White and Black Maine Coon: Comprehensive Guide

White and black Maine Coon

The white and black Maine Coon isn’t as popular as the black or brown tabby ones, but it’s more ordinary than the silver, smoked, or gold Maine Coons.

Many Maine Coons I’ve seen are often brown tabby, but they can come in a wide range of colors. These colors include black, gray, white, and orange, among others.

White and black Maine Coon cats usually have a predominantly black coat with white marks due to a spotting gene. A classic example, which we’ll explore in detail later, is the Tuxedo Maine Coon, which is characterized by its chiefly black fur and tiny white patches on the chin, belly, paws, and chest.

Some people might not completely appreciate the beauty of a white and black cat, frequently considering the pattern as common. Nevertheless, a white and black Maine Coon can appear exceptionally unique and graceful.

Keep reading to explore a wealth of intriguing Maine Coon facts that will assist you in understanding what gives rise to this beautiful white and black coloration.

White and Black Maine Coon: Breed Overview

Alternate Names: White and Black Maine Coon, Tuxedo Maine Coon
Size: Big
Height Range: 25 to 41 cm
Weight Range:  5 to 9 kg
Friendliness with kids: High as compared to other cats
Ease of training Not difficult
Grooming Requirements: High
Overall Health: Average
Exercise needs: Average
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
 Cost: Probably 1000$ to 2500$

Can a Maine Coon Cat be White and Black

Black and white Maine Coon

When you look for Maine Coons online, you frequently see them in ordinary colors like brown or black tabbies or more exotic colors such as silver smokes or dilute calicos. You might be surprised to find white and black Maine Coon for sale. The simple answer is yes, Maine Coon cats can be white and black, but only if they have a special gene that gives them white marks.

A Maine Coon cat cannot have a color print pattern such as Ragdoll or Siamese cat. If you see a black and white Maine Coon, it means that the cat has a base color of black and white spotting gene.

Cats mainly have two primary colors of coat: red (which comes from pheomelanin) and black (which comes from eumelanin). These colors can become lighter or less intense through dilution. For instance, a diluted black cat may be chocolate, blue, or fawn, among other colors.

But here is the necessary thing: when it comes to cat coat colors, white is not actually a color such as red and black. It’s more like the absence of color.

The white coloration on a cat’s fur appears on top of the cat’s regular coloration. This white color can happen in a few different ways, such as albinism, the special gene that makes Ragdoll or Siamese patterns, rare genetic mutations, and the KIT gene, which is responsible for both white spotting and dominant white.

When the KIT gene partially links with the W gene, then it results in a completely white cat or one with plenty of white. When it fully links, you get white marks.

So, can a Maine Coon cat be white and black if its parents aren’t? The answer is yes, but only if one parent is solid black and the other has white spots. For instance, if one parent is fully black and the other is orange with white patches, their kitty cats could be white and black.

History of White and Black Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats, including the white and black ones, are believed to have a connection with the Norwegian Forest Cat, which European settlers supposedly brought with them to New England. These cats mated with the local feral cat population, leading to the formation of the Maine Coon cat breed.

Farmers from this area loved these cats because they were magnificent at catching rodents and could endure the extreme winter weather. Nevertheless, in the early 20th century, the Maine Coon cat population reduced when other long-haired breeds were introduced in the United States. It was only the efforts of Maine Coon cat enthusiasts that led to the revival of the breed.

In 1976, the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) officially accepted the Maine Coon as a breed, and in 1985, it was even named the official state cat of Maine.

Genetics of White and Black Maine Coon

A cat’s fur color is mostly decided by two pigments: pheomelanin and eumelanin. Eumelanin determines if the fur will be brown or black, whereas pheomelanin manages yellow and red colors.

In the case of white and black Maine Coon cats, they have a superior version of the eumelanin pigment, represented by the “B” allele, which makes their coat black.

Moreover, they have a gene, represented by the “W” allele, that can partly switch off the black color in some areas, producing white patches on their fur. So, these cats are mostly black but have white spots due to this gene.

White and Black Maine Coon Personality

Personality of White and Black Maine Coon

If you are thinking about getting a black and white Maine Coon cat, you may want to learn about their habits to see if they are a fine match for your family. However it’s important to remember that the cat’s coloration doesn’t change how they behave.

Here are the common personality characteristics Of Maine Coons:

  • Friendly and Sociable: Maine Coons are known for their affectionate nature. They like spending time with their owners without being overly demanding or clingy. It’s usual for them to follow you as you walk from one room to another.They tend to become bored, lonely, and depressed if they don’t receive sufficient attention. For that reason, it is a fine idea to get your Maine Coon another cat or even a dog as a companion if you often find yourself away from home.


  • Cuddly: Maine Coon cats are known for their affection, loving nature. Male black and white Maine Coons may love cuddling more than females do. The reason for this is that female Maine Coons are often more energetic due to their protective maternal behavior. If you adopt a young cat and raise it with plenty of cuddles, any Maine Coon cat can become a loving lap cat.


  • Smart: The Maine Coon is considered one of the cleverest cat breeds in the world. They can speedily and easily pick up tricks and follow your commands. For instance, they can gain an understanding of playing fetch or walking with a leash and harness. Because of their intelligence, they may be more likely to get into some trouble, though, so it is a fine idea to make sure your entire home is cat-proofed, especially the high places!


  • Full of Fun: A white and black Maine Coon female is probably going to be much more fun and playful than a male. It is because female cats have much stronger hunting instincts, which help them feed their kittens and teach them how to hunt on their own.

However, even male Maine Coon cats are quite playful. These cats love pouncing on things that look like prey, climbing shelves or cat trees, and running around chasing their unique toys.

Are White and Black Maine Coon Cats Fond of Water

White and black Maine Coon cats are fascinated with water, and they love dipping their paws in puddles and water bowls. They also love drinking directly from the faucet. Although numerous black and white Maine Coon cats generally don’t like being fully soaked in water. Like the majority of cats, they feel difficulty when their coat gets wet because water makes their coat heavier and can affect their ability to walk around.

Appearance of White and Black Maine Coon

Black and white Maine Coon cats seem friendly even though they are very large. They have a long body that is shaped like a rectangle, and they have powerful muscles. Their tails are big and flowy. Their eyes are oval-shaped and slant obliquely toward the bottom of the ears. Their ears are pointy and have dense tufts that expand out of the inner ear.

  • White and Black Maine Coon short hair: A Maine Coon cat that is purebred has a big, shaggy coat of fur. If you look at a black and white Maine Coon with a short-haired, it’s probably not a purebred one. It may be a blend of a Maine Coon with a shorter-haired cat breed, such as a British shorthair.


  • White and Black Maine Coon long hair: Black and white Maine coon have a lot of thick, fuzzy, and big coat that is shorter around the head and shoulders but longer on their tummy and the higher part of their legs. They also have dense fur around the neck.

Are White and Black Maine Coon Rare

The white and black Maine Coon is not considered ordinary, but they are not especially rare, either. You’re more likely to see solid-colored or tabby cats than ones with white and black patterns. There are even uncommon colors and patterns, such as:

  • Smoke
  • Shell
  • Gold
  • Silver

The white and black pattern is found in numerous cat breeds, including regular house cats with both long and short coats. So, it’s not difficult for breeders to produce cats with this coloration. Tuxedo Maine Coon cats, which are white and black, are quite famous. But it might be hard to find a cat with a certain degree of white spotting.

Why Some People Don’t Like White and Black Maine Coon

Unfortunately, even though black and white Maine Coon cats seem cute with their fluffy fur, not many people prefer this color pattern compared to others because of the following reasons:

  • They are Ordinary: White and black cats are seen a lot, and some people may think they are not very unique because numerous of them are named things such as Domino or Oreo, which can feel a little overdone.


  • Superstition: A few people imagine that black cats bring bad luck. Sadly, it seems this opinion has also influenced white and black cats. It is approximated that 70% of cats in British animal shelters are either black and white or black.


  • People Like Unique Colors: Numerous cat owners aspire to have their cats seem different or have rare colors. It is especially true of Maine Coon cats. Since these cats can be quite expensive, numerous owners imagine that if they are spending plenty of money, they may as well buy one with a unique coloration.

Reasons Why You Should Get Definitely One

  • They Cost Less: Since white and black Maine Coon cats are pretty ordinary, they don’t cost as much to buy compared to fancier colors and patterns. Whereas a few people are okay with spending a thousand dollars extra for a unique gold smoke or some equally rare pattern, you can save a lot by selecting a Maine Coon with a more ordinary color.


  • Tuxedo Cats are Adorable: White and black cats with a touch of white fur on their paws, belly, chin, and chest are known as tuxedo cats because they look like they are wearing a tiny tuxedo. This pattern is magnificent and cute because it makes them seem like a fancy, tiny gentleman.


  • They are Truly Special: Even though there are numerous black and white cats, no two white and black Maine Coon cats look the same. That’s because the white marks on them can be in dissimilar areas, making interesting shapes such as hearts, lightning bolts, stars, and more. A few cats even look to have a mustache!

Different Colors of White and Black Maine Coon Cats

The most usual white and black Maine Coon is a white bicolor and solid black, but there are other kinds too! Here are different kinds of black and white Maine Coon cats:

  • Black Tabby with White Spots: It is also likely to have a black tabby Maine Coon with white spotting. Black tabbies have black stripes, but the rest of their coat can be gray or brown. People frequently call them gray tabbies or brown tabbies rather than black tabbies.


  • Three Colors in One (tricolor): Female Maine Coon cats can have both black and red colors on their coat. When united with white, you can get a cat that has three colors: black, white, and red. This kind of cat is known as either a tortoiseshell and white cat or a calico cat.


  • Shaded Black: Shaded Maine Coon cats have white coats with dissimilar amounts of color on the tip of each hair. For instance, the black smoke Maine Coon has the majority color tipping, so whereas the bottom of each hair is white, about 75% of each hair is black at the tip. It gives the cat a white undercoat, so its fur appears to change color depending on how you look at it.

Training of White and Black Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are very smart. They are always aware of their surrounding, making them easy to train. When you adopt one and start doing litter training, they are very quick to learn new things, like the meaning of petting the head and under her chin.

Requirements for Black and White Maine Coon Exercise

As we discussed earlier, Maine Coon is a very active cat. They don’t need much exercise, like short bursts of exercise. Usually, Maine Coon prefers sitting and relaxing around the house, watching what’s happening in the surrounding.

Food and Diet of White and Black Maine Coon

Get cat food, where the first ingredient is real meat. VCA Animal Hospital states grown-up cats normally require around 26% protein in their diets, whereas kittens require about 35% To 50%. For some of you, numbers or figures may be confusing, so our tip is to choose cat food that meets The Association of America Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards.

Canned cat food is finer than dry food because of its moisture content. So, a fine way to your white and black Maine Coon is to give them a blend of dry and wet food.

Health Problems of White and Black Maine Coon

Heath Problems of White and Black Maine Coon

Any Kitten can have genetic diseases, so it’s really necessary to do a DNA test. Responsible breeders always do this test.

If you desire to learn more about health problems in your kitten related to genes, you can buy an affordable and accurate DNA testing kit that you can utilize at home.

Right now, here is a list of six diseases that Maine Coon cats frequently get:

  • Heart Problem: It is a problem that some kittens with purebred parents may have. It causes the heart muscle to grow too big, which reduces the ability of the heart to function usually.


  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy: This is a gene issue that happens when nerve cells in the lower part of the spinal cord develop abnormally.


  • Polycystic Kidney Disease: Kittens with this issue are born with lots of tiny lumps in their kidneys. As they get up, these lumps cause the kidneys not to work properly, which later causes kidney failure in life.


  • Hip Dysplasia: This is an inherited issue where the hip joint does not form correctly, eventually leading to arthritis later on.


  • Patellar Luxation: Maine Coons are more probably to have this problem. It causes their kneecap to move out of its usual area.


  • Pyruvate Kidney Disease: This is a disease that happens when the body lacks an enzyme known as pyruvate kinase, which is responsible for the production of red blood cells.

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Cost of Black and White Maine Coon

Cost of Black and white Maine Coon

Black and white Maine Coon cats are not considered rare. They cost about as much as the regular Maine Coons cats. Nearly all black and white Maine Coon cats are priced in the middle of $1,000 and $2,500.

If you desire a baby black and white Maine Coon as a pet, it will be in that cost range. But, if you are looking for one for showing or breeding purposes, it will cost much more.

It is also possible to find adult Maine Coon cats that are retired at a lower cost, but these are harder to find.

Where to Find White and Black Maine Coon Available

If you are trying to get a black and white Maine Coon kitten, you need to be extremely careful. These Maine Coon cats are very famous and expensive. Because of that, many people desire to trick you and take your money.

For reference, most Maine Coon cats are priced in the middle of $1,000 and $2,000 or too.

If you come across someone selling Maine Coon cats for a much lower cost than this, you should be wary. They may be saving money by not providing the cats with adequate housing or medical care.

A few people who breed cats do not tell the truth. They sell cats that are not purebred Maine Coons and scamming their customers into thinking they are.

To ensure to get a purebred Maine Coon kitten, it is finest to discover a breeder who is registered with necessary cat groups like:

These groups decide what a cat should seem like and only approve fine breeders. Moreover, this is the only way to buy a Maine Coon cat that you know is 100 percent purebred, as registered breeders give all the papers and documentation showing your cat’s pedigree.

Breeders of Black and White Maine Coon

When seeing to purchase a black and white Maine Coon, it’s essential to be an intelligent shopper. A few breeders may state their kittens are physically fit and don’t have genetic issues, but after a few months, you may discover that this is not fact.

The smartest thing to do is to spend your time to read the reviews of their previous buyers. Ensure to ask the breeder if the felines have been tested and are negative for gene-related issues such as PKD and HCM. That way, you can be more certain you are purchasing a physically fit kitten.

You can visit Bald Mountain Maine Coon at baldmountaincoons.com if you desire to find a trusted breeder that makes high-quality kittens. They are located in Mars Hill, North Carolina.

White and Black Maine Coon Mix

Indeed, a white and black Maine Coon can be mixed with another purebred cat. It’s hard to predict what the offspring will like, but we can make a few educated predictions by considering the look and character of the parents.

  • White and Black Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: A Maine Coon Ragdoll mix of white and black is a big cat breed known for being calm and gentle. They commonly have dense, long fur that might also come in white and black colorations.


  • White and Black Maine Coon Siamese Mix: The black and white Maine Coon Siamese mix is a friendly and loving pet. They frequently have medium-length coats that might come in white, black, colors or a combination of both colors.


  • White and Black Maine Coon Savannah Mix: The white and black Savannah Maine Coon mix is an extraordinary-looking cat with a white base fur adorned by scattered black marks across its body.


  • White and Black Russian Maine Coon Mix: The white and black Russian Maine Coon mix is difficult to find. If you happen to come across Russian Maine Coon cats mixed with white and black, they are likely to be medium in size and might either have a slender or strong body.

Black and White Maine Coon as Part of Family

Black and white Maine Coon cats are known for their friendly nature towards children and other pets. They are sociable, engaging with their family, and generally, they don’t have any anger issues. Maine Coons are tolerant and patient breed, making them adaptable to numerous situations.

Names of Black and White Maine Coon

If you have got a white and black Maine Coon, but you are worried about giving your cat a usual or overused name.

So, here are some unique names for boys Maine Coon cats:

  • Lion
  • Boss
  • Butch
  • Bruno
  • Tigger
  • Dozer
  • Tee-Bo
  • Chatterbox
  • Rooster
  • Panda

Here are some unique names for girls Maine Coon cats:

  • Fiona
  • Maddie
  • Stella
  • Gypsy
  • Tiffany
  • Emma
  • Lana
  • Ripley
  • Sable
  • Iris


If you have been looking at pictures of white and black Maine Coon, then you are likely close to bringing one home!

These loving cats can have dissimilar amounts of white and black, making each one special.

You can discover Maine Coons that are chiefly white with a tiny black or the complete opposite and everything in between.

Whereas black and white Maine Coon cats are relatively ordinary, they are incredibly gorgeous, and they are frequently less expensive than rarer colors and patterns.

If you have a house with active children and you are looking for a pet that is friendly and doesn’t have aggressive behavior? Do you desire a feline pet that is not shy in revealing his affection to his human family? If yes, then a white and black Maine Coon is the ideal kitten companion for you and your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is black Maine Coon rare?

Not really! Kittens can come in a variety of different colors. Some breeders give attention to some colors, whereas others have kittens of all types of color at their place.

Can Maine Coon cat be white and black?

When people think of a Maine Coon, they frequently imagine a brown tabby, but it’s necessary to know that this breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns!

What is the biggest costly cat?

The Ashera cat is considered the most costly cat breed globally, with costs reaching up to $100,000 or too. It is due to its rarity and the truth that it is a cross-breed created by an Asian leopard cat, an African serval, and a domestic house cat.

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