Maine Coon Persian Mix: Everything You Need To Know

Maine Coon Persian mix

A Maine Coon Persian mix comes from combining a smaller Persian cat with a large Maine Coon cat. In the United States, people love these cats, and breeders even breed them intentionally. Sometimes, they are created naturally because Maine Coon and Persian cats are very common.

Creating a Maine Coon Persian mix is like creating a special kind of cat by mixing two famous breeds. It is like designing a cat. Maine Coon Persian mix might contain traits of both parents. It is interesting to discover which characters Maine Coon Persian mix inherit from Maine Coon and which ones from Persian cat.

Sometimes, people are curious about their cat if it mixes these two breeds. Maine Coon Persian mix can be unpredictable, but there are certain things we can look for. We are sharing information to give ideas to the cat owner. You can ask your veterinarian about your Maine Coon Persian mix if you have any questions.

Maine Coon Persian Mix Cat Breed History

Breeder started mixing Maine Coon and Persian cats in the 1970s. Their goal was to create a cat that was neither too small like a Persian cat nor too big like Maine Coon. They create the Maine Coon Persian mix because they want a cat who is calm like a Persian and large like Maine Coon.

Maine Coon and Persian both have long hair and are intelligent. Breeders choose them because of their intelligence and appearance. They make a mix that is just right.

Let’s Talk About These Two Breeds: Which One Is More Valuable?

Why does everyone love Maine Coon Persian cats? In the 1970s, breeders wanted to create a blend of perfection of two awesome breeds. They want a cat that is not too small like a Persian but not too large like Maine Coon, a cat that is just the right size like a pet.

Maine Coons are quite well known for their cool looks and charming personality, while Persian is famous for their round face and loving nature. The Maine Coon Persian mix is a family cat.

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Maine Coon VS Persian Cat

Maine Coon VS Persian

Let’s look at these two breeds and see how they differ.

Maine Coon

The name Maine Coon comes from the state of Maine, and now Maine Coon is the official State cat there. Maine Coon is known as America’s first homegrown cat. People like Maine Coon because of its talent for catching mice.

The fur of the Maine Coon is not soft like Persian cats. Instead, it is silky, shiny, and oily, like fur that repels water. Maine coon also have fur between their toes, like a snowshoe.

Maine Coon’s History

There are a lot of stories about Maine Coon, but most of them are false. Where does Maine Coon come from? One story says that Maine Coon comes from a mix of raccoons and regular cats, but it is not possible because Maine Coon and raccoons can’t make babies together.

Some people thought that Maine Coon came when the first settlers in America brought cats that mated with bobcats. It is impossible, so it is not true. Savannahs and Bengals are cat breeds that can be hybrids. They are born from wildcats and domestic cats.

Some people thought that the story of Marie Antoinette, during an event called the French Revolution, her cat, when she wanted to run to the state called Maine, went on a journey and became a Maine Coon. But it is not true; it’s just a made-up story.

Some people also talk about Vikings, which is also not true. The only probable story is that these longhaired cats came with travelers on ships. These cats mate with other cats who are short-haired, and the outcome is Maine Coon.

Persian Cat

The Persian cat is popular and is currently ranked as the 4th most liked breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

They are not too big like Maine Coon, with a weight of around 7 to 12 pounds and measuring 14 to 18 inches in length, not including their tail. The lifespan of Persian is 10 to 15 years.

These Persian cats come from Persia, which is currently famous as Iran. A long time ago, some fluffy cats from places like Turkey and Afghanistan were grouped with Persian cats, and they were called “Asiatic” cats.

History of Persian Cats

In the 1870s, people wanted to create Persian cats, so they started picking cats, and now we can see Persian cats. Persian cats like quiet places, but they have a jolly nature. They possess round faces with big eyes. They have small ears, round heads, and short noses. Their fur coats have different colors and patterns, and their eyes match their fur.

What Happens When You Mix a Big Maine Coon With a Smaller Persian Cat?

When one parent is Maine Coon and the other is Persian, the cat born is called Maine Coon Persian mix. This special cat has the traits of both of his parents, like long hair and big paws. We are still determining his look, and it can be surprising. Many people are not making these types of cats, and we don’t see many breeders doing it.

What Makes a Maine Coon Persian Cat Beautiful

Have you seen the beautiful Maine Coon Persian mix face before? You want to love them by just looking at their faces. Maine Coon Persian mixes are the reason why people love those cats who have long hair.

Persian mix Maine Coon cats are smaller than the actual Maine Coons but bigger than the Persian cats. Their bodies are fully covered with fur. They also have hair on their ears that looks so good. Their body is round, and they are quite heavy.

With their large paws, extra toes, and robust, dense bodies, you can never imagine what you will get when you mix two breeds. It is unpredictable for the breeders also. Just be ready for the surprise with these little Coons.

Playful or Well-behaved – What’s Their Personality Like?

Are you curious about Maine Coon Persian mix behavior? Their behavior includes both of them, and that’s what makes them unique. If you want a cat who is not destructive, Maine Coon mixed with Persian is a great option.

They are perfect for both worlds. They like doing cuddles with their owners, hanging out with people, and walking like crazy in a backyard. They are loyal and loving, exactly like a best friend of a person, when there is no dog in your house.

The traits of Maine Coon and Persian are pretty similar. They both are friendly and affectionate. Well, we can’t predict anything when mixing breeds, but one thing is for sure- a Maine Coon Persian mix would be loving.

Maine Coon talks a lot (chirping, meowing), but when you mix them with Persian cats, their Maine Coon Persian mix cats balance everything. These little Coons take a long time to grow, and for almost 4-5 years, they are like kittens. Sounds great, right?

Size of Maine Coon Persian Mix

Maine Coon mixed with Persian

We have discussed earlier about the Maine Coon Persian mix, and they came from the breed of Maine Coon and Persian cats. Maine Coon is a big cat, also known as a giant cat. The length of the Maine Coon is about 19-40 inches, excluding its tail. View Maine Coon Size in detail.

The weight of the male Maine Coon ranges from 13-18 pounds, while females are lighter than males, who range from 8 to 12 pounds. While Persian cats are smaller than the Maine Coon cats, their height lies between 10 to 15 inches. Their length is around 14 to 18 inches long, without their tail.

Males weigh between 9-14, while females are lighter, just as in Maine Coon, and are around 7 to 11 pounds. In simple words, a Maine Coon Persian mix is smaller than the actual Maine Coon but larger than the Persian cat.

Grooming Tips For The Maine Coon Persian mix

Persian Maine Coon mix

A lot of grooming tips are required for the care of the Maine Coon Persian mix. Following are some tips:

  • Taking showers: Cats need a bath every few months, depending on their preference. It helps to decrease shedding and to keep their fur coat clean. Also, some cats can tolerate showers, making the process easier for the owners.


  • Regular brushing: As we know, they have long hair and fluffy fur, so it is necessary to brush their hair daily to avoid tangles. Also, focus on the armpits, legs, ears, and around the neck.


  • Take care of hygiene: Take care of her hygiene. Their long coats carry dirt and debris, which can cause their hair to tangle. Regular brushing and grooming avoid these issues.


  • Use of tools: Brushes, nail and fur clippers, pins, shampoo, and conditioners are the basic things cats need. Do not use human products, as they can harm the cat.


  • Help of professionals: If your cat isn’t fond of daily grooming, professional grooming would be the best option for them. Always remember that not every cat is the same, So change your cat’s routine according to their preferences.

How Does a Maine Coon Persian Mix Grow

Maine Coon grow until the age of 3 to 5 years. Persians, on the other hand, stop growing by the time they reach two years of age. A Persian mix cat inherits traits from both of them.

Maine Coon Persian mix stops growing around 2 to 4 years; it depends on the genes whose genes are prominent. If your kitten continues growing, don’t be surprised. It is due to the dominant Maine Coon genes.

Fur and Colors

These cats have fur on their body. The tails of these cats are a bit longer than the other regular cats’ tails, and they are enclosed with soft hair. The fur around the neck is thicker, though not as much as a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon Persian mix is a hairy cat because the Persian cats are quite hairy. Maine Coon’s cats are strong, and they have a wild appearance. On the other hand, Persian cats have silky coats.

A Maine Coon Persian mix is a blend of these two cats and will have a dense fur coat, smoother than the Maine Coon but not as much as the purebred Persian. These mixed cats come in different colors.

Both Maine Coon and Persian come in different colors and patterns. The mix may be a collection of different colors. They might be white, red, tortoiseshell, calico, black, tabby, cream, smoke, black smoke, and striped. The mixed kitten may contain two colors.

Health Issues That a Maine Coon Persian Cat Can Face

A Maine Coon mixed with Persian can live around 12-18 years. A cat also faces health issues like normal people, such as heart issues, hip dysplasia, kidney issues, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, bladder stones, and other problems. A cat owner should take care of their health.

Giving them good food and taking them to the veterinarian keeps them from getting sick. If any issue related to the cat’s health arises, it is better to deal with them urgently.

Consider getting your cat insurance if you don’t want to pay the vet. It will avoid unexpected vet bills. Also, get dental insurance because a cat’s health is so important. In simple words, giving your cat healthy food, regular check-ups, and solving health problems quickly helps them live a healthy and long life.

Cost of Maine Coon Persian Kitten

The price of the Maine Coon Persian mix kitten starts from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. It is a unique breed; not every breeder makes them. If you want a Maine Coon mix with Persian, ask breeders who have Persian and Maine Coons cats if they breed together.

At the International Cat Association, you can find breeders who are trustworthy. Some breeders join cat groups and are always ready to answer your questions. You can ask them about the place where kittens are raised. Always search those breeders who check cats and find their genetic condition and diseases that are inherited in them.

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How Can You Give Your Kitten Good Nutrition?

Maine Coon requires animal-based protein in their diet, So their mixed breed also needs this.

For their mental and physical health, food is very important. A lot of fiber in their diet also avoids messy, sloppy stools. Pumpkins contain fiber, and some people add them to their food.

Long-fur cats require Omega-3 and Omega-6 to keep their fur smooth and glossy.

Always give them food that is full of nutrition. Avoid food that contains artificial stuff. Visit your vet and ask what is healthy for your cat.

Cats need different foods at various life stages; when cats are kittens, they need different food; when they are adults, they need different food; and when they are seniors, they need different food. As we know, Maine Coon Persian mix takes a long time to grow, and you have to feed them kittens food a bit longer.

Is a Maine Coon Persian Mix a Good Family Pet

Persian mixed with Maine Coon

A Maine Coon Persian mix is a great cat. They are so good as family pets. They will be quite social and are likely to get along well with other pets, even dogs. These cats are very intelligent and love playing and running. They understand tricks and obey commands. They are loving and love cuddling with people.

They also shed, so they are not for those who suffer from allergies. Grooming is much needed. They also require exercise and some things to keep them involved. They live a long life. For families, they are a great option.

Lifespan of the Mix Kitten

The lifespan of the Persian Maine Coon cat is around 12-18 years. It is a mixed cat. The lifespan of the Maine Coon is about 12-15 years, while Persian lives for 13.5 years. The Maine Coon Persian lives nearly equal time to both of the breeds.

Are Maine Coon Persian Mix Cats Uncommon?

Maine Coon Persian mix is a common cat. Maine Coons and Persian cats are both very well-known cats. There are many breeders for Maine Coon and Persian cats. This Maine Coon mix with Persian happens by accident when Maine Coon and Persian are close to each other. They can be intentionally made for many reasons.

Pet Shelters

Maine Coon and Persian cats are very famous cats, and they can be easily available at any shelter. They mate naturally when they are not far from each other. With a test, it is easier to find the actual breed of the cat.

Visit your nearest local shelter and rescue because there are many kittens and adult cats in shelters who are looking for a home. You can find faithful groups with the help of your vet. One of the biggest rescue groups in the US is The Animal Humane Society.

What Are The Requirements of The Maine Coon Mix for Living?

These cats require a place that helps them stay healthy. Like humans, cats also like a quiet environment to relax. They prefer places like boxes or under the furniture that are safe. Make sure your house has hiding spaces where Maine Coon feels secure.

Cats need healthy food, water, and a litter box to stay healthy. Sometimes, cats neglect drinking water, so place water in a few spots. Having more than one litter box would be great if you have only one cat.

A litter box is important for a big cat like Maine Coon Persian mix because if it poops outside the bathroom, it could be a problem. Always check your cat’s health and behavioral issues.

Is It a Great Idea To Have a Maine Coon Mix As a Pet?

A big and loving Maine Coon cat, mixed with a glorious and affectionate Persian, gives you an incredibly pretty and caring pet. They are loving and caring cats- the perfect friends for you! So, what are you waiting for?

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Maine Coon Persian mix is an intelligent, large, and glorious cat with long hair. It blends two popular breeds, creating a clever pet and jolly personality. For people who love cats, these cats are perfect friends.

Cat owners should take care of their cats. It can be done by giving them good food and by taking them to regular check-ups. Love and attention are also very important for cats. This will help them live a healthy and long life, no matter what their breed is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my cat is a mix with Maine Coon?

Maine Coons have straight noses, but a mixed Maine Coon with other cats might have a flatter nose. If your cat’s ears are pointy and on the sides, it is due to the mixed breed. If they don’t have long tufts of hair on the top and inside of the ears, it is probably a mix.

 Do the eye color of Maine Coon cats change?

Maine Coons are born with blue eyes. As they grow, their eye colors change. They end up with green, gold-colored eyes if they are purebred Maine Coon.

 Can two Persian cats live together?

With patience and planning, it is not impossible for the two Persian cats to live together calmly.

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