Maine Coon Tabby Mix: History, Facts & Traits

Maine Coon Tabby Mix

The Tabby Maine Coon mix is a large and loving cat that will make you a good friend. They don’t look terrifying in spite of their big size. They are mild cats.

If you are looking for a Maine Coon with Tabby patterns, you are in the right place. You will learn a lot about the Maine Coon Tabby mix. They are loving and sociable.

Breed History

Maine Coon Tabby mix kittens have been here for a long time. It is important to know that Maine Coon Tabby is not a mix of two cat breeds but rather refers to a Maine Coon cat with a Tabby pattern.

Various cats can mix with Maine Coon like Siamese, Sphynx, Bengal, Persian, Norwegian Forest Cat, Savannah, and many more. Many cat breeds can also have Tabby patterns.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is big with a wild appearance. They are the ancient cat breed in the U.S. One tale suggests that they are a mix of raccoons and domestic cats, but this is not true.

Other stories suggest that they are connected to Marie Antoinette’s royal pets, likely ship cats that settled in twins and neighborhoods.

They are well-known and rank second among the cat breeds. They are also known as “gentle giants” and the “dog of the cat world.” They weigh around 9 to 25 pounds and are 10 to 16 inches tall.

They possess shaggy coats, tufted ears, and lion-like mane. Their lifespan is around 12 to 15 years. Some Maine Coons are polydactyl, which means they have extra toes.

Tabby Cats

Many people believe that Tabby cats are a breed, but it is not true. Tabby depicts a unique pattern on a cat’s fur. It is common in different cat breeds and patterns happen naturally due to the mix of genetics.

You will observe a unique “M” shape on their forehead. Even dark, solid-colored cats can display tabby patterns in sunlight. Tabby is a coat pattern, not a breed, and is found in various cat breeds.

Tabby Patterns

Tabby patterns come in five different types. They seem the same at a quick look but they are different. The pattern includes rosettes, stripes, spots, blotches, and whirls.

Types of Tabby Patterns

Following are some tabby patterns:

  • Mackerel Tabby: Cats with the Mackerel Tabby pattern exhibit narrow, parallel stripes along their sides. These stripes appear as even lines. From above they look like the skeleton of a cat, which is why they are named “Mackerel.”


  • Patched Tabby: These cats are also called Torbies. They are a mix of Tabby patterns and tortoiseshell colors. They usually have red and brown tabby markings throughout their fur.


  • Classic or Blotched Tabby: M-shaped marks are present on their forehead with circular blotched patterns on their bodies. Their pattern looks like a marble.


  • Spotted Tabbies: They have small to large patches on their sides and torsos. Sometimes it seems like a broken strip. The marks can be round, oval, and rosette-shaped.


  • Ticked Tabbies: These cats may not seem like typical tabbies at first glance because they lack obvious spots and stripes. Instead, they have hairs with both light and dark sections which make them look striped. But they still have a M-shaped mark like a typical tabby on their forehead.

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Maine Coon Tabby Mix

Tabby Maine Coon

The Maine Coon Tabby mix is a breed that appeared recently, even though it has not received any official recognition for the show yet. Maine Coon clubs acknowledge it as a prized genetic variation.

Breeders aim to preserve the unique features of the Maine Coon while incorporating new elements to enhance their beauty. A Maine Coon Tabby mix is an average cat and the Tabby pattern occurs naturally in Maine Coon and could be the original pattern of the first big cat seen in North America.

A Tabby Maine Coon might be a mix or purebred and it is tough to recognize the exact mix without DNA testing or knowing both parents.

People love Maine Coon because they look really good, large, and loving personalities. The Maine Coon is usually bred with some other famous breeds like Ragdoll, Russian Blue, Siberian, and Munchkin. Mixed breeds have various traits from both of their parents which makes them rare and great pets.

How This Mix Earned Popularity

Maine Coon Tabby mix received popularity in the 1800s when they were discovered. Less people liked the Tabby Maine Coon in the 1900s because some fuzzy cats from Europe became so popular, especially the Persian breed.

Even though Maine Coon continued to be liked in England, its popularity went down until the 1950s when cat lovers became interested again. Surprisingly, during the decline some people thought the Maine Coon had disappeared but that was not true.

Breeders play a significant role in bringing the breed back. Nowadays Maine Coons are one of the most beloved cat breeds. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) registration statistics from 2020, the Maine coon ranked as the third most popular breed worldwide.

Official Recognition of Tabby Maine Coon

Maine Coon Tabby mix

In 1976, the Maine Coon earned identification as a champion in the CFA and grabbed the highest number of entries in CFA shows. Being awarded as a Best Cat in a whole show is common for Maine Coon.

For a championship competition in 1976, The International Cat Association also approved them. Due to the Maine Coon immense popularity, many groups and associations are dedicated to the Maine Coon.

These include the Maine Coon Breeder & Fanciers Association since 1968, the Maine Coon Breed Society is linked with the Cat Fancy group based in the UK, and the United Maine Coon Fanciers of Australia, among others. Many people really adore Maine Coon because of its big size.

Coat and Colors

The Maine Coon cat mix has a long, shaggy coat. Maine Coons developed thick, extra-layered coats to survive in harsh weather conditions. Mixed breeds might have thinner coats. Despite the mix, a Maine Coon cat mix with any cat will be pretty hairy.

Regardless, their fur seems rough but with good grooming, it is very soft and silky. The pattern of their coat can be any of the Tabby pattern types:

  • Classic
  • Spotted
  • Mackerel
  • Ticked
  • Patched

Most of them have an M-shaped pattern on their forehead. Sometimes Tabby Maine Coon doesn’t look like Tabby because of the absence of stripes and spots.

Maine Coon Tabby mixes come in different colors like:

  • Blue
  • Cameo
  • White
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Multicolored
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Brown
  • Red and white
  • Patched
  • Tan
  • Silver Blue
  • Agouti
  • Cream
  • Brown and white

The list may not include all the colors but it provides you with a thought about the range of colors found in Maine Coon Tabby cats.

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Maine Coons have agreeable personalities and are quite smart. They like to be around people but also love exploring outside. They’re curious and can easily learn games such as hide and seek, fetch, tag, and many more. Many Maine Coon mixes will retain some of this friendly and adaptable nature.

A Maine Coon Tabby mix cat is smart, affectionate, playful, independent, and will probably be very active, loving to play. These large kitties are really good at climbing and catching mice, and exceptionally skilled at understanding communication with their humans. Due to their high intelligence level, they may be a bit stubborn, making training slightly challenging.

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Size & Appearance

Maine Coon Tabby

Maine Coon Tabby mix has a distinctive appearance, possibly resembling the size of a Maine Coon, although most mixed breeds tend to be smaller. Mixed breeds may even surpass the size of their parent breeds. There is a lot of unpredictability. Generally, a Maine Coon Tabby mix is expected to weigh between 8 to 25 pounds or even more.

Gentle giants possess elongated bodies with exceptionally long tails. A Maine Coon tabby cat is expected to be between 30 and 35 inches in length, some might even be longer. Their height normally stands about 8 to 16 inches tall. These Tabby Maine Coon kittens will grow until they reach between three and five years of age, requiring a certain time to reach their full size.

A Maine Coon Tabby mix has pointy ears that might have tufts, influenced by the extent of Maine Coon genetics. They have big, fluffy tails with large, wide-spaced eyes. Eyes might be prominent and round to less round, depending on the genetic makeup. A considerable number of these Tabby Maine Coons will have additional shaggy fur around their necks.

Living Requirements & Care

These Maine Coon Tabby mix cats will require owners who understand that taking care of them is a big responsibility. This is true of any breed, but especially for a super amiable breed like this. Even though these Maine Coon Tabby mix cats are independent, still they require lots of attention and playtime from their humans daily. They will be larger than numerous other cat breeds and need homes with plenty of space to run and play.

These Maine Coon Tabby mix kittens require entertainment and interaction daily. Being alone for extended periods of time or overnight doesn’t suit them well. They are very needy when it comes to affection and might get stressed or even show aggressive behavior if left alone for too long.

It’s not just about liking human interaction; this Maine Coon Tabby mix breed truly craves it. Owners should give a lot of entertainment options such as cat towers, tunnels, and a wide range of toys.


Tabby Maine Coon

This Maine Coon Tabby mix cat needs a considerable amount of grooming. They aren’t hypoallergenic and carry around plenty of hair. Since all cats shed, and this Maine Coon Tabby breed has more hair than most others, they shed more.

Regular grooming is vital for Maine Coon Tabby mixes. Try to do this daily or at least three to four times a week. Owners will want to invest in quality tools like slicker brushes, steel-toothed combs, and bristle brushes.

The Maine Coon Tabby mix cats might not be an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies or those lacking the time for regular grooming. Grooming is vital to keep them healthy, not something that owners can do sporadically.

Owners should never forget to pay attention to nail trimming and dental care for their cats during the grooming routine. Failing to trim a cat’s nails can lead to injuries for the cat and damage to humans through unwanted scratches. Feline dental disease is a serious problem, and regular teeth brushing is one of the significant methods for owners to keep this large breed healthy.

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These Maine Coon Tabby mix kittens require lots of exercise. With plenty of energy, they’ll benefit from multiple play sessions to prevent them from getting too restless. Several play sessions a day are important, and it’s advisable to include different activities in play sessions.

Always supervise this Maine Coon Tabby mix cat breed closely when taking them outside. It’s recommended to use a leash, allowing them to experience a little bit of exploration and freedom in the vast world. Ensure to provide cat trees, climbing spots, and interactive toys for their enrichment.


Training a Tabby Maine Coon can be both remarkably easy and somewhat tricky. These incredibly clever cats respond well to positive behavior reinforcement, enjoying treats, toys, and cuddles as a reward for good behavior. Because this breed is so bright, they might have an intelligent streak which can lead them to be stubborn. Smart cats can sometimes outsmart their owners, and it might take some time for the owner to regain control.

A Maine Coon Tabby mix will require basic behavior training, including learning tricks and leash walking. This will assist them in engaging effectively with other cats, dogs, humans, and other pets in the home.

Usual Training for Cats

  1. Learn to use the litter box
  2. Prevent scratching furniture
  3. Not to scratch people
  4. Refrain from biting people
  5. Refrain from biting other pets
  6. Prevent spraying
  7. Areas that are off-limits
  8. Follow basic commands: no, come, sit, stay, stop, jump, roll over, etc.

Balancing Indoor and Outdoor Living

All Maine Coons are a blend of different personalities which makes them appropriate as either an indoor or outdoor cat. Just like any pet, it is very important to make sure they get enough physical and mental stimulation.

Cats that go outside, having companionship and safety become extra important. Maine Coon Tabby mixes are content whether they are indoors or outdoors, but they can get excited near doors and windows as they love observing their surroundings.

Make sure to provide your cat with food and water. It is advisable to have a shelter, a litter box, and a secure place away from busy areas. Scratching posts, cat trees, and toys are vital for keeping them healthy and happy.


Maine Coon and Tabby mix

Mixed-breed cats are one of the healthiest cats in the feline community. The average lifespan is around 12 to 15 years or even longer. Maine Coon Tabby mixes are prone to some health issues even though they are a strong breed. Some of the issues are due to genetics and some are due to their size.

Providing good care and nutrition is really important to keep them happy and healthy.

Health Issues Maine Coon Tabby mix can Face

Some issues Tabby Maine Coon Kittens can face are given below:

To keep them healthy, you should visit your vet periodically and schedule regular check-ups. Cats hide the signs of illness and injury until their condition becomes critical, so regular checkups are necessary.

Breeders And Price of The Kittens

Mixed-breed cats are less expensive than the purebred cats. Some colors like brown are common and not as expensive as the rarer colors. The price range of the Maine Coon Tabby mix can be expected anywhere from $500 to $1,000. Some can cost $2,000 and some rare colors can even cost up to $4,000.

Before getting a kitten always ask questions and observe to make sure that the breeder is reputable. Ask to see parent cats and previous litters and inquire about the breeder’s yearly production. If a breeder hesitates to reply to your questions or show documentation, it is a sign to find another one.

Adoption and Animal Shelters

Maine Coon and Tabby both are loved by people. This breed is generally found in cat shelters. Buying a cat from a shelter is generally more affordable than getting a cat from breeders. Adoption fees can range from $20 to a bit over $100

When you adopt a Tabby, you might not have the option to pick the exact color, it is a more budget-friendly option.

Is a Tabby Maine Coon a Good Companion

Having a Maine Coon cat is a good experience. They are often called “gentle giants” of the feline world. Maine Coons are well known for their loving and friendly nature. They are gentle and love socializing.

Their dense fur requires daily grooming. However, it is a good practice to start grooming them from their kitten days. Maine Coon cats might get up to a little mischief like all cats but their loving nature makes it easy to forgive them. They love following you around the house, showing how much they enjoy spending time with the owners.

They get along with kids and other pets. Maine coons are smart, they play tricks very well, walk on a leash, and also love playing fetch. In short, Maine Coon is a good companion.

Feline Fun Facts: From Tabby Mayors to Cloned Maine Coons

In a town known as Talkeetna, Alaska, a Tabby cat known as Stubbs won an election and became a mayor. He was not on the official list but won as a write-in candidate. He held office for about twenty years. He was not vocal during these years.

Maine Coon cats can also be cloned. Little Nicky was the first successful cat clone born in 2004. He is considered to be the most expensive cat ever with a whopping price tag of $50,000.


A Maine Coon Tabby mix can be a mix of breeds, but it is always true. Tabby is a pattern, it is not a breed. Maine Coon usually has a Tabby pattern. A Maine Coon cat mix can resemble a purebred Maine Coon with a Tabby coat.

Tabby Maine Coons are not just good-looking but also have amazing personalities. They are large cats with unique lion-like manes. It is important for the owner to understand their personalities.

This article gave you a good introduction and detailed information. It is important to take advice from your veterinarian or an experienced trainer for proper care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tabby Maine Coon cat rare?

Tabby Maine Coons are not rare. They are quite common. Tabby Maine Coon is most common among Maine Coon. These cats exhibit different patterns, showing various colors and designs.

How large will the Tabby Maine Coon cat grow?

The Tabby Maine Coon is considered to be one of the most substantial domestic cat breeds. Their height is typically around 8-18 lbs.

Which one is the rarest Tabby pattern?

Ticked Tabby is the rarest pattern among all the patterns. The rarity is because of the multiple colors on each strand of their hair. This makes the usual Tabby markings less noticeable. One example of ticked tabby patterns can be seen in breeds like Abyssinian, usually called “tabby Aby.”

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