannah cats have gorgeous spots on their coats, just like servals, which gives them an exotic look.

These cats are smaller than servals, weighing between 12 to 15 lbs. They stand at a height of 14 to 17 inches, while servals are huge, about 17 to 24 inches.

Savannah Cats

In terms of personality, Savannah cats have characteristics similar to wild cats because they have some untamed feelings in their lineage. Due to their feral genes, there are restrictions and even bans on owing certain generations of them in a few places. For example, in over ten U.S. states, it’s unlawful to own F1 on first-generation Savannahs.

Fourth-generation felines are legal in most areas, with a few states such as Georgia, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Rhode Island ban property rights of all Savannah cats, no matter the generation.

Maine Coon Cats

Maine coons are incredibly famous, and it’s not surprising that Maine Coons are frequently crossed with exotic or unique breeds. Many breeders are drawn to their big, silky fur and affectionate personality. Maine Coon cats come in a variety of colors, such as tabbies, calico, tortoiseshell, colorpoint, and more.

These large cats can weigh up to around 18 pounds, and some have even reached 20 or more pounds. There is a widespread story that Maine Coon cats are a blend of a wild raccoon or bobcat and a domestic cat. View Maine Coon size in detail.

Maine Coon Cats

The fact is that these species are far too dissimilar ever to mate or produce offspring. In contrast, the Savannah cat is a true hybrid resulting from the crossbreeding of a wild animal with a domestic cat.

Savannah Maine Coon Mix

The Savannah Maine Coon mix cat is not very common, considering how hard it is to get Savannah cats. These kittens are usually fluffy with the long fur and huge size of the Maine Coon, and their markings frequently look resemble those of the Savannah cat. However, once in a while, it’s the opposite, and these cats have tabby stripes and tiny fur.

When it comes to blending breeds, they can inherit characteristics from both parents, and it’s hard to forecast which genes or characteristics will be extra dominant. It is necessary to remember this when getting any crossbred animal. There is a lot of unpredictability applied to both their look and temperament. No matter what mixed-breed cats end up looking like, these kittens can be as big as the Maine Coon or bigger when they reach full size.

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History of Savannah & Maine Coon

The Savannah cat was first bred in 1986, so it’s a lovely new breed when it comes to crossbreeding. While the Maine Coon cats have been throughout since the 1800s, making them an older cat breed. Maine Coons are the official State cat of Maine and naturally originated in New England, which means people didn’t outline them.

The cat we know at present as the Maine Coon came about through the mating and adaptation of different kinds of cats to tough weather conditions.

There are many stories regarding where they came from, even one that advises a link to Marie Antoinette. At present, Maine Coons, known as gentle giants, are very famous pets that people love to have.

Savannah Cat vs Maine Coon: Should These Cats be Crossbreed

Sometimes, cat breeds mix by mishap, frequently because of careless cat owners or when cats are abandoned. It can lead to unpredicted results.

A while back, people intentionally mixed a few cat breeds to create a better version, such as Ragdolls. But why did they blend these two specific breeds, which may seem like opposites?

While it’s true that opposites can fascinate, but just to what extent is it true? Is the Savannah Maine Coon mix a magnificent success or a total disappointment?

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Appearance of Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Appearance Of Savannah Maine Coon Mix

When you compare Savannah and Maine Coon cat breeds, you’ll notice a few notable differences. The Savannah cat has short fur, whereas the Maine Coon has thick, luxurious fur. The Savannah is fit and athletic; on the other hand, the Maine Coon gives off a more moderate vibe.

It’s no wonder almost all the people fall in love with these cats. They leave us with small choices with their stunning look.

  • Savannah Cat

Typically, the initial thing that seizes people’s awareness is the magnificent size of this breed. They are truly a sight to see and impossible to overlook in a crowd.

One of their most noticeable physical features is their distinctive spots. From a distance, you might replace the Savannah cat with a feral one. These magnificent spots contribute to their exotic appearance. Sadly, it’s frequently these striking looks that capture people’s love, infrequently overshadowing their unique traits and requirements.

These cats have athletic, big legs and a slim build. What most people find funny and charming to many are their big ears. Well, it’s no shock, considering their history and where they originated! Those big ears helped them hear finer in the wild to find prey and remain safe from danger!

When it comes to the color, recognized colors of these cats encompass brown-spotted tabby, black smoke, and black. Other colors exist but aren’t recognized to be the breed’s standard. They also have tiny heads with big, puffy noses and hooded eyes, which are rare characteristics.

In felines, their eyes are blue (such as in other cats), while in adults, they can be brown, green, gold, or a mix of these colors. 

  • Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons have large ears that are rounded at the tips and have fur on top. They are also known for their unique cheekbones, which make their faces appear remarkably longer in contrast to other cats.

In addition to their affectionate nature, their wide range of colors and patterns in their fur makes them highly famous.

Their big fur can come in a variety of shades, such as white, orange, black/brown, cream, blue, smoke, blue cream, tortoiseshell, and variations of these colors. There are tabby, calico, bi-color, solid, and color-point designs accessible. All of these are pretty and captivating.

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Temperament of Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Savannah Maine Coon mix cats have a fascinating and unique personality. They are known for being playful and friendly, while they might not be very affectionate towards strangers. However, their true allegiance glows through in their powerful attachment to their owners.

These smart kittens are highly trainable, capable of understanding numerous commands, doing tricks, and even walking on a leash. These felines are likely to be distant from strangers and attached to their owners, mostly those they imprint with. While they might not be normal lap cats, they do admire attention on their terms.

Savannah Maine Coon mix cats can, once in a while, reveal wild behaviors because of their ancestors. They will scratch furniture to sharpen their claws, as cats in the wild do. However, this depends on which generation of blended felines you get. The first generation of Savannah cats, as they often are wilder and are not a good choice as pets. You’re unlikely to observe these from reputable breeders.

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Training of Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Savannah Maine Coon mix cats are commonly very intelligent and can learn new things fast. You can teach them to behave well and even do fun tricks and games. Training a cat can always be hard, mostly because they don’t pay attention to orders and respond to commands as simply as dogs. To teach them, you should offer them treats after they do something good. For instance, numerous cats will be required to be litter box trained if they haven’t learned so far.

It’s also necessary to train them to scratch a scratching pad so they don’t damage your furniture. The worst way to teach them a cat is to punish them if they do something incorrect. No way to punish a cat! They won’t realize it and may get worried and upset.

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Exercise of Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Savannah Maine Coon mix cats, with their past serval heritage, need a lot of exercise to stay fit. They love toys such as dangling strings and things to chase and pounce on. Dangling a toy from a pole is an excellent way to provide your Savannah Maine Coon mix a lot of physical activity, as they can jump quite high and require to exercise their back legs.

Savannah Maine Coon mix needs ample space to roam, as well as mental stimulation. Maine Coon cats like to climb, whereas Savannah cats are agile and full of energy. Owners must engage in everyday play sessions, not just give toys. Numerous Maine Coon cats also like water, so a Savannah Maine Coon mix breed may as well. Their mixed breed will splash and even swim.

Exercise of Savannah Maine Coon mix

Mixed Maine Coon breeds like Savannah Maine Coon mix love being outdoors, but it’s unsafe to let them roam freely. They can be leash-trained and will always be supervised outdoors. They pose a threat to natural wildlife, as well as other pets that are outside. Because they keep such a powerful prey drive, it is never wise to let them roam without a leash. An enclosed patio or catio can provide a safe way for them to enjoy fresh air while staying secure.

Their Home Needs

Before adopting a Savannah Maine Coon mix, ensure you have these necessary things:

  • A scratching pad or post for their claws
  • Food and water dishes
  • A full water dish in an available spot
  • A litter box, which may also need some training to use
  • Consider a big litter box and possibly more than one
  • An air purifier can assist in keeping a cleaner home

Probable Health Problem of Savannah Maine Coon Mix

Sadly, the genes of numerous cat breeds might indicate certain health problems. A few breeders claim Savannah cats don’t require any special care or food, whereas others advocate a diet free of grains and byproducts.

A few breeders support a raw food diet that has at least 32% proteins and no byproducts. Others recommended giving calcium and other supplements, mainly for growing cats F1 and F2 generations. Most Savannah breeders trust that Savannah cats need more taurine than normal domestic cats, so they recommend adding taurine supplements to any kind of diet.

However, the majority of veterinarians do not suggest grain-free and raw diets for cats because they have been related to problems stemming from food-borne pathogens or poor nutritional balance.

Health of Savannah Maine Coon mix

Hip dysplasia is a hip joint issue that causes severe disability and arthritis. Among larger, big-boned breeds such as Maine Coon and Persians, males are the ones most commonly afflicted with hip dysplasia.

Additionally, numerous of the original Maine Coon cats that lived in New England have a condition known as polydactylism, where they have more than one additional toe on their paws.

Rescues and Shelters

As previously discussed in numerous paragraphs, finding Savannah Maine Coon mix in shelters are pretty rare, though not impossible. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it’s challenging to find out a shelter cat’s specific breed, and your odds may be finer when working with a breeder.

As Part of the Family

Maine Coon Savannah cats are generally affectionate with small children, but they might get a bit intolerant if kids bother them for too long.

These kittens also get along with dogs well if they’re introduced gently. Nevertheless, having small pets such as birds may pose an issue with your cats because these cats can jump higher than most cats, thanks to their strong hind legs, and they might reach a small prey pet on a shelf.

Cat Costs & Breeders

Savannah Maine Coon mix cats can be quite pricey, many times reaching up to a thousand dollars, which makes them among the more expensive cat breeds. It makes sense because of how rare and hard to get purebred Savannahs and Maine Coons are.

Cost of Savannah Maine Coon mix

If you’re looking to buy from breeders instead of adopting, it’s necessary to select reputable breeders who genuinely care for their cats, as opposed to a kitten mill. Ensure to ask questions and request to see the health records screenings of both the kittens and the parents.

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Maybe you’re not familiar with the Savannah Maine Coon mix until now. Now, you have the opportunity to adopt or purchase one of them, but you’re a little hesitant.

It’s fair to state that this breed comes with its challenges. They require daily exercise and a more expensive diet, very likely including raw meat.

But I can assure you that you’ll have plenty of fun with this pet. They are energetic and vocal and may keep your house full of delight.

The Savannah Maine Coon mix can be a costly investment, but the money will be worth it when you welcome a large, affectionate cat into your home.

Many admire their glorious spotted coats, and their sweet personalities are sure to tug at your heartstrings. Savannah Maine coon mix is a wonderful blend and can become a remarkable addition to your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Savannah cats cost so much?

It’s hard to make Savannahs with a high percentage of Serval in them. It takes plenty of time and luck to mate a Serval with a domesticated cat. Only some breeders worldwide have seen success in doing this, but more people are trying as the breed becomes more famous.

Are Savannah cats talkative?

Extremely Talkative: Savannahs have a reputation for being quite vocal. They often meow, chirp or a few times even hiss to express their needs or emotions, like when they are delighted, hungry, or in need of some playtime.

Do Savannahs Cuddle?

The Savannah is a cat who will very likely be delighted to curl up with you or on you in bed at night. They are mostly friendly.

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