A Detailed Overview of Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

Russian Blue Maine Coon mix

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix. If you find yourself here, you must be curious about the amazing and rare breed. The crossbreeding of the Maine Coon and Russian Blue may not be the first thought due to their remarkable size difference, but that’s what makes it unique.

The Russian Blue Maine Coon mix is a domestic cat and is not so famous across the internet. The appearance and personality of the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix make it different from others. Let’s discover the interesting qualities of these unique cats. 

When these two breeds mix, it makes something really unique. We will share information about the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix and how to keep this cat healthy.

Get ready to learn everything about the wonderful Russian Blue Maine Coon mixes.

Breed History

There are very few breeders who purposely developed this mix. Probably, this mix happened naturally without people’s intervention. Both breeds have their own entertaining histories.

A mixed breed is challenging. Look at the parents of the breed to get an idea of some of the traits a Russian Blue Maine Coon might have.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a naturally occurring feline, it means the breed wasn’t started by any breeder. Russian Blue was developed through natural cross-breeding. They are also called Archangel cats. This name is linked to the theory that the breed developed in northern Russia on Arkhangelsk Island close to the Arctic Circle. 

The alternative name for them is Archangel Blue. They are also popular as Archangel cats, Maltese, and foreign Blues. The long-haired range is called Nebelung. The breed’s development theory is not confirmed. Some stories suggest that they are faraway relatives of cats kept by Russian czars. 

This breed started showing off worldwide, traveling as ship cats to northern Europe and England. Early documentation is limited about the Russian Blue. In 1875,  Russian Blues made their first known show appearance at the London Crystal Palace during an “Archangel Cat” exhibition.

Before World War, the breed was present in America, but it gained popularity afterwards. After the war, people started breeding Archangel cats with the Siamese cats to keep their bloodline and pedigree. The Siamese line bred out, creating what we know as today’s Russian Blue cat.

The name ‘Archangel’ was given to this cat because of its original location. It portrays not only its origin but also its personality. Russian Blue are very quiet and reserved. Russian Blue sometimes appear unfriendly, they take time to become a friend and get close to you. Once they form a bond, they become nice.

Russian Blue are born hunters who are intelligent and independent. They love sitting in front of the window, watching people, squirrels, birds, and other pets. They are fond of playing and can easily learn tricks and games.

The color can vary from deep gray to silver, with round, large, wide-set eyes. They are born with blue eyes and then turn yellow and then into a rich emerald green. Most of the Russian Blue cats are born with light blue eyes that turn into dark shades as they grow. 

They have flat skulls, long necks, and large and pointed ears with a lifespan of around 15 to 20 years. They weigh 7 to 12 pounds because they are a smaller breed.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a very famous cat. It is known as the biggest cat breed in the U.S. There are some stories about them that they evolved from a mix of raccoons and house cats. It is not possible. Their name is “gentle giant” because they are so large

The average lifespan of a Maine Coon is around 12 to 15 years with 9 to 25 pounds of weight. They take two years to fully grow. They are quite playful and love water. They are smart cats and are often called the dogs of the feline world.

Maine Coon are long, reaching up to 30 to 40 inches or more. They have tufted, big ears. Their tails are bushy and long. Their paws are much larger than the typical cat. Purebred Maine Coons have a lion-like-mane. They developed in the harsh weather of New England.

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Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

The Russian Blue Maine Coon mix is a rare cat. The Maine Coon and Russian Blue can be easily found but their mix isn’t easily available. They are uncommon because there is a huge size difference between these two breeds and this makes breeding less common.

When you combine these two breeds make the most wonderful cat. The blend will have qualities that are the best of both worlds. If you come across this mixed breed you are really lucky.

Most of the breeders mainly focus on the purebred cat, not on their mixes. Let’s talk about some important things about the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix. They are also referred to as Blue Coon and also one of their rarest mixes.

Just saying they are rare doesn’t quite convey how difficult they are to find. You can breed them yourself, otherwise finding a Russian Blue Maine Coon mix is almost impossible. Some lucky people do come across them and this cat is a reward for them because it is way better than you expect.

Main Physical Differences between Maine Coon and Russian Blue

Main Physical Differences between Maine Coon and Russian Blue

Now we are discussing some main differences between Maine Coon and Russian Blue.

The Maine Coon and Russian Blue possess different physical traits that make them different from each other. The main difference is their height. The height of the Maine Coon is 30.5 cm to 40.5 cm tall while Russian Blue are short as compared to Maine Coon. The height of the Maine Coon is about 23 cm to 26 cm. 

In terms of weight, male Maine Coons weigh around 6.9 kg to 11.4 kg while females are between 6.9 kg to 11.4 kg. Regardless of gender, Russian Blue weighs about 3.6 kg to 6.8 kg. Facial features make the difference even more prominent. Russian Blue have a smaller, slender face with a triangular jawline and pointier snout while Maine Coon has a square-ish face with protruding face.

Russian Blue was born with yellow-toned eyes that changed into green. The Maine Coon has wide-set and oval-shaped eyes that turn from blue to gold, copper, and green. Their ears also differ. Russian Blue possess smaller, upright ears while Maine Coons have large ears with long tufts. 

In the case of body type, Maine Coons have large, heavy-boned physiques with round-ish features. Russian Blue possesses a fine-boned physique with angular features. The coat color adds another element of distinction. Maine Coon are covered with long and dense fur with various colors and patterns. The colors are white, orange, silver, cream, blue, red, smoke and many more. The patterns are tabby, torbie, calico, solid, bi-color, particolored, and tortoiseshell.

Russian Blues have short, double layered-coat. The fur comes in a shade from light to dark shade of bluish-gray. The coat is in a solid pattern but shimmers as it turns lighter at the tips. Russian Blue is good for people who have allergies because Maine Coon is a low-allergenic breed but Maine Coon is hypoallergenic.

Similarities Between Maine Coon & Russian Blue

While these two cats are pretty different breeds, share certain characteristics. Both the Maine Coon and the Russian Blue are intelligent, trainable, and observant. They are extremely trainable and quickly grasp human needs, and frequently enjoy being helpful. Both cat breeds are defensive and loyal, showing territorial tendencies when it comes to their space and a strong instinct to safeguard their loved ones. They are especially watchful around children.

Both of these cat breeds are pretty affectionate, but they won’t be clingy or bother you. They are perfectly fine being alone for a while if they have stimulating toys and things to do. Both cat breeds Maine Coon and Russian Blue are thoughtful; they’ll comfort you whenever you’re feeling sad.


A Russian Blue mix with Maine Coon cats could be smart since both parents are intelligent. They are difficult to train because they like to be independent. In terms of personality, some Russian Blue Maine Coon might be talkative and loving like Maine Coon while others could be a bit more reserved like Russian cats.

This means that some kittens will be shy, while some might be outgoing. Russian Blue prefer to stay back until they feel comfortable, whereas Maine Coon is quite chatty. They will love to wander outside, but it is not good to leave them outdoors because they really like to hunt. It is important to keep an eye on them especially when they are around smaller pets.


A cat that comes from Maine Coon Russian Blue mix is likely to be a large cat, weighing from 9 to 18 pounds or even more. The male will be larger than the female. They take 4 to 5 years to grow, to reach their full size. They are around 10 to 16 inches or even more. These cats have longer tails than other cats.

A crossbred cat can be unpredictable because they get some traits from both parents or may lean more towards one. Apart from their size, they will have dense and silky fur, round eyes, and large ears. Their eye color can be blue, amber, gold or maybe emerald green like Russian Blue.

A Russian Blue Maine Coon mix will be a strong cat with sturdy bones. They will have big paws and robust legs. Some might even have tufted feet, a feature usually found in Maine Coons. They may exhibit a bunch of fur around their neck and a thick mane due to their Russian Blue genes, although they are not very noticeable.

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Is a Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Healthy

Maine Coon Russian Blue mix

A mixed breed is more healthier than a purebred because their gene pool is wide. Purebred cats are more prone to health problems than mixed breeds. To know about the health of the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix, it is important to take a look at the health of both parent breeds.

Russian Blue are quite healthy and the lifespan is around 15-20 years. On the other hand, Maine Coon are strong cats and have a lifespan of 13-15 years. Following are some issues both can face as they grow: 

Health Issues Maine Coon Can Face

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Gum disease
  • Knee-cap dislocation
  • Premature tooth loss
  • Heart enlargement

Health Issues Russian Blue Cat Can Face

  • Diabetes
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Degenerative eye diseases
  • Urinary Tract infection
  • Cystitis

There is no particular lifespan of a Russian Blue Maine Coon mix, but they are inclined to some health issues like:

Bone and Joint Disease: Due to their big size, this mix could experience problems like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Obesity can worsen their condition and with a diet that lacks protein.

Diabetes: Both breeds are prone to issues like blood sugar and weight gain. A diet rich in carbs and fats worsened the situation. 

Coat and fur Colors

Both Maine Coon and Russian Blue have a thick fur. The Russian Blue Maine Coon mix will likely have a thick fur. The fur could be medium to long and might look shaggy. The fur will be smooth and silky. Both Maine Coon and Russian Blue cats have really nice fur so Russian Blue Maine Coon mix will surely have smooth fur. 

The Russian Blue Maine Coon mix could have a bluish-gray color with long fur. The coat color could vary widely. 

Pattern: Tabby, Striped, Seal Point, Calico, Smoke, Tortoiseshell, Shaded, Tricolor, Solid. 

Color: Bluish-gray, Charcoal, Brown, Black, Charcoal, Cream, White, Blue.

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What Are the Requirements Of this Mix for Living

A Russian Blue Maine Coon mix requires large space to move around the home and hiding spaces. They can be friendly due to their Maine Coons genes and might be shy. They like investing time with people. Due to their large size, they can unintentionally bump into things.

Owners should take care of them but also give them some alone time for rest but they will not like being alone at night. Russian Blue, the parent breed, is more independent than Maine Coon.

A Russian Maine Coon mix could be violent towards smaller pets. This cat requires ample space to run and a way to burn their energy. Start socializing them when they are kittens to prevent loneliness as they grow and don’t get into mischief.

Exercise and Training for a Russian Blue Maine Coon

Exercise and Training for a Russian Blue Maine Coon

This mixed breed will be quite lively and after resting need some playtime. It would be perfect to engage them in a play session of 20-30 minutes long. They take a nap for 2-3 hours after playing for an hour. 

They can be trained to play fetch. They love playing both indoors and outdoors. Keep them engaged in some fun activities to prevent boredom. They can easily learn how to walk on a leash but you need to be careful because they might flee due to their athleticism.

Training is necessary for this Russian Blue Maine mix as they are smart and can be easily trained. They could make training a bit difficult because they have an independent side. The owner needs to set up some rules early when they are kittens. 

During training, treats, and toys should be given for some positive impact. You may seek some help from a trainer if your cat is independent. Owners sometimes encourage the cats from their bad behavior. A trainer can give advice on different aspects such as where the cat sleeps and eats and the arrangement of furniture.

Some Grooming Tips for Russian Blue Maine Coon

This Russian Blue Maine Coon mix cat sheds a lot and requires grooming. They might have medium to long hair with a lengthy outer coat. If you can’t brush them everyday try doing it at least thrice a week to keep their fur clean. Regular brushing helps remove extra hair and dead skin.

Use high-quality grooming tools like combs and brushes. These tools help you to avoid tangles and tangles are quite common in long-haired cats. Don’t use human products on cats, always use cat products and read the mentioned ingredients before using them.

Grooming creates a bond between the cat and the owner. A healthy coat reflects the health of the cat. Excessive shedding and hair fall can indicate the problems. For Maine Coon Russian Blue daily grooming is necessary.

Dental problems might get worse if ignored, so don’t forget them. Although brushing a cat’s teeth can be challenging, it is necessary for the cat’s health. Nail-clipping is also necessary, unclipped nails can damage furniture and can be dangerous for smaller pets and people. It can also be painful for the cat if the nail is torn off.

Cost of Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

Acquiring a Russian Blue Maine Coon mix is an investment that might require you to save up some funds before deciding to purchase it. The cost of this Russian Blue mix can vary, but generally, ranging from $1000 to $2000 if you choose to get it from a reputable breeder that will offer you top-quality crossbreeds.

You might spend a bit less if you acquire this Russian Blue Maine Coon mix from a rescue or a shelter. Adult mixes are more costly than kittens, usually ranging from $800 to $1500, but they might not be readily accessible in every shelter or rescue. However, there are also essential items you should have before getting a cat, particularly if you’re a new cat owner.

The Lifespan of Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

The Russian Blue Maine Coon mixes are sociable cats that enjoy being with you a lot. They have a lifespan of around 9 and 20 years. The Russian Blue Maine Coon is usually a healthy cat, but certain health problems such as UTIs or hip dysplasia might occur. 

Health problems can arise from improper care and low-quality food. If you desire to have a healthy and long life for your Russian Blue Maine Coon mix, you require to take care of the food you provide. Giving attention to these aspects as a cat owner can contribute to a longer life expectancy for your cat.

Shelters and Rescues

Sometimes the Russian Blue Maine Coon mixes can occur naturally, and these kittens might find their way into shelters and rescues. Cats from shelter and rescue environments cost much less than those purchased from breeders or through adoption.

Many older cats end up in shelters. Talk to your veterinarian, local animal human centers, and cat trainers to learn more about mixed breeds available for adoption and cat rescues in your area.

Is a Russian Blue Suitable Choice for You

If you want a cat that is loving but not fully dependent, the Russian Blue Maine Coon is perfect for you. This mix is good for homes with a lot of space and large families that may not live in smaller apartments.If you want a cat that loves to sit on your lap, you should explore some other options.

The Maine Coon Russian Blue mix is not only pretty, intelligent, and playful, but it is also independent.They love wandering outdoors but they are indoor cats. A crossbred cat won’t qualify in show competition so if you want a cat for competition, unfortunately, this mix is not for you. A crossbred is not eligible for cat shows.


The Russian Blue Maine Coon mix is a unique cat. Just looking at them can leave us speechless. These mixed cats are loving, loyal and also not overly clingy. We hope we have shared everything about the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix that stole our hearts, and we hope it will capture your heart too.

Mix-breed cats have fewer health problems than purebreds due to their wider gene pool. They love playing, so be ready to give them lots of fun things to do. This mix can be easily trained, and they are quite intelligent, so you don’t have to worry about their potty training. 

As this mix is quite active, be ready to share their energy. If you love the Russian Blue Maine Coon mix, you might also like cat mixes such as the Maine Coon Sphynx mix, Siberian Maine Coon mix, Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat mix, and Maine Coon Persian mix. They are special cats that will bring love into your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Maine Coon Russian Blue show aggressive behavior?

These Russian Blue Maine Coon cats possess high prey drive and energy but are not overly aggressive. They love playing with humans and other animals, including other cats and family dogs.

Are Russian Blue Maine Coon mix cats polydactyl?

These Russian Blue Maine Coon mixes can be polydactyl, a trait usually found in Maine Coons. Any cat mixed with Maine Coon can possibly inherit this condition.

What two cat breeds make a Russian Blue?

The Russian Blue is a naturally occurring cat breed that likely started in the port of Arkhangelsk in Russia. Right after World War II, because there weren’t numerous Russian Blues, they were cross-bred with Siamese. Then in the US, they mixed the bloodlines of both the Scandinavian and British Russian Blues.

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