The Perfect Guide of Calico Maine Coon

Calico Maine Coon

A Calico Maine Coon is an amazing cat, famous for its charming coat. These cats have white bases with different patches of red and black. Depending on the breeding, the intensity of the color varies.

There are various colors and patterns of Maine Coons including orange, solid, white, cream, red, blue, black, tabby, tortoiseshell, smoke, calico and black smoke but calico is highly desired. 

If you ever come across the Calico Maine Coon, you would know how easily you can fall in love with them. In this article, we will write everything about Calico Maine Coon such as their coat pattern, types, personality, and rarity. 

Let’s start exploring everything about Calico Maine Coon.

What is Calico Maine Coon

A calico cat is the color of the coat, not a breed of a cat. It means a cat can be a Calico Maine Coon, a Calico Persian, or other breeds. A calico cat must contain three colors in its fur to be called calico. The colors should be orange, white and black.

These colors often form patches that look like calico cloth that was imported to India from England. White is the primary base color while the spread of orange and black varies. You can also find orange, black and white Maine Coon individually, but when all these colors mix, they make a more unique and rare calico pattern. 

Some other Maine Coon mixes are also famous. These are Maine Coon Ragdoll mix, Bengal mix Maine Coon, Savannah Maine Coon mix, and Maine Coon Sphynx mix.

Types of Calico Maine Coon Patterns

Types of Maine Coon Calico patterns1.   Dilute Calico

It is quite similar to a dense calico. The colors are more bright so black appears more like gray or blue.

2.   Dense Calico

It is the most common type of calico in Maine Coons. The colors of the cat vary from 25% to 75% white and 25% to 75% orange and black.

3.   Dilute Smoke Calico

The colors on the Maine Coons are the same as dense calico except for the cream and lighter gray shades.

4.   Dense Smoke Calico

A Maine Coon with a dense smoke Calico pattern appears the same as the dense calico at first. But you will observe the white undercoat under the red and black patches.

5.   Dilute Shell Calico

It resembles the dense shell calico but the colors are lighter. Black will appear blue, and orange will appear more like cream.

6.   Dense Shell Calico

The dense shell calico possesses a white base with orange and black patches. On their face, back, sides, tails, and legs, the tips of each hair are either black or orange.

7.   Dilute Shaded Calico

The dilute shaded Maine Coon appears like the densely shaded calico, but oranges are diluted to cream, and the black becomes a blue shade. Although it is diluted, a shaded calico should still be darker than a diluted shell or standard calico.

8.   Dense Shaded Calico

Dense-shaded calico patterns have a white undercoat with black and orange patches. The densely shaded calico has shades of orange and black on its face, tail, and sides of the cat. They seem darker than standard and shell calicos.

Unraveling The Origin Of Calico Maine Coons

The history of Maine Coon is not exactly known. It originates from European long-haired and Siberian cats brought by the early settlers to North America. These cats mixed to form a Maine Coon breed. 

Maine Coon is not intentionally bred but developed naturally. It is exactly similar to how the American Shorthair breed descended from North America. In the 1860s, Maine Coons were first mentioned in a book, “The Book of the Cat.”

In the late 1860s, the competition was held at the Skowhegan fair which revealed their presence. The exact beginning of the calico is not clear, probably it exists from the start.

When Did Calico Maine Coon Gain Popularity

When did Calico Maine Coon cat Gain Fame

In the late 1800s, Maine Coon gained fame when one won a prize at a cat show. In the 20th century, their community decreased due to the commencement of long-haired breeds. In the 1950s, people thought they were extinct. 

The Central Maine Cat Club was formed in the 1950s and worked to bring them back. They focused on making people informed of this breed. Over the following years, their popularity increased gradually and reached its peak in the 1980s. 

In 1985, Maine Coon was announced as the official state cat and now they are among the most famous cat breeds.

Formal Identification of Calico Maine Coons

Initially, three times Cat Fanciers Association rejected the Maine Coon provisional breed status, a step necessary for participation in CFA competitions. A Maine Coon Cat Club was created to solve this issue in 1973. 

The breed gained recognition after a continuous effort by the CFA in 1975 and achieved championship status in 1976. Over the years Maine Coons earned many championship victories and their popularity grew.  

3 Lesser-Known Facts About Calico Maine Coon

Facts of Maine Coon cat Calico

  • They Were Cloned: In 2014, the first pet to be cloned commercially was Maine Coon.


  • They’re Ready for Winter: Calico Maine Coon adapted to develop in cold weather. They have bushy and thick tails, big and tufted paws and coats that repel water. Big paws help them to walk on snow.


  • They’re Massive: They can weigh as much as 20 pounds. To know more information about Maine Coon size, read our article.

How a Calico Maine Coon Inherits Its Appearance From Genes

 Calico cats exhibit three colors. Here is some information on how these colors come about and who is responsible for their appearance.

1.   Chromosomes

In cats, females possess two X chromosomes, while males have one X and one Y. The X chromosome plays a role in the fur color. Cats need to inherit both black and red colors that are connected to the X chromosome to be calico.

Additionally, for a cat to be calico there must be a white in its coat. Also, calico cats are 25%-75% white, and the coat of one parent should be at least 25% white.

2.   Colors

Black: The black color is due to the pigment known as eumelanin. It can be inherited from either parent. 

Red: The pigment called pheomelanin is responsible for the red color and it is sex-linked. A cat can only get the red pigment from a parent of the same sex.

White: The white color is caused by the shortage of pigment. A cat coat can only have as much white as at least one of its parents.

In short, black can come from either parent. The red is linked with sex.

3.   Challenges in Breeding

The breeders of the Maine Coons face difficulties when they breed calico pattern cats. The difficulty arises because the parents must carry a combination of black, red and white. Even under the right conditions, there is no guarantee that their kitten will inherit all three colors.

Why Most Calico Maine Coons Are Female?

Why Most Calico Maine Coons Are Female

The reason why calico Maine Coons are mainly female can be traced due to genetics. Initially, all embryos, whether they are cats or humans, start with just one single X chromosome, making them inherently female. 

The sperm decides whether they become a girl or a boy when the sperm adds either a Y chromosome, which makes them male or another X chromosome, which makes them female.

 In the case of calico cats, the orange color is due to the X chromosome and a female has two X chromosomes. The genetic information for black fur is carried on X chromosomes, while the other X chromosome carries the gene for orange

The male Y chromosome doesn’t have the gene for the orange color in their fur. That’s why it is unusual to find a calico pattern in male cats born in the same group. The rarity of male calico cats is quite low, at around 2,999 to 1, which shows their high rarity in the feline population.

Some Popular Calico Maine Coon Cats

Dawntreader Texas Calboy is a famous Calico Maine Coon cat, who got fame for being male and calico. Male Calico Maine Coon is quite rare, with only a 0.03% chance. Breeding more of these cats is challenging because of these slim odds. 

Dawntreader is also popular for his lovely calico coat, but he cannot compete in CFA cat shows because of the genetic quirk behind the calico pattern. Stewie is another renowned Maine Coon cat that got famous due to several reasons.  Stewie is the longest Maine Coon cat and holds the Guinness Book of Records.

Is Breeding Calico Maine Coons Difficult?

Yes, breeding Maine Coon Calico kittens is difficult. This is not because they are always female and you can’t predict how many female kittens you will get in the same group. 

Getting a calico pattern is like a genetic storm coming together. Natural calico kittens are a blessing from nature rather than the result of specific breeding. Even if both parents are calico, there is no guarantee that all three colors will appear in the kitten they produce. All calico cats, including Calico Maine Coons are rare.

Personality Of A Calico Maine Coon

Most people believe that Maine Coon Calico cats have more attitude as compared to other Maine Coons with different patterns and colors. This superstition extends to all calico and tortoiseshell cats and is called “fortitude.”

Some tortoiseshell and calico cat owners say that they are more confident and spirited. However, it is likely due to how they are brought up rather than their inherent nature.

Cats with beautiful tortoiseshell and calico coats are adopted more quickly than cats with other colors. Owners usually give them ample attention and these cats get their way more often which makes them determined.

Grooming Of a Calico Maine Coon

Your Calico Maine Coon kitten needs a lot of care. It also involves grooming to keep their coat in a good position or it will become matted. Try a soft brush to groom them. You might be curious, do Maine Coon shed? They don’t require excessive trimming. 

Their smooth and silky coat sheds a little. Brushing their fur once a week is enough for them to look good. Also, do not forget to clean their teeth and trim their claws. Brushed their teeth regularly and clipped their claws.

Food & Dietary Needs

When you are thinking of the Calico Maine Coon’s diet, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. They take a long time to grow, usually around 3 to 5 years.
  2. They are prone to hip dysplasia
  3. They are bigger cats and have a healthy appetite.

It is important to change their food according to their age and give your cat the right food. If you give them food that contains not too many carbs, is high in protein, and has some fats, with some essential minerals and vitamins 

When they are kittens, give them some food according to their age as well as when they are adults and in their golden years. Visit your vet and take some advice to ensure you are giving your Maine Coon Calico the right food for each stage of your life.

 Exercise and Training For Calico Maine Coon

Despite being an easygoing cat, the Calico Maine Coon needs daily exercise. You can provide them with toys like laser light or a mouse filled with catnip, so they can engage in play. The Calico Maine Coon is a highly smart cat and can easily learn how to play games like fetch.

They can easily walk on a leash with training. Maine Coons like having a routine, consistent training at the same time is more likely to be effective.

Health Problems Calico Maine Coon Can Face

Health Problems Calico Maine Coon Can Face

Calico Maine Coon cats are quite strong cats, like all cats. They might face some issues as they mature such as dental problems, hip dysplasia, spinal muscular atrophy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, stomatitis, and obesity. To avoid these health issues, regular visits to your vet are necessary. To prevent some genetic disorders, get your cat from a trusty breeder.

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Where Can I Find a Calico Maine Coon

You can find Calico Maine Coon in shelters. People quickly adopt them because of their famous coat colors. You can also purchase them from breeders but ensure the breeder is trustworthy. Reputable breeders give you the information about your cat, along with a vaccinated cat. They also give you a health certificate for your cat. 

Genetic testing is also important, it can be done to recognize the health issues that could arise in a cat. Good breeders prioritize mating healthy cats to produce kittens that are less prone to sickness. However, some breeders breed any cat to attain a calico pattern. They do this only for colors, even if the cat is not naturally calico. Ask your breeders about the parents and insist on meeting them personally. 

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Are Calico Maine Coons Rare?

Many people adore the calico color pattern in cats. Calico Maine Coon is not easy to breed, making it a rare Maine Coon. Because many people love the Maine Coon Calico mix, they are adopted instantly. They are more expensive than cats with different colors and patterns.

Does Owning a Calico Maine Coon Mix Bring Good Luck?

 People share a lot of myths and stories about distinct cat fur patterns. For example, some people hold superstitions about black cats, while some love them. Calico cats are believed to be lucky in different parts of the world, especially in Japan, a famous cat named Maneki Neko is also known as calico.

In the US calico cats are referred to as “money cats” and also thought to be bearers of good luck. There is not any scientific proof that calico cats bring good luck, people view it as a harmless superstition. While Maine Coon Calico cat’s owners say that their cats bring them happiness.

Male Vs Female Calico

Male Calico Maine Coon are the same as the females; the only difference is their size. Their personalities are quite similar. They both exhibit the same behaviors and characteristics.

Do These Cats Get Along with Other Pets and Families?

Calico Maine Coons are a perfect pet for the family because of their gentle and sweet nature. They are also very nice with young children, but it is important to observe your cat and kids to ensure the safety of both the kids and the cat.

The Calico Maine Coon is compatible with other cats and dogs. You should be careful because they have a strong prey drive especially when they are around rabbits and rodents. You can secure smaller pets by placing them in a separate room or finding them a new home.

 Some Other Calico Cat Breed

Not only Maine Coons but there are also some other breeds with calico patterns such as:

  1. Japanese Bobtail
  2. American Shorthair
  3. Arabian Mau
  4. Siberian
  5. Norwegian Forest Cat
  6. Turkish Angora
  7. Persian
  8. Exotic Shorthair
  9. Manx
  10. Turkish Van
  11. British Shorthair

Final Thoughts

The Calico Maine Coon is a gentle, loving, and friendly cat. They are loved by many people across the world including kids and other animals like cats or dogs. They are more expensive than other cats because they are rare. 

It is important to buy it from a trustworthy breeder who specializes in breeding, even if you find a lower price somewhere else. Your Maine Coon requires a healthy diet and grooming. If you are thinking of getting a cat, consider Calico Maine Coon.

 It is difficult to find a Calico Maine Coon, but the search is worth it. Although they are uncommon, their owners think they bring joy and luck to their homes. People love their unique coats.

Calico Maine Coons are quite famous and if you want a cat who loves cuddling, the Calico Maine Coon might not be the perfect fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How rare is it to find a male Calico Maine Coons?

Male Maine Coon Calicos are remarkably rare. The male calico is one out of every 3,000, making up a tiny fraction of the feline population.

What is a unicorn Calico cat?

The male calicos are usually called “unicorn calicos” and are quite rare. When two veterinarians confirmed the gender of the kittens, it was the first time they both Dupont or Magish had seen the male calico. 

Are Calicos cats considered lucky?

In different cultures, calico cats are known to be lucky. They are usually called “lucky cats” and they are also seen as a symbol of the UK and US. Some folktales in Ireland show the qualities of calicos.

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