Siberian Maine Coon Mix Cat Breed Comprehensive Overview

Siberian Maine Coon Mix

Maine Coon and Siberian look similar in their appearance, making it challenging to recognize whether your cat is a Maine Coon or a Siberian. When you think about the mix of these two breeds, things become more fascinating.

Some people choose cats only for their good looks but beyond their appearance, cats have wonderful personalities. If you choose a cat only for its looks, you are going to miss out on their traits.

Some cats that look cute outside may not necessarily be the good friends you expect. It reminds you that the outside can be different from what’s on the inside. People who are thinking of adopting a cat should examine more than just its looks.

Complete research is necessary because you get a friend, not just a showpiece. Knowing the special traits of a cat helps you understand which cat is better for you.

History Of Breeds

Let’s start with a little history of these two breeds to help us understand them.


Siberian cats were famous as Siberian Forest Cats. They come into existence from the mix of domestic and wild cats brought by travelers. Russian stories also quoted them. Siberian cats went to the US in 1990, after the Cold War ended, and they were officially recognized within the next ten years.

Siberians are fun-loving and fond of playing with people, but if no one is available to play with them, they can entertain themselves. Siberians shed a lot, but studies suggest they generate less of the allergy-causing protein that triggers allergies.

You can get a Siberian cat even if you have allergies. First, do a trial to ensure it doesn’t affect your health. People are curious if Maine Coon and Siberian cats are related. Maine Coons come from Maine, while Siberians have roots in Russia, making it clear they are not related to each other.

Maine Coon

The cat breed named Maine Coon originates from the state of Maine in the US. It is famous for being the first native American cat. It is well-known for its ability to catch mice. Maine Coon is well-known because of its big size. Males are bigger than females.

Maine Coon’s fur is not smooth like Persian cats but a bit oily, which resists water. Maine Coons are available in different colors, but they do not have a Himalayan pattern. The Himalayan pattern can be seen in Himalayan and Siamese, with lighter bodies and darker fur.

Maine Coon has a lot of stories about his origin. One story suggests that Maine Coon came by crossing wild raccoons with house cats, but it is impossible. The tale of the interbreeding of house cats with bobcats was also famous.

Some tales even include stories about Marie Antoinette and Viking connections. But the most likely story is that longhaired cats came with traders and travelers. They mixed with the short-haired cats, resulting in the existence of Maine.

Siberian Maine Coon Mix

The body shape of Maine Coon is different from Siberian. Maine Coon is a large cat with a square jaw, chin and muzzle. The shape of the face is curved. The Siberian cat looks round and circular. With tufted ears and feet, they both have similar shapes.

The size of the Siberian is almost the same as the Maine Coon. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if a kitten is a different kind of cat than its parents because Maine Coon and Siberian resemble each other.

Why do Maine Coons & Siberian Cats Resemble Each Other?

You might wonder whether Siberian and Maine Coon cats share a family history. Maine Coons originate from the State of America, Maine. Meanwhile, Siberian cats come from Russia, the region of Siberia.

People are curious why they are so similar. This is because Maine and Siberia have harsh climates with much snow and cold weather. In such tough weather, pets need ways to stay warm.

Cats can’t wear clothes, so nature gives them long, thick, double-coated fur. Due to their fur, they look fluffy and their size increases. This dense fur helps them stay warm in cold weather.

Siberian And Maine Coon Mix: A Perfect Blend or Not?

A Siberian Maine Coon mix is a blend of two cat breeds, Siberian and Maine Coon. A Siberian Maine Coon mix is a lovely cat, has fluffy fur, and a soft kitty. Intentionally, people don’t breed this cat, but in some cases, they do.

Siberian Maine Coon mix is not for you if you are looking for a purebred cat. Some people find them interesting, and it is not their fault because the Siberian Maine Coon mix is a beautiful cat with fluffy fur that brings joy.

Meeting a Siberian Maine Coon mix happens rarely. If you really want a Siberian Maine Coon mix, there are some important things you should know. Siberian and Maine Coon both have special traits, but the mix of these are not for everyone.

Size and Appearance

Maine Coon VS Siberian

  • Maine Coon: Maine coon has a square-shaped face and evident cheekbones. Maine Coon eyes are a little oval shaped but look round when they are open. Maine Coon’s ears are large and are placed on their head. Maine Coon possesses a strong body, strong chest, and long tail.


  • Siberian: Siberian has a rounded head, and the part around the mouth and nose is also round. Siberian eyes are big and a little round. Siberian ears are medium-sized with rounded tips. The Siberian body shape is like a barrel, with a medium-length tail, shorter than the body.


  • Maine Coon Siberian mix: Siberian Maine Coon mix will be a large, powerful cat and also extremely elegant. The face of Siberian Maine Coon mix might be the mix of both Maine Coon and Siberian. The appearance depends on which parent’s traits are more prominent. If Siberian traits are prominent, then the face of the breed will be more rounded, but in the case of Maine Coon the face appears to be a bit square with a round chin. Even if there are no tufts, the ear might be more pointed than the Siberian.

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The Maine Coon and Siberian are pretty similar. They both love to follow you and be around you, especially when you’re doing something with water. Maine Coon and Siberian love water as compared to other cats.

They are also nice with kids and other pets. It is possible that your Maine Coon Siberian mix may not be as vocal as Maine Coon. She will be a part of what you will do. For a person who is energetic and loving, this breed is a perfect fit.

Requirements For Living

Cats need to feel secure in their house. There should be a lot of places and spots where your cat hides. Be careful of household items that can be harmful to your cat. Siberian Maine Coon mix is a blend of Siberian, and Maine Coon breeds adapted to cold weather.

They will climb and scratch your furniture, provide them with scratch toys and cat trees to satisfy their urge.

Fur and Colors

Siberian Maine Coon mix will have long hair because Siberian and Maine Coon both have long hair. The double coat of Maine Coon helps them to protect from harsh environments, while Siberian has a triple coat, providing an extra layer for protection in harsh environments.

Siberian Maine Coon mix can come in various colors, except for the Himalayan pattern. The Himalayan pattern seen in Siamese and Himalayan cats has a unique dark, pointed appearance.

People who like Siberian cats debate if cats with this color pattern should be considered a different breed called Neva Masquerade. This pattern can’t be seen in Maine Coon because they follow some breed rules.

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Basic Training for Cats

Here are some common things you should train your cat for:

  • Get used to being groomed.
  • While playing, only bite toys.
  • Always use a litter box.
  • Don’t scratch furniture; use scratching posts.
  • Familiarity with being bathed.
  • Keep claws inside while playing with people.
  • Learn tricks.
  • Follow basic commands like jump, sit, roll over, stay, high-five, come here, etc.


Maine Coon Siberian mix cats are gymnastic and playful. Both these cats love being around people. The Siberian side of the Siberian Maine Coon mix is so quiet and logical. She will wait for you patiently if you provide her with some toys.

Both of her parents, Siberian and Maine Coon are athletic and strong, so she has a lot of chances to stay fit. Toys like lasers and wands can keep her moving, and she can flip to catch a toy.

Maine Coon and Siberians can learn tricks easily, so you can teach them to walk on a leash. It needs patience. Taking her for a walk can also improve her behavior along with her health. Your cat will like toys that keep her moving.


As we mentioned earlier, the Siberian Maine Coon mix is a long hair cat. You will need to brush more as compared to a short-haired kitten. The hair of the Siberian and Maine Coon is silky and doesn’t tangle easily.

Both breeds require grooming because their coats protect them from harsh weather. Maine Coon and Siberian have tufted ears, paws, and a coat that protects them from weather. Their hair doesn’t get tangled like Persian cats.

To manage shedding, your Maine Coon Siberian mix needs daily coat care. They enjoy mild combing, which helps them to remove shed hair. Brushing also boosts oil production for healthy skin.

They need their nails trimmed like all cats. To prevent dental issues, brush their teeth regularly. Siberian cats are likely to be affected by dental disease, so special care is needed.

Health Issues Siberian Maine Coon Mix Can Face

Here are some health issues Siberian Maine Coon can face:

Siberian Maine Coon Mix

Kidney Issue

Siberians inherit some diseases from their parents; polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is one of them. In this disease, there are some small cysts that grow in the kidneys. These cysts gradually increase in size, affecting the normal functioning of the kidney.

These cysts are present from birth; when the cat is around seven years old, these sacs can start causing trouble. When the sacs grow, they make the kidneys not work well. Those cats who are suffering from PKD make more urine. These cats drink more water.

You can manage it if you find out early that your cat has PKD by giving them special foods, medicine, and vitamins. By providing care, your cat can live a long and healthy life even if the disease continues.

Remember not to let your cat breed because your cat will pass its problems to kittens. Unluckily, there is no remedy for PKD, but early diagnosis and care can make a big difference.

Feline Dental Disease

All cats are prone to dental issues, but Siberians are more likely to be affected. Make sure to clean your Siberian Maine Coon mix teeth. If your cat’s teeth aren’t cleaned regularly, it can cause a problem called gingivitis.

In this problem, the gums get inflamed. The cat’s immune system attempts to fight with the bacteria, leading to more swelling. If it is not treated properly, it can lead to a condition called periodontitis.

When your cat suffers from periodontitis, she will drool, tilt her head when eating, and have bad breath. Unfortunately, you can’t cure periodontitis. Always clean your cat’s teeth regularly with special toothpaste. It is important to clean her teeth before things get worse.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

In this disease, the walls of the heart thicken, which is called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It makes the heart not as effective. We are not sure why it happens, but it seems to be related to genetics.

It is found that both Maine Coon and Siberian have this issue. Some cats don’t show any sign of HCM, but some cats feel tired or struggle to breathe because of heart problems. Visit your vet, and they will provide medicine to help your cat feel better.

Cat Breeders and Price of the Kittens

The Siberian Maine Coon mix is a mix of Maine Coon and Siberian, and the price is much lower than the purebred parents. The Siberian Maine coon mix will show the traits of both parents, like long hair, tufted ears and toes. If you’re interested in why some of the Maine Coons have extra toes, read my article.

Maine Coon and Siberian are bigger cats, so keep in mind when you are going to buy anything for your cat or prepare an area for them. Your cat will be different, with a loving personality and a big size.

Before getting a kitten to your home, buy these things like litter boxes, food, a bed, and toys. Find a vet for your kitten’s checkup. If you are starting from scratch, expect to pay around $150 to $400 for your kitten and everything she needs.

You can look online since there are not many breeders advertising them. If there are any local breeders of Maine Coon and Siberian cats near you, they can help you find the right cat.

Rescue and Shelters

Check local shelters for kittens or cats labeled as Maine Coon or Siberian mixes. Maine Coon and Siberian are both famous as purebred, so breeders try to avoid accidental litters. If you are not aware of what kind of cat you have, you can figure it out by looking at her size, tufted ears or snowshoed feet.

According to your preferences, you can find a kitten with a good appearance and personality. Your vet, local shelter, and The Humane Society of the United States are good sources for finding renowned shelters and groups.

Ready to pay the shelter fee, around $60 to $120. If you are thinking of getting a cat, it’s a good idea to visit shelters in late spring and early summer. If you want to buy an adult cat, you can check them one by one and check their personality.

There are many advantages of a mature cat because their personality is more settled. While the nature of a kitten changes as they grow, the behavior of an adult cat remains consistent. This way, you will get a clearer picture of the cat you want to live with throughout its life.

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How Do You Know If You’re a Good Match for This Cat?

A Siberian Maine Coon mix is a different cat compared to other cats. Don’t feel bad if she is not a perfect match for you. Many people love cats that look good. It is tough not to be attracted by the beauty of the Siberian Maine Coon mix.

This is the point where many people make mistakes. They want to groom their lovely cat all the time. It is tough to avoid her beauty. That’s why you should do research before getting a Maine Coon mix.

These cats like having their own space and don’t like to be bothered too much. You should think about all these things before getting a cat. Every cat is different. If you get a cat that loves to cuddle, you might be lucky.

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Final Thoughts

If you want a cat that won’t ignore you all day, a mixed Maine Coon cat is for you. She might be a big, powerful cat, and she will walk with you as you move around the house. She might love playing and cuddling.

To become closer to your cat, spend time with her by playing. It is a good way for her to stay healthy. Every cat is unique, but a mix is more special. When a Siberian Maine Coon mix loves you, she will show it to you.

It is possible that she will join you in the shower. To keep her happy and healthy, show her some love, visit the vet regularly, give her good food, and keep her in a calm environment. This sweet and loving mix will bring happiness to your life.

To become closer to your cat, spend time playing with her. It’s a good way for her to stay healthy and active.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the Maine Coon Siberian mix?

Maine Coon is a bigger cat, Although Siberian is not small. Males Maine coon weigh around 7-12 kg, and females are about 5-8 kg. Siberian cats are medium-sized; males weigh about 5-8 kg, while females weigh about 3.5 kg and 5.5 kg. So their mix is also big.

Are Siberians and Maine Coons family?

No, they are not related to each other. They are not family, but they look like Norwegian and Siberian Forest cats because they evolved in similar ways. They developed in a harsh climate, and the environment made them have similar qualities.

Are Siberian cats talkative?

The Siberian cat is declared the national cat of Russia. It is not just big but also very vocal.

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