Bengal Mix Maine Coon: A killer Combination

Bengal mix Maine Coon

Height: 10 to 16 inches
Weight: 8 to 15 pounds
Lifespan: 12 to 16 years
Colors: You can pick just about any color or pattern you can imagine
Suitable for: Families that are active and have other dogs and cats in their home
Temperament: Smart, active, curious, adventurous, and independent

The Bengal mix Maine Coon is a pretty cat breed that’s becoming very famous among cat lovers. It’s a unique combination of a Bengal cat and a Maine Coon, and it’s often called “toy leopards” because of their striking look.

The Bengal mix Maine Coon is a cat that comes from both the Bengal and Maine Coon breeds. These cats are stunningly pretty, intelligent, and unique. Because they have ancestors with a wild background and are intensely smart, they frequently have some interesting behaviors. They like to climb, play fetch, go for walks, and even swim.

At present, it is possible to have a cat that seems like a leopard with spots and has the size and disposition of a friendly domesticated cat.

Purebred Maine Coon Cats can have about 75 different color combinations. Whereas Bengal cats come in a variety of shades of brown, cream, black/grey, with marbled or spotted fur. A few cats in the Maine Coon Bengal mix may strongly look like Bengal cats. Meanwhile, others may show more traits from their Maine Coon heritage.

If you have a Bengal mix Maine Coon, you’ll notice that these cats are very vocal breed, and they like to meow a lot. They are also incredibly affectionate and make wonderful pets. These cats have a wild look, but they are not mean like feral animals.

Mixes of Bengal Maine Coon cat breeds are fascinating and a kind of new type. Keep reading to find out more about these cats and their mixes.

What is a Bengal Mix Maine Coon Cat?

The Bengal mix Maine Coon comes from crossbreeding regular house cats with feral Asian leopard cats, which are a kind of tiny jungle cats. The plan behind this was to have a cat that reacted like an affectionate pet but seemed like a feral leopard cat. They worked on this blend for numerous generations to get a smart, pretty, and type of unusual cat that you can have as a pet.

Today, Bengal mixes are considered a recognized cat breed. They are known for their spotted, rosette, and marbled fur of numerous colorations. You can find them for sale in numerous parts of the world.

Are All Bengal Mix Maine Coon Cats the Same

Maine Coon Bengal mix

No two breeds of cat, or even two cats of the same breed, are exactly the same. Still, we can generalize a little. The Bengal mix Maine Coon cat can have more characteristics from one breed than the other. These characteristics can include both physical and mental. But, it’s difficult to say for sure which characteristics the mixed Maine Coon Bengal cat will inherit.

A Bengal mix Maine Coon cat could have an even mix of characteristics from both breeds. However, the mixed Maine Coon Bengal cat may seem more like a Maine Coon and act like a Bengal, or vice versa. The only thing we can be sure of is that a Bengal mix Maine Coon might have some characteristics of both Bengal and Maine Coon cats.

All Maine Coon Bengal mixes can have different personalities.

Because of their feral ancestry and high smartness, the Maine Coon Bengal mix reveals some unusual behaviors.

3-Tiny Known Facts About the Bengal mix Maine Coon

  • They may like water: Maine Coon and Bengal cats like water. They are dissimilar from most other house cat breeds because they are known for their affinity for water. So, don’t be shocked if your Bengal mix Maine Coon cat breed tries to join you in the shower or play with water in the pool.


  • They are dog-like kittens: Both Maine Coon and Bengal cats are intelligent, nosy, and loyal. A Bengal Maine Coon mix may not be the cuddliest cat, but you’ll get a friend who wants your attention and likes to play with you. You can show them tricks and even walk on a leash.


  • Their appearance can be quite unpredictable: Saying that Bengal and Maine Coon cats seemed different is a huge understatement! Can a mixed kitty be stocky with long hair and fur that has patterns like rosettes? Absolutely! Can a Bengal mix Maine Coon be slim and agile with a face that seems like a bobcat’s? Definitely! There is no one look for this blended breed. The only thing you can be sure of is that their appearance is unique and exotic.

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Intelligence & Temperament Of Bengal Mix Maine Coon

Intelligence of Bengal mix Maine Coon

The Bengal mix Maine Coon is smart, curious, and energetic that loves to explore and play. It’s full of energy but is also fine being left at home alone. However, they love spending plenty of time every day with their family members. Even though it loves to play, it’s commonly gentle when it comes to interacting with people.

Owners should expect these cats to be active at night while everyone else is sleeping. It is one of the behavioral problems of cats. They are very curious and might explore places such as cupboards, closet spaces, medicine cabinets, and shower stalls, a few times causing a bit of trouble. But Bengal Maine Coon cats also have a lazy and cuddly side. In the evenings, they might just sit on your lap while you relax and watch a movie.

Are Bengal Mix Maine Coon Cats Suitable For Families?

These cats are recognized as wonderful family pets. They like getting attention from all the people in their lives and happily play with well-behaved children. Whether it’s sleeping in bed with kids or adults, they are friendly companions. Whereas they aren’t overly clingy and don’t constantly follow humans around, they communicate through sound and interaction when their family members engage with them.

Does Maine Coon Bengal Mix Get Along with other Pets?

The Maine Coon Bengal mix cat is a great pet for families because they commonly get along well with other pets. They can get along with any other breeds that are friendly and don’t have any aggressive issues. They are also good with dogs that are affectionate to cats. If they meet them when they are young, Maine coon Bengal cats get along with guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, and other tiny pets.

Size Of Bengal Mix Maine Coon

  • Body Shape: A Bengal mix Maine Coon with more Bengal cat characteristics is probably to possess a slim, long, and powerful body, along with a broad, elongated face. In cases where the mix exhibits more characteristics of the Maine Coon, then they will be slightly bulky.


  • Weight: The Bengal mix Maine Coon weight typically falls within the range of 8 to 15 pounds. Whereas not reaching the big size of purebred Maine Coon cats, these mixes maintain an athletic and powerful build. Both Bengal and Maine Coon are breeds of similar size, reflecting in their mixed breeds comparable dimensions. The resulting kitty is expected to have a bigger body compared to an ordinary cat, inheriting the substantial size traits of both parent breeds.

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Appearance Of Bengal Mix Maine Coon

  • Ears: If the kitten shows more characteristics of a Bengal cat, then they will likely have tiny ears at that point. On the other hand, if they bear more likeness to Maine Coon, then they will likely have fluffy, big ears, not pointy ones.


  • Coat: Numerous Bengal mix Maine Coon cats are usually found in brown and black colors, but they can also come in a variety of other shades like charcoal, silver, and even blue. Their coats frequently display rosettes, spots, and marbling, which gives them an exotic look. The marks on their bodies vary from chocolate to rust and black.


  • Eyes: The eyes of Maine coon Bengal mix cats vary in colors, including blue, green, yellow, amber and brown.



  • Fur Length: The Bengal Maine Coon mix has a shiny, glittery golden coat that seems gorgeous and shines in different colorations.

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Feeding & Diet Requirements

A big worry for all domestic cats is obesity. Almost half of all pet cats weigh more than they should be. Maine Coon Bengal mix cats are not lazy, but it’s essential not to overfeed them and give them too many treats. You can talk to your veterinarian to find out how much food your cat requires each day to stay physically fit.

Choosing what to feed your Bengal mix Maine Coon cat will come down to your budget, what you like, and availability. But in the end, your cat gets to decide! A healthy Maine Coon Bengal cat doesn’t require any unique food. Just ensure to give them high-quality cat food for their life stage, and that’s sufficient to keep them healthy.

A few people say that Bengals may do well with a raw diet. If you feed your Bengal mix Maine Coon raw cat food, ensure it follows the guidelines of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). It’s crucial to talk to a certified veterinary nutritionist before feeding your cat a homemade raw diet. Just putting raw meat in your cat’s bowl isn’t sufficient, as an unbalanced diet can lead to health issues later on.


Maine Coon Bengal mixes likes to move and play a lot, and they need a lot of time to run around and play during the day in your home. Don’t keep them in a small space; instead, let them go around the house and interact with toys. If you require to keep them in one area, ensure it’s not for too long and they have toys and interactive feeders. Spend at least 20 minutes daily interacting with your Bengal mix Maine Coon to make sure of their mental and physical health. If you spend more than 20 minutes with your cat, then it is too good because it keeps your Bengal mix Maine Coon happy.

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Maine Coon Bengal mixes are smart, so you can teach these cats to come when you call and even walk on a leash. However, they are also a bit stubborn, and because they like to do their own thing, training may be a little tricky compared to other cat breeds. Plan, patience, and treats are required to teach this mixed breed well. It’s a fine suggestion to get assistance from a professional cat trainer until you are comfortable managing the training on your own. Keep in mind, once you start, you’ll be required to keep up with training sessions for their complete life.


The time you spend grooming your Bengal mix Maine Coon will depend on whether their fur resembles a Bengal or a Maine Coon. Maine Coon cats have big, shaggy coats that require frequent brushing. On the other hand, Bengals have soft and short fur that might only need weekly brushing.

Health Problems In Maine Coon Cats

Health Problems in Maine Coon cats

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM): Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a hereditary disease that runs in families and normally impacts middle-aged and older Maine Coon cats. It is the most ordinary form of heart disease, and sadly, it frequently leads to crucial issues. About 80% of Maine Coon cats have a gene that causes hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Luckily, there is a test to check for this faulty gene.


  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Maine coon cats can also experience a genetic disease called spinal muscular atrophy. This disease is not life-threatening but can lead to weakened muscle development.


  • Hip Dysplasia: Maine Coon cats can be prone to the disease called hip dysplasia. While this disease is not life-threatening, but very painful.

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Health Problems In Bengal Cats

Health Problems in Bengal cats

  • Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: This genetic condition is known as hemolytic anemia, caused by a shortage of an enzyme called pyruvate kinase found within red blood cells. The pyruvate kinase plays a necessary role in enabling red blood cells to survive. An absence of this enzyme can lead to a notable reduction in red blood cells circulating in the body, causing anemia.


  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: This is a degenerative genetic condition affecting the retina, leading to a progressive decline in vision quality. In some cases, it can also cause blindness.


  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is a condition that leads to abnormal development of the ball-and-socket joint in the hip, causing instability and pain. Bengal cats have a genetic tendency for hip issues, but factors like nutrition, obesity, and the strength of pelvic muscles can also affect the progression and development of hip dysplasia.


  • Patellar Luxation: Patellar Luxation is a disorder in which the knee cap moves out of its normal place. It is also a congenital and inherited condition that leads to limping or collapse of the hind limb. A few times, it can also be due to an injury and trauma.

Health Problems In Bengal Mix Maine Coon Cats

Health Problems in Bengal mix Maine Coon

Even if your Bengal or Maine Coon cat is a purebred or a blend, they can carry genes that might cause these hereditary diseases.

Your Bengal mix Maine Coon may experience one or more of these health problems. Since both breeds, Bengal and Maine Coon, suffer from hip dysplasia, so there’s a high likelihood that the blend of these breeds could also face the same problem.

There are several tests to find out if you have a gene that leads to health issues as you grow older. But sometimes, the presence of the problematic gene does not mean you will get sick.

It’s a fine idea to get your cat from a reputable breeder to decrease the probability of genetic issues.

Cost Of Bengal Mix Maine Coon

Bengal mix Maine Coon is one of the most costly cat breeds globally. Even if they are crossed breeds, still do not expect that you can get this Maine Coon mix for cheap. Whereas they may not be as expensive as purebred cats, but can still be pricey. However, the price can vary based on location and who is selling.

But still, be prepared to spend around $200 to $500 for a mixed Maine Coon kitten. Remember that these prices can be negotiated and are flexible.

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Potential Problems When Buying Purebred vs. Crossbreed

There are plenty of potential problems when buying a Bengal or Maine Coon purebred or a crossbreed like a Bengal mix Maine Coon.


Pedigree cats frequently look a certain way and have a consistent personality and power level. They generally have a special color, pattern, or coat length. So, if you desire your cat to seem a certain way, you can go for pedigrees. But remember that, sometimes, not all pedigree cats will always seem totally as expected.


Pedigree cats are carefully chosen to have fine characteristics. Still, because they come from a little group of related cats, there’s a higher probability that their kittens may have health issues passed down from their parents.

When different cat breeds are crossed, their gene pool gets widened, and this crossing can assist in preventing various genetic problems that may be usual in pedigree cats. For instance, a Bengal mix Maine Coon has a less chance of developing heart disease as compared to a pedigree Maine Coon.


Crossbreed cats are less expensive than purebred cats. Choosing to purchase a pedigree cat frequently depends upon the quality of its fur and coloration.

Maine Coon Bengal Mix Breeders

It might be hard to find Bengal mix Maine Coon kittens. The combination of the Maine Coon and Bengal cat is pretty unusual, so you may have to search around online a bit before finding a breeder who has them.

Before getting a Maine Coon Bengal mix kitten, always visit the area where they were born. See where they live and also the kitten’s mother and littermates.

Ensure your kitty should be vaccinated, and the breeder should give a health certificate to validate that.

The breeder should wait until the kittens are 8 to 9 weeks old, as separating the kittens from their mother too early can cause health and behavior problems.

Final Thoughts

A Maine Coon Bengal mix may be full of energy and always desire to sit near you and play with you, but they might not like being held or cuddled. Don’t take it personally, as both types of cats just really love to explore and don’t like staying still for very long.

Mixes of Bengal Maine Coon cat breeds require and like to move around a lot, so it’s essential to find ways to keep them busy and out of trouble. They love climbing, so a tall cat tree is a fine investment. If you live in a tiny area, you can even take your kitty for walks because these Maine Coon and Bengal cats are excellent at learning to walk on a leash. This way, your kitty stays cheerful and physically fit.

Mixes of Bengal Maine Coon cats really like friends around, and they don’t like being alone at home for a long time. If you don’t have a dog or another cat, consider purchasing a pair of Maine Coon Bengal mix cats. They can keep each other company when you are not around. It assists them not to get bored and feel happier and less lonely.

Sharing your home with a Bengal mix Maine coon cat breed can be a blend of joyous and challenging. The Bengal Maine Coon mix is not only pretty but also an intelligent domesticated cat breed. It has some special qualities and is known for its unique looks.

Both Maine Coons and Bengals are famous for their large size and brilliant personality. The kittens of a Bengal mix Maine Coon are affectionate, and they like to play, but it’s difficult to predict which parent’s characteristics they’ll inherit more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a cat?

The average lifespan for a pet cat is likely around 13 to 14 years. But, if you take fine care of them, they may live to 15 or beyond. Some healthy cats make it to 18 or 20, and a few extraordinary kittens even reach 25 or 30 years of age.

Why are Bengal cats so costly?

Bengal cats are so expensive because they are rare and unique compared to normal house cats, but you’ll be happy with the playful and friendly personality of the gorgeous Bengal.

How long do Bengal mix cats live?

Bengal mixes cats, if well taken care of and given a good quality diet that suits their ages, usually live approximately 12 to 16 years.

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