Do Maine Coons Get Along with Dogs? (All You Need to Know)

Do Maine Coons Get Along with Dogs

One famous question that I am constantly asked is, do Maine Coons get along with dogs or not? To uncover the answer, continue reading!

Maine Coon cats are large and can look a bit scary because of their size and long coat. They are not scared of anything and may get very close to you. They love being near their human parents and their attention.

Introducing a dog into a household where a Maine coon cat already lives, or vice versa will always be a tense experience for an owner.

Before you begin to feel stressed, remember that your feelings are completely natural, since you just want your pets to live peacefully, without any fights.

So, do Maine Coons get along with dogs?

While nobody can give you a perfect answer to this question, there are certain tips you can use to make it more probable that your two pets will get along.

The Personality of Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Personality

Maine Coon cats are recognized for their affectionate, kind, and easygoing personality. They’re extremely intelligent, active, and responsive to training. Maine Coon cats find enjoyment in games like hide and seek, fetch, and tag. With their smartness and hunting skills, they may even beat you. They’re not aggressive or overly territorial, so adapt well to other animals living in the same home. Their gentle and playful nature makes them a great partner for both dogs and kids. In essence, Maine Coon cats are like the “dogs of the cat world.”

But sometimes when they get bored, they show some behavioral problems. So, it’s necessary to give them attention and toys.

Maine Coons are not all the time outgoing. While they form close relationships with family members but can be wary and shy around strangers. You might have warned first-time guests to your home that they could end up covered in various shades of Maine Coon hair, only for your cat to hide as soon as the guests arrive. The same thing can happen when you introduce a dog to the household.

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Do Maine Coons Get Along with Dogs?

Do Maine Coons get along with dogs

Maine Coons and dogs have similar interests. They both like:

  • Playing outdoor
  • Engaging in energetic games
  • Relaxing in front of the TV
  • Cuddling with humans

Because of their friendly and composed nature, Maine Coon and dogs commonly get along fine, but it’s necessary to know how to introduce them to each other.

How To Introduce a Maine Coon Cat to Your Dog

When introducing a kitten to your senior or adult dog, it’s important to prioritize their comfort and safety. While numerous animals recognize a baby creature and won’t try to harm it, it’s vital to keep your dog restrained until you are confident they won’t hurt the kitten. Preferably, try to keep your dog in a separate room as the kitten gets used to its new environment.

Wait until the cat feels at ease in its surroundings before introducing them to your pup. When you’re ready for them to meet, you can start by introducing their scents to each other first. Allow your dog to sniff a blanket that your kitty has laid on, and vice versa.

When everyone is ready, gradually allow them to see each other. It’s most efficient to do this through a baby gate where they can’t reach each other, or with the help of someone who can hold one animal whereas you hold the other. The key is to proceed slowly and stay calm. If one of the animals acts less than politely, don’t panic. Give them a break and attempt again.

Introducing a New Dog to Your Home

If your Maine Coon cat is already in charge of their home, your job is a bit easier. Let the Maine Coon move around freely because your house is their domain, and you want to reinforce the idea that the dog won’t take their space or toys. You can start the introduction with sniffs, allowing the dog to smell something that belongs to your Maine Coon cat and vice versa.

Ensure you don’t give away your Maine Coon’s favorite bed or let your dog have access to your Maine Coon’s signature hiding places, as this may make your Maine Coon feel uneasy. Cats actually have a higher territorial nature than dogs, so they require a spot where they feel safe. While Maine Coon cats are typically very agreeable and probably won’t try to harm your dog, prevent forcing them to meet if your Maine Coon cat is not interested, and also ensure to hold your dog back if you feel that your dog is bothering to your Maine Coon cat too much.

Do Maine Coon and Dogs Generally Like Each Other?

Maine Coon cat and dog

Your dog is more probably to develop a positive relationship with your Maine Coon cat if they were raised around cats from a young age or if you start with a Maine Coon kitten rather than a full-grown adult. Numerous animals recognize a baby creature, and they won’t perceive it as a threat. However, if you introduce a mature Maine Coon cat to the household might strike terror into your pup, chiefly because of the Maine Coon’s large size, potentially making the dog more likely to act aggressively.

Maine Coon cats are one of the friendliest cat breeds. These gentle giants are normally affectionate towards their pet parents and other household members, making them one of the cat breeds most probably to like the company of dogs. Despite their large size, they generally don’t show aggression, and at the very least, the Maine Coon is a very tolerant cat that likely won’t pick a fight with your dog, even if they don’t become best friends.

How To Improve Maine Coon and Dog Relations from The Beginning

The top advice is to control and limit interactions in the first week. This can be accomplished through the following steps:

  1. Ensure sharing love and attention equally
  2. Keep the new pet in an enclosed space
  3. Designating favored safe places for the established pet

Ensure Sharing Love and Attention Equally

Ensuring that you don’t show favoritism towards your new pet over the one that has been your companion for longer, is absolutely crucial.

Although it’s natural for a new kitten or puppy to demand constant attention, it’s vital to be particularly mindful of showering the existing resident pet with a lot of love. This is especially true for Maine Coon cats. As highly smart felines, they can readily detect any favoritism and might react by:

  • Not eating or rejecting their regular food
  • Starting to spray their territory
  • Experiencing stomach problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea

Keep The New Pet in An Enclosed Space

Kittens and puppies, especially Maine Coon cats, which are normally adopted shortly after they stop nursing don’t require much space. You can keep them in a crate or box with enough room to move around, ensuring they have some privacy from distant views.

When you’re bringing a new kitten to a home with a dog, you should allow the dog to check out and sniff the kitten for short periods daily. As they get more comfortable with each other, you can gradually extend the visiting hours they spend together.

When introducing a dog into a house where cats are in charge, your Maine Coon will probably decide how speedily they become friends. The first reaction of your Maine Coon cat will likely be to run and hide, but because they’re naturally curious, they’ll slowly come closer to investigate the new dog.

Designating Favored Safe Places for The Established Pet

If the current animal senses that they are being disadvantaged by the new arrival, it may cause rivalry.

Any area that your existing cat or dog treats as a safe space should be restricted for the newcomer. This may include:

  • Any cozy corners or hiding places that are favored by the established pet
  • The favorite couch berth in front of the TV
  • A corner of the kitchen where the resident’s pet generally relaxes

Dog Breeds That Get Along with Maine Coon Cats

Dog Breeds That Get Along with Maine Coon Cats

As per the American Kennel Club, particular dog breeds are well suited for living with cats.

Because Maine Coon cats are super docile and receptive to new animal relationships, attention should now turn to the dog breed and its willingness to engage positively with cats.

Following the Association Kennel Club guidelines, Maine Coon owners should contemplate these dog breeds when looking to introduce their cat to a dog.

Maine Coon cats generally get along with the following top 9 dog breeds that are good with cats.

Dog Breeds Personality
Papillon The Papillon is probably to get along with Maine Coon, because they are frequently similar in size to cats
Beagle Beagles are highly sociable dog breeds that love companionship. This dog might consider a Maine Coon as a member of its canine pack
Bulldog Known for their gentle temperament with an easy-going personality, they get along well with other pets
Basset Hound These dogs are renowned for their highly laid-back, friendly temperament. They are deemed tolerant of other pets
Golden Retriever This breed possesses a very adaptable and outgoing nature. With large personalities, they are probably to make great companions for Maine Coon cats
Collie These dogs are renowned for their friendly nature with kids and other pets. They’re highly vocal, but Maine Coon cats generally aren’t bothered by loud sounds, so it shouldn’t be an issue
Labrador Retriever This affectionate dog breed is known for getting along with other pets. Their playful, loving, and friendly nature makes them an ideal match for living with a Maine Coon
Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel These spaniels are about the same size as a cat, with a big personality. They easily adapt to changes and are popular for their love of other pets
Pug This dog loves attention and has a big personality. They are likely to get along well with Maine Coons, providing companionship for each other when owners are busy

Maine Coons are among the largest breeds, and due to their large size, they generally don’t feel the need to act defensively. Maine Coon cats show confidence in a highly gentle manner. Their size doesn’t make them feel intimidated.

Dog Breeds That Don’t Like Cats

Dog breeds that do not get along with cats

When considering getting a puppy or dog, never just assume that all dog breeds will immediately get along with your Maine Coon cat.

While Maine Coon cats are known for being highly sociable and well with other pets, this might not be true for every dog breed.

Exceptions to the rule can occur, but it is wise for owners to maximize their chances of integration success by steering clear of particular dog breeds completely.

I understand it can be tricky for those individuals who love a particular dog breed, however, in such situations, the well-being and happiness of your Maine Coon cats must take priority.

Whilst certain dog breeds are known for their tolerant and kind nature, others are more wired with instincts for hunting prey.

Dog breeds with high predatory instincts are unlikely to form a bond with a Maine Coon cat because they will be more inclined to chase it around your home.

It’s understandable that your Maine Coon cat will not find this enjoyable. Instead, they are probably to become stressed and potentially face health problems as a result.

The table given below outlines 10 dog breeds that owners should prevent if they desire harmony among the pets in their home:

Dog Breeds That Don’t Like Cats Personality
Afghan Hound Innate hunters, known for their strength and speed. Love to chase cats
Australian Cattle Dog Energetic dog breed, with high prey drive. Ideally suited for a household with cats if they were raised together
Whippet A speedy domesticated dog within its weight category has an instinct for chasing miner pets, such as cats
Manchester Terrier This protective dog breed has been trained to chase critters and rodents. They might attempt to chase your Maine Coon cat
Smooth Fox Terrier This dog breed enjoys hunting prey and vermin. So, a strong prey drive is unsuitable for living with cats
Siberian Husky This dog breed possesses a high hunting instinct and demands significant attention, so unlikely to get along with the cat unless they were raised together
Irish Wolfhound Hunting sighthounds might perceive a cat solely as prey to be killed, rather than a companion
Samoyed Samoyed dog breed with a strong hunting instinct is unpredictable; they will either form a bond with your Maine Coon cat or destroy it
Bedlington Terrier Despite their fluffy and cute look, they are highly quick and fierce, making it probable for them to attack your Maine Coon cat
Standard Schnauzers Possessing strong prey drive and fearlessness, this dog breed is unsuitable for living with a cat

The table above is not comprehensive but serves as a beginning point for owners researching which dog breeds will get along with their Maine Coon.

How To Prevent Health Problems and Food Rivalry in Maine Coon Cats Vs Dogs

There are two things to pay attention, to when your Maine Coon and dog share a living space.

  1. Keeping Food Separate
  2. Avoiding Spread of Sickness

Keeping Food Separate

  • It is essential to keep dog and cat food separate. Make sure both pets get the right nutrition that they need.
  • For cats, dog food is not suitable as it generally lacks the animal protein that is present in good cat food. The outcome is that cats can miss out on essential amino acids like taurine and arginine.
  • Dog food also contains more fibre than cats need. It can lead to weight gain for Maine Coon.
  • Carbs, like fibre, give a quick burst of energy, but if calories aren’t used up quickly, they might be stored as fats. Only a strict diet and exercise help your cat to get back to a healthy weight otherwise your cat will quickly pile on the pounds.
  • Having separate eating places is also important. Maine Coon loves having a quiet, private place to eat. This way your Maine Coon feels secure.

These steps maintain the happiness of both your dog and Maine Coon when they are living in the same home.

Avoiding Spread of Sickness

Be careful about the health issues that could be transferred between your dog and Maine Coon.

  • Maine Coon might be sensitive, particularly when they are young, their stomachs can be easily upset. Any stomach disorder that affects one can easily affect the others.
  • Both dogs and cats can catch external diseases like ringworm or mange from one another. Mange is caused by mites and easily transferred from one to another while Ringworm is a fungal infection, so prevention is needed.
  • Tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms that are internal parasites can also spread, especially when your dog samples the contents of the Maine Coon’s litter box.

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So, do Maine Coons get along with dogs?

The simple truth of the matter is that we all desire our pets to get along, but a few times, no matter how hard we try, certain dogs and cats will never be friends.

If you have a Maine Coon cat, you have a better chance to succeed during the integration process, since the Maine Coon is recognized for being extremely gentle, easygoing, and affectionate.

Maine Coons’ calm nature and their highly laid-back personality with other household pets make the process of integrating them normally easier.

If you’re still considering are Maine Coon cats good with dogs, ensure to maximize your chances of success by selecting a dog breed recognized for having a low tendency for predatory hunting characteristics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Maine Coons good with large dogs?

Maine Coons are recognized for their highly affectionate and sociable nature, which frequently allows them to establish good bonds with other pets, including dogs.

Can I have a dog and a Maine Coon cat?

Because of their friendly and composed nature, Maine Coons and dogs generally get along well, but care should be exercised when introducing them to each other.

Are Maine Coon cats good pets?

Maine Coons are good with other pets and kids. Their smartness and curiosity make them ideal for training and teaching tricks.

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