The Maine Coon Siamese Mix: Comprehensive Overview

Maine Coon Siamese mix

Physical Dimensions 8 to 16 inches
Body Weight 8 to 18 pounds
Longevity 8 to 15 years
Coat Colors Colors include Solid, Smokey, Bi-colored, Tabby, Tortoiseshell, White, Blue, Red, Brown, Silver, Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point and Lilac Point
Personality Loyal, Calm, Talkative, Affectionate, Playful, Vocal, Intelligent

Strange truth, it is said that only 2% to 3% of Maine Coon cats are pure. In the present, most of the Maine Coon has a portion of something else in other breeds. The Maine Coon & Siamese cats are two of the most noticeable cat breeds. It makes sense that Maine Coon Siamese mix will be just as affordable, even more than that. Maine Coon is playful, and Siamese is affectionate and talkative. So, a Maine Coon Siamese mix is a beautiful cat with no defects.

Siamese Maine Coon mix is a playful, affectionate, talkative, and very intelligent kitten. However, it is impossible to tell you how Maine Coon Siamese mix looks when it gets bigger. The main thing you must know about mixed Maine Coon kittens before you buy them is that they not only love affection, they highly need it. Maine Coon Siamese mix kittens love to be loved, and they love their humans.

3 Lesser-Known Facts About Maine Coon Siamese Mix

Maine Coon mix with Siamese

1.   The Mix Will Be Unpredictable

Sometimes, when kittens are newly born, they take after their mom and dad in different ways because they inherit genes from both.  So, you can’t be completely confident which parent they’ll look more like. They might look a lot like their mom (Maine coon), a lot like their dad (Siamese), or, if you’re fortunate, they might have a little bit of both parents in them.

2.  Maine Coons: America’s Oldest Cat Breed

There are stories about how Maine Coon cats came into existence. Some people used to believe they mated with raccoons or bobcats, but that’s unlikely to be accurate. They might have come from cats brought by Vikings or Marie Antoinette’s ship. Genetic analysis has revealed a connection to the Norwegian Forest Cat, so that Vikings may be the honest answer!

3.   Siamese Cats Are Smart & Vocal

If you decide to get a Siamese and Maine Coon mix kitten, be prepared for them to speak a lot about all the things happening in your day because Maine Coon Siamese mix is very talkative, cool, intelligent, and loyal.


Both these breeds are known to be highly intelligent, highly calm, and highly trainable. Maine Coon Siamese mix will entirely result in a very intelligent, human-friendly kitten. Siamese kittens are a tiny more attached to humans as compared to Maine coon, so a mixed Maine Coon might not be as pure Maine Coon. Maine Coon is known to be very independent, while Siamese kitties are a tiny strick, so there is a possibility this Maine Coon Siamese mix could be either.

Siamese Cats mix with Maine Coon will be a highly oral and affectionate. Maine Coons are known for their unique chipping, and Siamese are mostly self-important. The Maine Coon Siamese mix breed will likely want to spend a lot of time around humans but, like any cat, will want a quiet, safe place to live.

Is Siamese and Maine Coon Mix Breed Friendly With Other Pets?

This breed has a lot of confidence, so there is not a big issue for this Maine Coon Siamese mix breed. This breed will likely get along with other pets. Even they enjoy having a friend, either humans or pets. They are also good with dogs. They are very playful.

Bring into contact with dogs when they are very young. It helps them along with dogs. Keep their first meeting brief so they can get used to each other’s sights and smells before spending more time together.

Size & Appearance

Maine Coon cats are the biggest domestic feline breed in the US. Siamese are not quite as big. When you blend them, the size of the kittens can range from 8 to 18 pounds. Some might be larger. Both types of cats are muscular, with long bodies. Size, coat length, eye color, markings, etc., all depend on which genes are stronger. Eye colors can include copper, yellow, blue, amber, green, or even a blend of colors. Some of these kittens may have an extra toe, but others might not.

These mixed cats are decent to generous big-size cats and have longer tails than most cats. Certain may have markings on their tail that seem like a raccoon’s, but not all of them. These cats are generally slightly bigger and longer than average house cats. Big ears are possible, as both types of cats have prominent ears.

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Coat & Colors

Maine Coon Siamese mix cat may have a fluffy and tough fur coat like the Maine Coon. Their coats can be short or long, and the hair might be thin or thick. Maine Coon cats have thick double coats, while Siamese cats have a single coat of fur. The mixed breed of these cats will probably have a double coat.

Coat coloration can vary. Maine Coons can be found in almost every color and pattern, as they already have quite a genetic mix. When mixed with a Siamese cat, the kittens will likely have color-point markings, even if their fur is shaggy and big. The fur colors can be solid or multicolored. Some of the possible colors are gray, brown, black, red, orange, silver, blue, white, smoke, spotted, striped, mixed colors, and more.

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Maine Coon and Siamese mix

A Maine Coon Siamese mix breed is usually healthier than its purebred counterparts. While both the Maine Coon and Siamese can experience various health problems, the Siamese is more prone to them than Maine Coon. Make confirmed that you have a regular vet for your mixed breed of Siamese Maine Coon cat, as they can address your concerns about cat health. Some common issues for these cats include getting too chubby, feline, asthma, diabetes, and eye problems like glaucoma.

Some more severe diseases they could get are spinal muscular issues, arthritis, hip issues, eye troubles, and cancer called lymphoma. But not every cat will get these issues. Some might be perfectly healthy. To know for sure, you can do a DNA test for your cat.

Mixing Cats For Health

When you mix two purebred cats, including Maine Coon & Siamese, their newly born child has more varied genes, which often makes them healthier. However, it’s still important to routinely check their health condition, clean their teeth, and give them their yearly vaccinations.

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Daily Needs and Feeding

Maine Coon Siamese mix kitten

Your mixed-breed kitten may mature more steadily than most other breeds if they finish huge like their Maine Coon mom. Ensure you feed them high-quality, protein-rich kitten food for at least the first year. Then, ask your veterinarian to determine when they are prepared to switch to an adult diet. All the time, choose the highest-quality foods for your Maine Coon Siamese mix you can pay for, and seek out products whose first ingredient is genuine meat protein.


mixed Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon Siamese mix has plenty of energy, so you should plan at least to spend about 30 to 40 minutes with them. As you know, how important is exercise for humans. In the same way, exercise plays an essential role in the cat’s life. All cats need exercise, but the Siamese Maine Coon mix needed much higher exercise than other cats because they have much higher energy. Also, make sure to have interactive toys accessible for your cats when you are not home so your cats can entertain themselves.

This Maine Coon Siamese mix, like many other cats, enjoys boxes to drag in and places where they can climb high. Additionally, if you keep your cat indoors, arrange lots of environmental enhancement, such as climbing posts, hiding places, and even an outside cat enclosure. When indoor cats become bored, they may develop unwanted behaviors, including scratching the furnishings or urinating in unsuitable places.


Maine Coon Siamese

The long or short-haired Siamese and Maine Coon mix is a possibility. How regularly they groom will depend on this. A short-haired cat will require a brush every week or so, while a cat with long hair will require a brush at least twice a week. Daily grooming for cats with longer hair could be necessary. But daily brushing will help control the amount your cat sheds. They will have periodic times when the temperature changes, and they shed further. The cats who spend more time outside the house may require more frequent bathing.

At least once a week, you should check your cat’s nails and ears as part of your grooming pattern. They may need to be cleaned or trimmed. Common health problems with Maine Coon Siamese mix or cats are dental problems, so it’s a quality idea to brush your cat’s teeth once a week, but more frequently if you can.

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Male and Female Comparison

Maine Coon Siamese mix

When you have a Maine Coon Siamese mix, the male cats are habitually more loving. The male cats are usually just a mini bigger than the female. So, if you have a male cat resembling the Maine Coon side, he might be very massive. Females are much more independent and may want to spend less time with guests when they visit.

Remember, all cats have unique personalities that may differ from the typical traits of their breed. But if you have Maine Coon Siamese mix, I am sure your cat will probably be friendly, unless something negative has happened to them.

Siamese cats are long and slim with pretty markings, while Maine Coon cats are strong and have long fur. When these two cats mix and become a Maine Coon Siamese mix, you can get all sorts of personalities and temperament.

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Opting for a Maine Coon Siamese mix, the temperament traits resemble both of its parents. This cat breed is suitable for individuals who like their cats to have dog-like qualities. Some owners who own purebred Siamese cats may feel their cats aren’t ideal for indoor living, as Siamese cats are renowned for their well-known need for lots of attention and interaction.

In many cases, Maine Coon Siamese mix kittens inherit the personality traits and other attributes from their parent breeds. As it is, the Maine Coon tends to be a moderated and easygoing cat, while the Siamese is being vocal, often favoring laps for lounging. Consequently, this new hybrid breed will provide plenty of opportunities for interaction for its family. Still, it can also give margin on other occasions when it requires that time solo to decompress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Maine Coon is the rarest?

Typical Maine Coon colors come in brown tabby, blue, cream, solid white, red, and black. The two rarest Maine Coon colors are silver and gold, resulting from a special gene affecting undercoat pigmentation.

Which cat breed is the largest?

The Maine Coon is the biggest cat breed in the world, making it the finest choice for those looking for a large cat breed.

Does a Maine Coon and Siamese mix exist?

Yes, a Maine Coon and Siamese mix, commonly known as Maine Coon Siamese mix. These are the hybrid cats that result fom the mating of a Siamese and Maine Coon cat.

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